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No. 778: Store cakes road to revival and advancement of God's kingdom and church !?

No. 778:
Store cakes road to revival and advancement of God's kingdom and church !?

There were rumors that there was a revival by Fetsund at Lillestrøm. It was the former local Ekeberg Inner Mission premises with a Swedish preacher Mattias Samuel Lekardal. The preaching of the one meeting I was really so my wife and I experienced it quite so common. Not bad, not impressive, but in between. But after the meeting, what? Then it was cozy, intimate and food for everyone.
Picture of a cake.

What people are longing for the day, and what do they need?

I was there at the meeting, and for me this was not extraordinarily neither one way or the other. But have rarely experienced such a social congregation, not least here in Norway where people are more rigid and self-sufficient one else around the country?

An abundance of food, cakes and everything else.

Rarely have I seen so much food, and more than enough for the both of hundreds who were meeting. And it was free, but you could give some money if you wanted to. But here people came from afar. And to meet on a Saturday that I, my wife and some friends were there.

Is it more important to be social than spiritual?

I do not know, but after meeting so I do my reflections. And thinking that we humans are a twofold creature, where we will have met our needs on several levels. We are also social creatures who need and are in need of love and care, consideration and need other people.

But the word of God and the gospel, do not we?

Yes, but it can be replaced by something else, or is it supposed to put the Lord first, then comes everything else in place afterwards? I do not always, but the free church at Ekeberg had little education based on the Word of God, preaching simple (nothing to say about it), but it had some more than others.

It was the social and food in all shapes!

All this is well and good, but where is Jesus and the Gospel my up with this?
I do not know everything, but here is able to draw people from far and near through a huge emphasis on being social and have food to anyone who comes into contact with them.

Accommodation and social cohesion more important than the Word of God?

Thinking that this is in some cases. Think there, I do not know, but several live as gjengiftede, partners etc.? I do not know, but there was no preaching as someone who would have been offended, even someone who is re-married or gay. Okay to be tolerant, but how will this end? Here, the food and the social so strongly, that many traveled from afar. Good food and everything else then, but it was really God's word that these people went there at the meeting? This can not always determine, but the proclamation was decent but ordinary. Do we revival then? Or?

We have to take people seriously, and the compassionate touch is very important, especially for those who do not have it.

This is sad, but true. For those who are lonely, it is the hook on the door of life. So ignoring the social and compassionate is completely wrong. But what about the word of God, especially in today? Where is the word of God, and the clear and powerful teaching?

The combination is best where both social and word of God go hand in hand!

But the word of God and preaching based on God's word is more important than anything. Nothing can and will replace the ministry based on the Word of God. Therefore, it is not the revival of many coming together, that the word of God is preached clear, clean and in its entire full width and depth. Must be done in the name of Jesus!

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