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No. 768: Jan Aage Torp appear directly spiteful trying to push the couple Ingwersen into a collusion that only takes place in Torp own rotten and sick head!

No. 768:
Jan Aage Torp appear directly spiteful trying to push the couple Ingwersen into a collusion that only takes place in Torp own rotten and sick head!

Jan Åge Torp appears more and more the desperate, wicked and with a process that sick people. I have to ask that question, Torp well? Here he goes good for something that is so beyond all that I stand for absolutely everything. Then we suddenly they will trap him when he is divorced and re-married.
When you suddenly get symptoms not know, then you become a little anxious, but on the way!
Wonder how you manage to paint the devil on the wall and see divorce and remarriage to himself in all shapes, parties, people, so one would have thought it was a delirium of a junkie that man had entered!
Photo of the Jan Aage Torp that we all need to pray for, and really miss him as much as possible

Have got some mail Randi Ingwersen as Torp believes is a link between me and a Christian party I have zero knowledge of.

This printer Torp on his blog today Monday 29 September 2014:

Turbid "Christian party" that would criminalize divorce and suicide!

Otherwise, the "criminalization of divorce" almost witty as the majority of the founders of "The Christian" is divorced and re-married! It ought word "double standards" could be used .... Will they lead the party with anklets on?

I note that the public Co-Founders (2 of 4 founders) of the party in 2013, Randi & Johnny Ingwersen, are strong defenders of the blogger Jan Kåre Christensen, the harass, slander, bully and web root against anyone who is divorced, remarried, and he dislikes the way (and there are many). Here's a murky cohesion between "The Christian" / Magnar Tanem on the one hand, and Jan Kåre Christensen u-Heavenly blog on the other hand, banded by Randi & Johnny Ingwersen.

Maybe there are even more people who are involved in this collusion?
(end of quote).

Here is the email from Ingwersen today is pretty entered against the evil Torp:
Did you checked this with Tanum, Torp, you had found that neither me or my husband are members there or have been there. Never ... so to write anything without fear check is stupid of you who should know better than that. Because if everything is on the internet it need not be true. You should know this. Check with the source can be a keyword?
Otherwise you have no idea even know who I am or my husband. Does not little now demanding? Here it is really more dark than light ..... This should apologize !!

You can stick to the discussion you have with Christensen and not involve others who do NOT know any thing. Looking at this as very cruel and you should especially take off from.

Regards Randi and Johnny Ingwersen

You are absolutely right. Torp is completely unstable and I have received several emails from him today! I have answered him back and he do not understand the point.

You will like to see;)
(end of quote).
Since Searchlight has written about this very thorough so this is one of the mail with Kjell Andersen today:

From: Jan Kåre
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 10:20 PM
Two: 'Spotlight'
Subject: RE: last

Okay, you can follow the blog stops sending mail.

Believe that everything will boil away the bowl and the only thing we are left with is that Torp is even more revealed!

Jan K

From: Searchlight [mailto:]
Posted: 27th September 2014 3:11 p.m.
To: Jan Kåre
Subject: Re: last

My wife Aina & I had cost us a Saturday-laugh now.
Respective blogger writes namely: "Jan Aage Torp and his new" mistress ", forgot the name, but it was Delilah?"
Now it belongs namely to our weekly routines that Aina cut my hair every Saturday - nice and short cut before Sunday ...
Was this what Delilah did to Samson? He told her the truth that strength came from her hair as he could not cut because of his promise to God. While he slept with his head in her lap, she got a servant to cut his hair and shave him, and then she betrayed him to his enemies. "The Philistines seized him and gouged out his eyes him. They brought him down to Gaza and bound him. "
The difference between Dalila and Aina is that Aina is godly and hates injustice and double standards that abound on some blogs ....


From: Jan Kåre
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2014 8:24 PM
Two: 'Spotlight'
Subject: RE: last

Have decided not to have anything with Torp more to do. Sets of course not in Mediation.

Reading old articles, I have warned him more than enough, see here for example .: Torp liv.html

Jan K

From: Jan Kåre
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2014 10:16 AM
Two: 'Spotlight'
Subject: RE: last


It is also clear that Torp must be somewhat ill become not only the body but in the mind? He now looks ugly with everything, I have zero knowledge of this, except that I know who Randi and Johnny Ingwersen's and we have never discussed this with politics. But Torp now see great conspiracies between us, laugh my up in this madness of his. Poor man now says I, my problem was only him who does not live as a Christian Pastor and Shepherd do: party-that-will-criminalize-divorce and suicide /

Not going to write about this, but you can if you find it interesting? Can not write about everything that Torp now find on!

Jan K

From: Searchlight [mailto:]
Posted: 29th September 2014 11:20
To: Jan Kåre
Subject: Re: last

Is there a collusion between you and Tanem?

There are two reasons I will not meet Torp conflicting advice. The first, and most important, I attack Torp based on his lifestyle as a faithful preacher who does not agree with God's word. And if I signed something, I will be bound hand and foot, involuntarily.

Why I want Torp to pull the police report?

It's not because I do not want to meet him, I will never be triggered by such dåsemikler as Torp. And more than happy to do both the one and the other.

But for Bible group here on Saturday spoke to people on Friday by knowledgeable people and conversation and prayer with my family. Are all agree on searching until the secular people to solve a spiritual conflict is wrong and unbiblical way to go!

But by all means, I was born and raised in Western wind, so storm and battle the trigger and I like that. Among other When I was growing up, I loved being out both training and everything else in the worst weather.

In 1981 the fall was the sure the worst storm that almost was and all training was canceled, you know what I did? Had the SE at Stavanger stadium when I lived in Stavanger.

Jan K

Final Comment:

Should I be completely honest. Either Torp go through life he lives today with sin, bickering and all that is wicked and miserable. Should he may awake up, he will probably just continue to go back to his current life when he eventually wakes up to be such a miserable and sick life that even Torp had been intimidated and forfælet!

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