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No. 772: Torp care no longer about his first wife when she left him and provided him with unlimited power to a new "marriage"!

No. 772:
Torp care no longer about his first wife when she left him and provided him with unlimited power to a new "marriage"!

I'm shocked, really shocked January Aage Torp expounding the Word of God in which he argues that as the spurned can remarry when he is no longer bound to his wife. One can then simply remove large portions, if not the whole Bible if Torp exegesis is right and he has the right to enter into a new marriage based on God's word. What about that man should love the church as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Even when we fail, the Lord loves us. While Torp condition of love is the opposite than what God's Word teaches and says!
He is, in other words, Anti Christian, one Antichrist!
Photo of the little horn of Dan 7.8 represents the antichrist. Torp is obviously not the Antichrist, but allikvel an antichrist who have His Spirit.

Det lille hornet i Dan 7,8 representerer antikrist.
Scripture says:
Efes. 5 25 Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it;

Torp said, she left me, I find a new, younger and more fit! Just as the world's people live today! Is not this exactly the opposite than what God's word says and how a scorned husband to act and be? Torp making himself an antichrist.

Scripture says:
1 Jn. b 4. 3b. This is the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and it is already now in the world.

This is bad!

Torp driving forward a view that is unbiblical. But even this view does not go up in Torp "world" in which he and his former wife are now both re-married as Christians. Who then is "innocent"? Here is the first man to the mill and put the blame on the other. The Word of God says that man is responsible here no matter who does what. He shall be like Christ faced the congregation, and the wife is a picture of the church. The latest to break the marriage promise and be the man, here Torp failed as strong as possible and appears with no credibility!

January Aage Torp explains the Searchlight why he can remarry:
Although I was abandoned and had a lot of pain. After nine months I realized that I would not get her again ....

God's Word says:
1 Cor. 7 10 The married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband; 11 but divorced him when she abide, being unmarried or be reconciled herself with her ​​husband - and that a man should not divorce his wife.

Why can not the "great" Apostle be exalted above the Word of God? I do not get it!

Final Comment:
Pastor Torp has prosecuted me for what? I understand not so much out of. But the life that Torp leads out from God's word. It makes him all that a Christian - a believer - not to be.

How much can we trust that he would otherwise do the right thing and that is hold in the police report that he puts such emphasis on? Zero comma zero percent!

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