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No. 748: USA drones amplifier and make such barbaric acts that perform Isil possible when drones perform worse acts than what man can do!

No. 748:
USA drones amplifier and make such barbaric acts that perform Isil possible when drones perform worse acts than what man can do!

Whether we like it or not, the western world warfare stadigvek has become harder. But are most held down to the public, a clear indirect effect on the horrific killings Isil now do. Violence begets violence, and Jesus said that those who take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Matt. 26 52 Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back in place. For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. "

A drone aircraft that in many cases hit innocent as guilty, and with a mortality rate that actually beheading is that China put to work as these drones can kill dozens of people. Not saying hundred, which unfortunately has happened, I get chills.

War is barbaric, uncivilized and destructive to the human spirit, soul and body.

Here on the blog we take up little political stuff and whatever else happens in the world when all that we do, write and communicate is directed against the spiritual life of mankind. But never rule without exception. We see in these days an outrage without equal Isil, the Islamic State. But behind them lies a war of aggression, violence and much of the Western world which has reinforced sick and perverted people to become even sicker and perverse.

Drones are one of the simplest and worst to use.

Why? Yes, because sitting on a completely different place and can shoot actually quite boisterous and kill, maim and destroy as much innocent as guilty when accuracy is so bad and insecure. This happens and has happened countless times.

Do not go into depth here, but we in the western world have not managed our pound right for many hens. Will not go into details yet. There has been so much misguided and appallingly bad and careless warfare, particularly the United States and England. That without this had probably never Isil be as barbaric and grisly as they are. We must therefore lie at heart, what we sow, we reap it, before or since. There we throw out comes back to us like a boomerang, for good or ill.

Article, A weapon of its time or weapons to blind destruction!

War is ugly, but drones are uglier than other weapons?

It slams on a regular basis, especially in the north of Pakistan. Many of bangs because flying contraptions, some no bigger than a violin cases, remote controlled by the CIA at a safe distance in Nevada.
Using advanced technology will drones hit terrorists linked to al Qaeda or other networks. And preferably only them.

When Pakistani Malala Yousufzai last October was shot in the head by fanatic Taliban men who disliked her fight for children's rights, it came to large demonstrations in the country. One of the banners read: "Drones kill so Malala can live" - "Drones kill so Malala can live."
The drones have thus their fans. One of them is Anas Abbas, one financial analyst and blogger who specializes in the cost / benefit analysis of the war on terror. In an article on, posted a week after the attack on Malala, he writes that America's drone war have much effect.

Abbas rejects the conventional wisdom that the drone war stimulates terrorism. By compiling statistics on the number of drone attacks and victims of suicide bombs, he said to prove that drones make Pakistan safer.
Since the peak in 2009, when nearly 1,700 Pakistanis were killed in suicide bombings, and then the Obama administration also stepped up drone use, it has - according to Abbas' tall - have been far fewer victims of terrorism. Particularly evident is the decline in Pakistan's major cities, where it is also difficult to carry out terror attacks.

The blogger gives credit to the Americans: The drones have become more accurate, they kill key people in terrorist networks, and - not least - it goes with fewer innocent lives. In 2012, he believes that only three percent of those killed by drones were civilians.
Such statistics should be taken with a grain of salt. Different sources will have motives to talk numbers up and down. However, there are several reports that the drones are accurate.

The news agency Associated Press surveyed ten drone attack in North Waziristan closer, including by interviewing locals. The report from February last year, the AP concluded that of 194 killed, 138 were terrorists. It provides nearly 30 percent of civilian casualties, but 38 of the 56 civilians killed in one unsuccessful attack. operates with 20 percent civilian victims of drone attacks since 2004.

     The drones have their fans

The fundamental problems of drones as weapons are in any case enough: When the United States using drones in Pakistan or other countries, they often violate countries' sovereignty. Only in Yemen, and earlier in Pakistan, the United States has been able to use them with permission from the authorities.
And: Even with higher accuracy kill drones also a significant number of innocent people. A third argument, as I come back to is that drones can lower the threshold of armed conflict.

It can - easily - argued that drones are cowardly warfare. In contrast to the action to take Osama bin Laden, when the Americans came in with troops to be absolutely sure to take the right man, the drone attacks comparing to stab enemies in the back.
The counter-argument is that the terrorists' mass murder of civilians is even more cowardly, but here is the question about the super power methods also legitimizes the enemy.

Drones are also in violation of international law, at least in the usual sense. It is the act of killing in war, even with drones, but the United States is not at war with Pakistan.
Counter-argument is that the war on terror is different and global, that America's goal is Afghans seeking refuge in the neighboring country, and that the terrorists do not care a jot about the law.

Also in the United States is controversial drones. Now there are reports that a stringent American regulations are in the works. Each murder must be approved by the President, but it's supposed to be done except for CIA operations in Pakistan until further notice.
On the other hand, if the alternative is to bomb and invade, as in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the drones may be preferable? Warrior in full scale killing undoubtedly far more civilians.

To "take" any terrorist with major command operations, as it where Osama bin Laden was killed, it would also cost a fortune and carry significant risks for soldiers every time.
It is not difficult to understand why the drones have become popular with all who have wars to lead. Britain has used drones in combat, but only in Afghanistan, where there is a UN mandate for war.

Now there is talk that France and Germany, who currently use drones only to intelligence, to develop their own weapons-carrying drones. German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) says Der Spiegel that drones do not differ fundamentally from other weapons, still an officer responsible for pushing the button.
Opposition politician Jürgen Trittin (The Greens) says no, arguing that drones can make it easier to take up arms in a conflict.

Recently opened UN Security also that drones can be used by Monusco, the UN peacekeeping force in Congo. It is only a question of unarmed drones for intelligence, but this is disputed by some of the countries that contribute to the strength of 22,000 soldiers. They fear that drones draws combat situations.
The drones also has another drawback, unfortunately: The simpler versions are not particularly difficult to make or use for terrorists.

Another article:

Death from a keyboard

Lawless and wireless. President Barack Obama challenges international law and democracy when the desk pilots is Lord over life and death of many thousands of miles from the battlefield.

Despite his recent speech in which Obama stated that development aid and diplomacy should be alternatives to the drone war, he did not mention anything about the number of civilians killed by drones and how it has changed warfare itself.

'As a buzzing mosquito'

In 2012 concluded a report made ​​by Stanford and New York Universities that the unmanned warfare has changed the behavior of an entire group of people in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The American method where you attack one target multiple times allows both population and humanitarian workers are afraid and reluctant to help injured after the attack, the report said.

Parents keep children at home and children injured in attacks have left school because they are afraid to go out.
- I think the drones all the time, say a father from South Waziristan, one of the areas hardest hit. They are like buzzing mosquitoes. Although you can not see them, so you can hear them, you know they are there.

Removing barriers to going to war

Drone War is at its most intense in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan - over six hundred innocent people have been killed without any of the attacks have been approved or debated in the American Congress, says researcher Peter Singer New York Times.

- The technology removes the last political barriers we have to war, says Singer.

The strongest impact of unmanned weapon systems is that you do not need to send the nation's sons and daughters into the firing line. An increasingly critical attitude of the public and the media to lose soldiers in war are effectively offset by drones when their own soldiers being taken out of the equation, so that the popular resistance against aggressive warfare fading.

According to Singer, a researcher at the American think tank the Brookings Institution, the United States has about 7,000 drones in its arsenal, with many new models on the way.
- We have created a standard that says that the American president only has to ask the Congress for permission to go to war if it involves sending soldiers living in the firing line.

- Creates Terrorism

In March 2013 concluded a report by the Special Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ben Emmerson, the drone war in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan violates international law. In addition, the tendency is that the attacks encourages terrorism rather than preventing it.

According to Emmerson drone war leads to increased radicalization and more terrorism, especially among young Pashtun men, because the attacks permeates the population with fear and break down tribal structures that are the basis of society in this area.

Teen Faheem Qureshi was the only survivor after a drone attack against the group he was. He received a fractured skull and was almost blind in the attack.
- We can not learn things anymore because drones sums over us all the time - it scares the children from going to school, says Faheem.
- I'd take the exam, but after the attack so I could not because my brain was impaired.

According to the UN report, 330 attacks killed a total of 2,200 people in these areas since 2004, including at least 600 civilians and "noncombatants." These figures are probably too low because the tribes living in these areas often have difficulties to report all losses by drone attacks.

According to the report so it is impossible to distinguish between terrorists and civilians in these tribal areas because it is the custom that men carry guns at all times while the vaults of the same.

As ally of Pakistan has not allowed the United States to attack targets on Pakistani soil over Norway have the opportunity to attack targets in Sweden, according to international law. If elements in Pakistan threaten American lives, then it is clear from established practice that only local authorities can enforce such crime.

Final Comment:

Whether we like it or not, we'll eventually get drones and other back to us even if we are using it without rain and bring charges. I'm sorry all this as we are now seeing and experiencing. Let us as believers above all ask when we see this happen.

America's flying killer drones raging brutally almost every day in such countries. But not only developing countries have really good reason to fear America's violent intervention in the country's internal social conditions. The American renegade Notifier, computer operator from spying and eavesdropping agency National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden who now lives in exile in Russia, has long revealed much of the United States and the CIA's extensive practice and great plans in this respect. He has proven that the EU and other NATO countries' ordinary citizens and leading politicians continually under wiretapping and surveillance data of the United States. Previously, Wikileaks leader who is also in exile, the American whistleblower Julian Assange, also revealed the abundance of America's comprehensive monitoring of foreign embassies worldwide, as well as an enormous amount of NSA and CIA other illegal activities in many countries. Also NATO country Norway has long been on the American list as a country where it is very important to monitor all private telephone calls and e-mail transmissions. Yes, even the Norwegian government offices are not exempt for such monitoring. Even the Norwegian prime minister's office are subject to such monitoring and scrutiny. Many still remember the episode from Bort Government's time in the 1970s where Prime Minister Per away even physically had to throw out American CIA agents who would scour his office for any compromising material.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently very incensed over revelation that her ally the USA for a long time also monitored and tapped her private cell phone. She has demanded the appointment of a German commission to investigate the matter and make any proposals for sanctions against the United States. Sorry, we can surely enlighten the German lady that the United States probably will not stop their illegal actions because of a German Chancellor indignation or German state commission statements. For it is enough America's highly illegal surveillance activities all too extensive and well established worldwide. The thousands of agents around the world who are on the American payroll has probably very little to fear in that regard. And Norway and the Norwegian arms industry in Kongsberg such as also produces parts for US-flying spy and killer drones have no cause for fear of losing their profitable deliveries in the future. Its advanced flying and remote controlled killer drones provide enough not the United States renounced the first. Such reasonable "desktop wars" without risk of loss of their own soldiers will probably world get to see much more of in America's many wars around the world in the future is to be expected. That is also consumed in large losses of innocent civilians, children and even the whole wedding comes as happened in Pakistan belong enough with the CIA many cold-blooded deliberate calculations!

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