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No. 758: Aril Edvardsen was Babylon from A to Z! He bluffed the Norwegian Christianity throughout his life around!

No. 758:
Aril Edvardsen was Babylon from A to Z! He bluffed the Norwegian Christianity throughout his life around!

I have been in Farsund and heard Aril Edvardsen several summers in the 1980s, and he was a good actor and a great humbug.
Image of God man Levi Pethrus always opposed Edvardsen right up to his death, although he was open to the charismatic revival where God also baptized the second one Pentecostals in the Holy Spirit with tongues as a sign.

STORHET: I mars var det 130 år siden Lewi Pethrus ble født, og 4. september var det 40 år siden han døde. Få er uenige i at Lewi Pethrus var 1900-tallets viktigste svenske kristenleder.
Edvardsen was against baptism in Jesus' name that the early Christians practiced. And he's our total open to remarriage and everything smelled compliance, he was and remained the Bible calls a false prophet.

Remember well how he prophesied and wrote books about the 1990 decade would be the great decade for God adventurous revivals, also here in Norway.

Aril Edvardsen prophesied much, and one of many fake message he did in his prophet career was when he wrote the book, "God's decade in Europe!" There, he told me that he had long seen that in 1990 years would come a great revival that nobody had seen before. The book was thick and well written, but the mistake was just that there never was a revival in the 1990's! But nobody cared about it, everything went on without any self-criticism or criticism from others. Criticized be it then or now, then you are judgmental or a Pharisee etc. but the normal state of a believer is always to check if it matches the font which is being preached, taught or prophesied.

Acts 17, 11 Jews were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

Edvardsen that we must preach that all other ministers after trying it to see if what he preached, taught and prophesied voted with the word of God and that his prophecy came true. What we see is that his preaching did not match the word of God. His "friends" and followers who accompanied him was also and heresies. And none of his prophecies attending revivals, waves and salvation to people has ever happened, really things happened exactly the opposite of what Edvardsen prophesied.

He dealings with the Catholics was such that he never confronted them with the word of God, but accepted them and accepted everything with them. Very strange, incomprehensible and acquiescence is to really accept the Catholic heresy.

Muslims were his "best friends" at the end of his life and ministry.

Edvardsen was such a big, nasty and terrible liar for God. Of course it was not God, but hosts of evil spirits that seemed to him and most charismatic preaching then as now. Among other said he thought the following: "Our generation can escape Armageddon if people turn from their immorality and sin to faith in Jesus Christ."
This is prophesied so many places in the Word of God, and it will happen when God will deal with people. Edvardsen preaching and teaching was dangerous. And to apologize to him or whatever today's Pentecostal leaders are doing is actually seeking help to mediums or spiritual!

Aril Edvardsen met Arafat and asked on behalf of all Christians apologize for the oppression of the Palestinians. Edvardsen also criticized Hagen for his mention of the Prophet Muhammad. He told the Arabs that they were just as much, if it was not they who were God's chosen people.

This is from what it was written for and against Aril Edvardsen in 1999:
Aril Edvardsen and Farsund now facing massive and fierce criticism from key Christian leaders after Edvardsen and Farsund recently organized a joint religious prayer meeting and dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Edvardsen is both the initiator and the main architect behind the controversial conference on "universal peace and harmony" rejects shiny criticism that he engages in religious mix, and the critics of the conference, he says; "Christian extremists". Among them stamped by Aril Edvardsen we find Day editor Odd Sverre Hove.

"Aril Edvardsen and Miracle driver religion mix when they are now trying to" sneak include "devout Muslims in the community of people who worship God of the Bible," says theologian Sveinung Jensen Searchlight.
"By holding the interfaith conference on" universal peace and harmony ", we want to emphasize that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God," says Arild Edvardsen which nevertheless maintains that this is not religion mix. Protects the controversial "friendship conference" Jon Lilletuneveien (Christian Democratic Party) which by the way is one of the driving forces to get rid of priests in the Norwegian Church which maintains belief in the Bible as the Word of God.
The controversial conference between 25 charismatic Christians, including Åge Åleskjær from Oslo Christian Center and 250 Muslims recently held under the auspices of the Miracle, one Pentecostal church and Holmlia Mosque has aroused strong reactions among evangelical Christians in many Christian denominations.
In the House of Allah!
"We have not come here to convert anyone," says Aril Edvardsen as he opens the controversial conference in Holmlia Mosque.
"Rather, we are here to cultivate a friendship with people who worship the God of Israel," continues Edvardsen while he repeatedly emphasizes "that this is not a religious meeting, but one of peace and friendship conference and that he is not there to preach the faith to salvation.
Prayer Meeting in an idol temple!
The framework for the guru Edvardsen's pathetic attempt to create religious unity between Christians and Muslims is Allah's house on Holmlia in Oslo.
Despite Edvardsen's repeated assurances that "this is not a religious meeting" will be there at 1900 called to evening prayer in the mosque where Allah is worshiped as the "Christian" stays in the background.
At 1930 prayer meeting over, and it called for a joint "peace and friendship meeting" in the main hall of the temple idol.
"This is not a religious meeting" Edvardsen has repeatedly said - but he can hardly be held responsible for the Muslim hosts spend more than twenty minutes agitate for their religious beliefs.
Accepts prayer to Allah?
First sounds a five minutes long Arabic prayer. So read it from the Quran that "Jews and Gentiles are most hostile to the true believers, while the Christians are referred to as those who are closest to Islam, because they are not" arrogant. "Then put a young boy running and Exhibition hymn about its strong involvement with the Prophet Muhammad as the basis of a biblical assessment must be characterized as a false prophet. "And this is not a religious meeting?" journalist asks himself in the Aril Edvardsen getting ready to enter the pulpit. And Aril Edvardsen enters microphone;
"Dear friends. It's very nice to be gathered here. - And that's fine for us Christians to hear you pray to have worship together. On our way each and every of our tradition, we all pray for peace on earth," follows guru from Farsund up.

Peace and compromise

Aril Edvardsen friendship affordable and almost "ecumenical" introductory speech to the 275 participants of the "peace and harmony Conference" which was held under the auspices of Farsund and several religious and Pentecostal churches have mind to go to the warnings being said ahead of the conference, among another Tormod Engelsviken the Ecumenical Council; "I'm afraid that this might give the impression that we Christians accept the Muslim prayer right prayer. - If the message is that all gods hear prayer, then you have gone over the limit for religion mix, and we end up in conflict both with the first bid and other texts in the Bible.
The common belief?
"The Christians, Muslims and Jews all believe in one God, the same God, and we shall repent each other." (Who needs Jesus?) continues guru Edvardsen from Farsund.
But when our common ancestor Abraham is referred to as "the friend of God," so we can learn from Abraham to be friends, and friends attempt to make the world a better place to live, "continues Edvardsen and adds;
We who believe in God, believe in love and friendship, - that Abraham's successors. "
"It is troubling that the Muslims have the perception that only they pray to their god, all is well. - And further, that there is another way to go than through Jesus," has editorial Oddvar Johansen Cross Says (an organ of Pentecostalism) formant ahead of friendship conference,
And further continues evangelist Edvardsen .. "I will follow God (which god?) - And whom I believe in Jesus - that you also believe in and that the Quran calls a" Messiah ", says Aril Edvardsen not further welcomes the recent discussion in the media and statements about religion mix.
What is a religious meeting?
During the three-day "peace and friendship conference" with "Allah's people in the House of Allah" Edvardsen stressed several times that "this is not a religious meeting."
And this despite the fact that it was praying to Allah, chanting hymns to the same idol and read from the Muslim holy book; "Quran".
In addition to this there was also agitated for the Muslim faith which includes a number of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish doctrines.
An example is that Islam rejects the idea that God has a son and also denies the biblical doctrine of the Trinity.
Whatever Aril Edvardsen had to think about this, then at least we holidays convinced that most people will interpret prayer, brass hymns and religious agitation and scripture reading from the "holy book" that elements usually associated with religious meetings or church services.
It's quite possible that Aril Edvardsen and Åge Åleskjær put something else in the term "religious meeting" than most people do, here lacked the both tongues, healings and other charismatic phenomena that characterize the charismatic movement! It is perhaps the lack of this fact that the Edvardsen & co can claim that this was not religious?

Edvardsen out to Odd Sverre Hove and Day

The debate about dialogue conference has greatly angered the waning super preacher from Miracle and Farsund. In a brief press conference does not Edvardsen secret that he believes that the criticism shoot on the spot. Aril Edvardsen who clearly loves being in the media spotlight, said during a break in the conference that he was "pleased irritated some extremists. Asked directly he does not hide the fact that he considered the newspaper Dagens editorial writer (Odd Sverre Hove) as extreme in this respect . "I count it as extreme and improper to argue that praying to God is praying to an idol, for now they say the judge not only me and the Muslims, but all Arab Christians. They've all years praying to Allah, "says Edvardsen as this emphasizes that he believes that" God is identical with the God of the Bible is Jesus Christ, the Father. "- To evangelize for Allah believer is both unnecessary and a waste," continues Edvardsen who believes that Muslims worship the "same God" that Christians and Jews to pray. The fact that Allah is much more than just an Arabic translation of the word "god" is something evangelist Aril Edvardsen apparently not bothered to bother with. That many Christians with good reason claim that Allah is a false god, and that devout Muslims reject Christ as the Son of God is something Edvardsen obviously choose to close your eyes.

  "Allah is an Arabic demon god!"

"Islam's roots are buried in Arabia -i Mecca -i a square stone building called Kaabah, which according to the Quran was built by Abraham. Kaabah I was 360 Jinn (spirits, idols, angels and demons), and one of them called Allah! "
"The word" Allah "comes from the compound Arabic word alilah. Al is the definite article (equivalent to English" the ") and ilah is an Arabic word for" god ".
Allah is a purely Arabic term used in reference to an Arabian deity. "-" Allah is a proper name that is only used on special Arabs God "" The origin of Allah goes back to before -muslimske times. Allah is not a common name meaning "God" (or gods). "
"Allah is a pre -islamsk name, which corresponds to the Babylonian
"Beel and Allah was known to the Arabs before -islamske, he was one of the deities in Mecca." "Allah's worship was like Baal worship a star ridden religion, in that they worshiped the sun, moon and stars."
"In Arabia the sun god regarded as a female goddess and the moon as a male god. Name Allah was used as a personal name for the moon god."
"Allah, the moon god married the sun goddess. Together they produced three goddesses who were called" daughters of Allah. "These three goddesses named Al -Late, Al -Uzza and Manat." "Qur'an Allah is not identical to the God of the Bible" says the Jewish Dr. Anis Shorrosh. Source; Ramon Bennett.
(end of quote).

Aril Edvardsen legacy

At bottom, let it all go in the great forgotten. He was neither a man of God, or something that lives by his preaching and prophetic voice that is worth mentioning as something important and big. Asking for forgiveness after his death, and so many other things just makes matters worse!

Final Comment

Matt. 24 11 Many false prophets will appear and deceive many.

In Farsund in 1977 preached the false prophet David Yonggi Cho that within 10 years, would be 2 million Norwegians be saved.
In 1985, prophesied the false prophet Arnfinn Clemetsen almost the same, but when the number had fallen to 1 Million. Also it within 10 years if I remember correctly.
Throughout the 1980s prophesied several ministers the same fallacy as Aril Edvardsen. Earlier Farsund principal prophesied of the chapels would be too small, they would almost burst out of people who would be saved!

I could have continued. But seduction, bluff and humbug with Aril Edvardsen and the charismatic revival is well nothing to ask forgiveness for? Or now say such. Pentecostalism did Edvardsen injustice etc.?

No, unfortunately people can not stop bluff of the false prophets and apostles. And sadly, it will increase now the opposite conclusion before the Antichrist and the false prophet will arise and lead Babylon - the great and super harlot church throughout the earth!

If want really all about Aril Edvardsen remained forgotten. But that Gilbrandt abused his position as editor by sending so-called white book in 1977 is just one of many mistakes today Pentecostal leaders are taking. There was no abuse of anything but deeply needed and it should be sent out again to read for everyone. I've read it and it runs mostly on different learning and Edvardsen berated Pentecostals. Not least, the Norwegian missionaries who recorded the native place etc. no and again a no, Edvardsen was no resource. Actually only a parasite who managed to get the vessel to the second really had built up and done. But Christians have unfortunately been fooled again and again, and that is if not halt on Edvardsen dead now several years ago!

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