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782: Smyrna Oslo, Norway's leading Christian at the front when it comes to what's available online Bible lessons, Bible overview and preaching etc.!

Smyrna Oslo, Norway's leading Christian at the front when it comes to what's available online Bible lessons, Bible overview and preaching etc.!

Photo of couple Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen who is responsible for what is out there on the web, and what happens by and through Smyrna Oslo.


Personally I am very proud, happy and satisfied what we have achieved today in the 5 years we've been doing. More to come, much more. But it is not dependent on you, but of God. But do you believe in and what we are doing?

Support us as well, not just be agree with us and think that this is very, very good. See here:

Here is the account number in DNB: 0535 06 05 845

The latest developments, it is usual speeches, 10 pieces + something already available online to listen, download and spread the message further.

See here: http://janchristensen.net/index2.php?side=taler

Furthermore, I will mention commentaries over, yes all the books in the Bible, and image list of all the books that you press the commentaries.
It is made by Poul Madsen from Copenhagen, Denmark was a very well known Bible teacher. It is the Bible section we had at Smyrna Bible Institute / Power SBI school when I went there at Tønsberg in 1982.

See here: http://janchristensen.net/bibelkommentar-hoved.php?side=bibelkommentar-main-view

What else do we have? Or what have not we?

Our blog, the "Heavenly blog" that questions are answered, appropriate things on the Christian front is taken up and anything in between. Everything that you will be edified, enlightened and set free. See here:http://blog.janchristensen.net/

There are many article: http://janchristensen.net/artiklerhoved.php?side=artiklerrmenyhoved

New teaching blog: http://undervisning.janchristensen.net/

Links and Books: http://janchristensen.net/index2.php?side=linker

Video lessons: http://janchristensen.net/index2.php?side=video

English blog: http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen.net/

Invitation to meet with us: http://janchristensen.net/index2.php?side=kontakt-us

Final Comment:

All of Smyrna Oslo and my service is really in bloom, in full bloom. It's not the fall, but spring. Everything is really victory celebration and joy. Could it be better? Hardly!

Final Comment:
Working with different things, after that time, effort and financial resources insufficient.
Working with commentaries Gospel of John. Furthermore, to develop educational blog, and especially this voice online. It is really my very best and strongest side, only I get it made ​​the way I want and it will with own studio, techniques, etc. And often with a conversation panel of Bible questions, topics and go through books of the Bible. Want to call it "the study of God's word."

Want to join?

There are three things that you can attend, at least.

1) Intercession, this is always the most important. That every time you request or when you remember and occasionally. Mention me and my family before God.

2) Financial assistance and support.

3) Come and join the meetings.

Related Links: http://janchristensen.net/index.php

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