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No. 1115: Jan Aage Torp's interpretation of so-called numbers in court revealed that the whole thing has been a fictional review of me, then 99% is written about Torp written after review!

No. 1115:
Jan Aage Torp's interpretation of so-called numbers in court revealed that the whole thing has been a fictional review of me, then 99% is written about Torp written after review!

January Aage Torp lied to court and managed to manipulate this, supported by this quote: "Torp further explained that the massive negative mention of him, but also his wife and other family members, has been a great personal burden."


This Torp says, "Torp further explained that the massive negative publicity of him, has been a great personal burden."

This is lying, then the scale he refers to, IT IS WRITTEN BY REVIEW!

This is my opinion, he was able to deceive the court even though I've got ten times more against me than him of Torp and his disciples!

Strange judgment!

What does not appear, it is that 98-99% is written, is written by Torps false accusations against me as it is my view of remarriage, it is a pity that is the reason why Torp nourishes and carries on such a fervent hatred welcomed me and the Heavenly blog!

Torp stood in court and lied that it was the massive persecution against him had caused him to go to the step to report me. But here lies Torp, then it certainly before review was written every word about him below 10 times. Whore frame 1 once, adulterer well three times. Psychopath twice etc. Here revealed Torp that the entire review was only built on one thing. Torp hatred against me when I have preached that he is re-married!

I have reviewed Torp for false accusations, here revealed Torp those real and real true! All judgment is fabricated for Torp, real bad!

A very weak judge in Malin Strømberg Amble who did not ask me a single question regarding this. This underpinning of the entire decision of the case! This is bad! This is my opinion!

But that Malin Strømberg Amble believes that Torp should feel sorry for when he has heard of me massively etc. But 99% is written in this case is written after review, Torp abilities to manipulate everyone!

Torp could have distanced themselves from Ansgar Braut and Torodd Fuglesteg when they wrote together against me. When they called out to be Torps obedient poodles and straw men, which they did both. But hate to Torp are so strongly opposed to the truth and me, that it overshadows from everything else. It only shows that we are dealing with a crook, liar and cheat to do. Torp can see as "normal" and nice like just that, but it is he, not least on the inside. Where is it all that is out of darkness who rule and govern, as Jesus said it: "inside are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness, within ye are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness." Jesus' description here of the scribes and Pharisees, is identical to Torp and his allies after my clear perceptions and so I have experienced Torp.

Together the last 3 years I have received, I expect 10,000 hatmeldigner against me online from Torp and those who are with him in his hatred towards me and the Heavenly blog. This really started before Torp came on. But escalated somewhat violently by his fictional review of me!

The two premier here have been two of Torp's supporters who Torp ia then following the "Otherwise it interesting with Braut Fuglesteg etc. which engages tough and necessary in relation to a blog that is confused, naughty, evil and stupid - through and through. It should be shut down, short and well. "

January Aage Torp's agenda is clear and ugly, stop me and the Heavenly blog! Never though I'm going to give in, then get the police shut down the blog, I will not remove a thing voluntarily. Scripture says:

Acts 5. 29 But Peter and the other apostles replied: "We must obey God rather than men.

Yes, God, a sound, not his own flesh as Torp and his disciples follow, and to gangs. And it was quite strange when Torp was in court, he sat there with a woman who he seemed to be the grandfather of. That no one can tell him and he'll be Pastor? No wonder that the world's people think believers are weird people. This is so obscene and nasty it may have remained!

Examples of hatmeldigner I've got:
1. bear Wed, 06/16/2014 at 7:23 p.m. said:
Jada Christensen. I'm so ugly so fæl..bla scroll bla..Har soon something new to come by? You are out of date for my del..Du acting like a child. A bitter, childish heresies, without any kind of social skills. You are revealed. Everyone knows that the false prophet is you. Repent and believe in Jesus and be set free, right now you're buried in your own mud of hatred, jealousy and malice. But believe it or not, there is hope even for you. Repent and believe in your God and creator, Lord Jesus Christ.

Here I am by Bjørn Storm Johansen opinion following:
Without social skills, false prophet, ingrained in your own mud of hatred, jealousy and malice. This is just one of the well, I expect at least 10,000 hate speech. I reckon that I have 5,000 of them?

1. Gunhild Olga Wed, 16/06/2014 at 1:28 p.m. said:
Hi Bjorn. Never has a false prophet become more emphatically revealed both as a heretic, a false prophet, small time crook and slanders than Jan Kåre Christensen has been through these stories. It is a pitiful "apostle" we all can see undressed, naked but without the ability to take into account the fact that he long since taken with pants down. Jan Kåre is simply no true Christian, but a failed seducer who now stands stripped of all influence.

Here I am after what Ansgar Braut writes (his fictional or psynonym name).
«Heresy, false prophet, small time crook and slanders. Jan Kåre is simply no true Christian, but a failed seducer who now stands stripped of all influence.

Here I bullied and hung out that no true Christian.
But as heresies, false prophet, small time crook, slanders, unsuccessful seduces and is stripped of all influence.

Be than this can this be?

Further more hatmeldigner:
1. Torodd Fuglesteg Wed 06/05/2014 at 8:08 said:
See there, Kjell !! Nu is also cursed by this child killer supporter apostle. Thus you who cursed by a thief and swindler in good company with the rest of the Norwegian population.
There are worse company ... .. * smile *

Leg note that this is 3 years ago, before Torp came on that the harassment against started. Here, I called for being the worst of the worst, "Child Murderer supporter apostle. A thief and swindler. "

Yes, I have enough far more with hatmeldigner against me than Torp that we have pointed out in the Court of Appeal only appeal to pass through it. Request this dear friends. And the worst and ugliest Hate speech where they also want me to take my life m.mer we wait for the Court of Appeal with!

Here is an article I wrote, it hits the nail on the head!

No. 991:
Why write the False "Smyrna blog" consistently not about Jan Aage Torp who started it all with their false ankles against me?!

Seeing that the false Smyrna blog wrote now about Torpbut not where he is stuck. He is re-married as believersthat is what is his Achilles heel!

I was asked what I thought about Manglerud Police. I replied somewhat diplomatically, but allikvel good I think?

I said: "They have put themselves above God, human rights, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

They have no clue obviously what they're doing.

They will defend my views if they are offended and feels insulting.

Here they do exactly the opposite poked forwards, they put those aside and sits over the most compelling testimony of all, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, poor people! "

NBI've been with Jan Aage Torp conflicting advice and where I said that we could go through all of what I've written and possibly change it. He flatly refused and rejected his agenda is getting shut the Heavenly blog and removed me from the net. Police have revealed with open eyes allowed themselves to mislead and deceive by a manipulator and false apostle, this can all see if one will see the truth!

Seeing that the spotlight on writing that I am a "lone wolf"!

Ridiculous and pathetic, I have people, family, friends, work colleaguesbrothers and sisters around me from my morning till night. Happy whenever I get some time for myself to either seek the Lord in word and prayer, or work which is my other big passion in life!

Here in Oslo, everything sent over to Manglerud police chambers and we stand as far, they do everything for Torp and nothing for us! Although the fake blog and Torp has basically the same with so it is not difficult to understand that Torp is entrusted to absolutely everything. He can hang out their own kids in public, remarry because he is the "innocent" party and go with a fictitious review, all a crook, he is mine, and many other eyes.

And flea one for 1.5 Million and afterwards will not pay it back when he says that he must have money for himself, he is obviously criminal!

I wrote this a while back:

Pastor Jan Aage Torp has staged it all with a false police report to try hilltop heavenly blog is what lies behind it all!

Jan Aage Torp came with a police report of me. But the whole thing is staged there to try to stop the heavenly blog that is what is behind it all! It is an excuse for me not to hold out that remarriage is sin for the believer!
Who is the "problem" here? We say that the cat has come out of the bag. Yes, it fitted perfectly at Torp. And we need no picture of him either when he tried to extort me for money in the summer regarding some photos that I removed immediately if the course was not illegal to post them or any significance.
Photo of Torp from Wikipedia, which is open for everyone to use as an illustration image and a situation picture.


God has shown me this successively. I'm apparent slow me!

Everything is started and directed by Pastor Jan Aage Torp, but to "expose" the psychopath it takes time, unfortunately. But now I understand everything so much better and how and what it is all about.

Here is some of what I have written in Searchlight, not least by the "light" dawned on me.

Torp has made false police report, see here under this link:

It has never committed any crime of mine faced Torp. Everything is made and staged by Torp to try to close my blog.
Torp review is therefore false, when he did not want it to come out publicly that he does not live by scriptural teachings in relation to marriage!

The rest will then be up to the lawyers and courts to decide, the rest is in the Lord's hands on my part!

Torp you do not see that you are completely at berry-picking? It is then not a crime to claim that the Trinity is unscriptural and that you live in adultery, in the writing?

You actually have no case!

I have two cases, one against you where you're going with false police report.

And against Ansgar Braut who is making threats.

No and again no for an answer, you diverts everything for what it is about. We have Faith and Freedom of Expression in Norway!
All that I have written and made going far, far within its here.

Torp you say that I shelving also terrorists and acquittal of them, you're not right in the head. You are both stupid and rude!

We may disagree on theological and doctrinal things. And mean things about each other etc.

What Torp doing is really sickening and manipulative. He can not stand me and my theological and doctrinal outlay. What does he do?

When he can not get shut our blog, so he reviewer me for something that he is a specialist in itself.
Libel, personal harassment and discrimination or proportionality based on religion or belief. This is Torp in a nutshell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he comes to the police, it is and remains false and manipulative!

Torp I look at you as a false apostle, not a true one. But okay.

Can you name anything that I have done something criminal to you? Something concrete, not just assumptions and opinion, thank you!

Torp writing:
I am ONLY concerned that you will be stopped and punished for person harassment, bullying, defamation, and online defamation. On this one area you are in fact foremost in this country

Have talked with others, they say this is perfect for you, no one aspirate as well as you!

Torp you describe me as silly, but you've never had as well a day's work even in your life?

But regardless of this, there is then no crime to be made and weird as you, or could not Hebrew and Greek?

What is criminal here, I mean are two conditions.

1) Your review of me is false and therefore punishable.
2.) Braut its truing of me is also punishable.
Everything else, are disagreements, but not criminal when all covered by the Faith and Freedom of expression!

Then we'll see if the lawyers agree with you or me. For my part, I am convinced that the Lord is with me as I speak, write and do and that the Lord has never been close to you ever!

Kjell it's fine, but then it is not a crime to have an opinion? I mean for example. that Torp are not legally married by God's word, but is that cohabiting raining.

That is why Torp hate and dislike me and have gone to the stride to the police in me, but then he delivered a false police report is quite obvious to everyone, except Torp then !?

Torp you become so important, but you are only manipulated and deceived!

This is the beginning of my review of you who are now finished Ansgar:

Police Reviews of Ansgar Braut!
Paragraph 5.8 Threats
After the 1902 Penal Code § 227, first sentence, the person "in Word or action threatens a strafbart Undertaking" under such circumstances that the threat is likely to arouse grave fear, punishable by fine or imprisonment up to three years. The behavior is threatened with, must be able to incur higher punishment than one year booklet or six months imprisonment. Participation is also punishable. If there are especially aggravating circumstances, imprisonment for up to six years may be imposed, cf. § 227, second sentence.

Ansgar Braut created above all serious fears with several statements. Especially this:
I have a lot of resources, and a very large network of contacts, and I intend to take this into use, to stop you, once and for all.

Here is what happens:

1. You should put out an unreserved apology on your blog, all you have wronged and wounded, and ask them for forgiveness.

2. This message will be out for 1 week. Then remove the blog entirely, and keep you away from all the activity on social media.
(End of quote).

It's number before I am reviewing website Searchlight for person harassment unless these hateful and offensive statements will be removed.

Think I'm going to do it, then it becomes four reviews I come with!

1.) Torp for fake review.
2.) One of false review that came today.
3.) Ansgar Braut for threatening behavior with sentencing up to 6 years, which is of course the real bad.
4.) The website Searchlight for person harassment!
Then we'll see what it gets out of it when lawyers look at it!

Torp is dangerous man. For those who come in contact with him and trust him. Read about power human in Edin Løvås and Torp fit perfectly. Of course this is my assessment not an expert. In my opinion Torp a power human. An adulterer. A false prophet and a psychopath. He is dangerous for a spiritual seeker man and as a public person is needed and he will be warned against.

Rune it I said from day one, but Torp's how I see it a sick man power who cares jot in other human .... And the word of God.

But when he let the snowball roll ...... .. so I can not bear that such a confidence person who shall hold an "overseer" in the church of God freely ravage on.

Searchlight is nothing Christian site that Randi Ingwersen said!

Just want to inform of the little that I know, he did a poor flea bachelor of 1.5 Mill which was of course spiritually applicants against God. When he walked out of the sect to Torp and sent 25,000 kr mistake he had threaten conciliation to get your money back.

And what we have received money to Smyrna church has been minimal. Why should I make something big out of something which is nothing? Everything with site Searchlight and debaters here is to fabricate lies.
Now it is that I can not my job, ne, I will report the site spotlight for defamation, harassment and direct bullying as not least Torodd Fuglesteg doing!

He as flea and who has worked all this welter able is Jan Aage Torp, there whom I hope and believe police will hold responsible for all this mess and basically un-Christlike behavior that follows in the footsteps of this man. We read something years ago that the whole family stood up against him in A magazine, totally believe that Torp is worse now he was then "

He as flea and who has worked all this welter able is Jan Aage Torp, there whom I hope and believe police will hold responsible for all this mess and basically un-Christlike behavior that follows in the footsteps of this man. We read something years ago that the whole family stood up against him in A magazine, believe that any Torp is worse now he was then ?!

The problem for all of this, and that basically "wonder" others into "the trap" is he who started it all!

My wife saw it from day one, I realize it's a bit one bit, it is Jan Aage Torp is "villain" here, the others accompanying him as Kjell Andersen, Torodd Fuglesteg, Ansgar Braut and others are really just "small time crook." To meet a psychopath is never easy!
And when that person is a fiduciary who is both Apostle, Pastor and re-married, then do matter always harder!

But the liar and the lie has now been revealed, it is punctured bull and I know what is what, then everything is so much easier!

Karl Oscar after I realized who and what and how everything relates.
That Jan Aage Torp as the psychopath and force people living in a relationship with his former nanny, so I understand who is behind it all conspiracy against me. Satan or Jan Aage? Satan uses those who are open to him, and who this here is quite so obvious!
Have a good day, for I have now. And I sleep perfectly well!

One or ancestral, it is gossip to point out that a Apostel not live and learn right?

You are entirely grounded judgment unfortunately most others here in Searchlight.

Got this email from Randi Ingwersen today, it tells her:

Yes, it was an ugly threat you got! and it should be taken seriously. That "Braut" denies this is the very stupid, but again, this is not Christian people. Refuse to believe that they are there. The entire Spotlight blog should have been addressed by the police also.
But now we have the some evidence already. The threat of "Braut" is probably one of the most serious! and Torp when he and co pushed you money. There you have the also evidence.

Do not give up, Jan Kåre! This is not you, but more Searchlight who could not possibly be Christians. I know several famous preachers who have admitted that they make anonymous comments ovs. to "fire" up ... div. discussions.
But what you experience is not just a discussion ... .søkelys can not discuss, it has proven them several times ....
Spelling to most inside tells us that this is not Christian people and it is so I dare not think that they dare keep on like that.

Final Comment:
Letting the cat out of the bag

This expression is the earliest known from "London Magazine" in 1760: "To let the cat out of the bag."

This is a commonly used phrase in English and may be translated into Norwegian by "revealing a secret."

The origin of the term to be a joke among farmers when they should embark into a market: They stuffed a cat in a bag and sold it as a piglet if buyer not demanding to see the contents of the bag before buying it.

Who then is this "cat" here? Quite obviously; Pastor Jan Aage Torp.


It's a wonderful thing that he or she has created the false Smyrna blog attacking a freak Kjell Andersen who believe in the strangest thing. Now he has made a case for Searchlight, where he alleges that I have been forbidden to preach in Torp's church. I have never been either requested or refused to preach there. I and Torp both belonged to the same movement again, Pentecostalism. When we came back to Oslo, I sent out a CIRCULAR including to if Torps church. That there went out a letter to Torp was for the simple reason that he was listed as a Pentecostal church, not for any other reason. The whole story is just as absurd and weird that Kjell Andersen himself.

The thing with Torp is 10 years ago when I preached two Pentecostal churches,
Saron Oslo and Bethany Lillestrom and had the desire to be with some other places. All this is nothing more than boiling "supe" on a nail!

Here is some of what they write about him on the false "Smyrna Blog":

Jan Kåre Christensen: Kjell Andersen and Searchlight has intimate knowledge of the gay lifestyle
Our highly revered pastor and God's faithful servant Jan Kåre Christensen has a graduation in his private blog noted that Kjell Andersen and other writers in Searchlight has intimate knowledge of the homosexual community and their lifestyle.
Upon a closer perusal of Searchlight their very extensive discussion of homo-sexual, simply to note that their level of knowledge on this subject is at a high level. A level that no one in the Smyrna church is nearby to have.
Here in Smyrna church we are rather concerned with matters for us Christians is not as peripheral and outrerte that matters Searchlight concentrates on. And I think we should let it be.
Thanks to Jan Kåre Christensen for his sharp observation and for having brought this to us in his personal blog.

Kjell Andersen, Searchlight and their focus on homosexuality and hatred.
On July 10, 2015 Smyrna Church in Oslo
We look with great amazement at Kjell Andersen and Searchlight its focus on homosexuality. Just about all that is written in Searchlight about homosexuality and Kjell Andersen follows gay community vigilantly. This under pretext that homosexuality is the Christian most interested.
Here lie Kjell Andersen and Searchlight. In the Christian church is homosexuality one peripheral subject that only particularly influenced by the epistemology of people are concerned.
It is not normal for a man to focus so strongly on this marginal theme Searchlight doing. We more balanced and normal Christians focuses rather on the Christian entirety and normal Christian life in Jesus service.
Like many issues in the US and other countries have proved, these are unusually keen homosexuality driven by guilt and a very strong self-hatred. A hatred of the double life they live. A life in chat rooms and in the dark with men and boys who sell or offer sexual services. Homosexual services. Death Synder. To live a double life as this is as much sin as living in sin as homosexual. In these cases the sin not just twice, but many times twice. In his hatred of themselves driver also many of their own to harm himself and committing suicide. The damage these living in hidden mortal sin inflicts the Christian congregation is also great and an important victory for Satan and his kingdom.
This is what has happened and is still happening in the US and elsewhere. I would not say that such deadly sins practiced in Searchlight. But I and Smyrna Church find it very strange that Kjell Andersen and Searchlight is so concerned about a peripheral subject that only a marginal environment in the US is so concerned about. An environment that has included and includes a large number of people who have lived and live hidden self-hating homosexual life.
We amazes us that Kjell Andersen and Searchlight is so bitter at the world. To a large extent also their bitterness and hatred directed against other Christians. Christians who live a coherent Christian life in harmony with the Bible and with Jesus. Searchlight oozes hatred of the vast majority of Christian people.
As a Christian should therefore read Searchlight with great caution as it largely live in conflict with the Christian congregation.

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