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No. 684: From Aril Edvardsen Ulf Ekman - right into Babylon the great whore!

No. 684:

From Aril Edvardsen Ulf Ekman - right into Babylon the great whore!

When I look back on my life , ministry and what I preached, taught and learned. So it has proved in all that I have learned as I said , preached and taught and had been right. Then in the basics and in the big picture , but also in detail. So also here ...... why I'm so bold to ask you who read this if you will stand with us ? And support us in every way right now to make new advances , we need your financial help in a special way when we want to start by posting speeches and miscellaneous . How are you doing and want to support us financially? Here is our account number:

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Photo by the late Evangelist Aril Edvardsen and his wife Kari . It was he more than any others opened the floodgates to what we now see. He was truly a pioneer of all that is negative and wayward !

From Aril Edvardsen ........

If we go further back in time, then the lot of us remember what happened when Arild Edvardsen in Farsund on 70 - and 80's invited charismatic Catholics in the pulpit . There was an outcry among several prominent Norwegian Pentecostal leaders , and Arild Edvardsen were excluded from the good team with a whitepaper . Arild , fearless and powerful deceived, thought it could be a problem with inviting Catholics who obviously had "Jesus" in the center , and in addition had experienced the baptism of the Spirit . Had they forgotten Mary, mother of Jesus either. If they prayed for her and Jesus , it was the same thing . Until Maria when her prayers were " safer ." He evidently meant that the ecumenical community of these was more important than "stand in dogmas and doctrines ."

There is no doubt that Aril Edvardsen was groundbreaking , to promote this now Pastor Ulf Ekman , Peder Halldorf and others have gone into full in.

We are so keen to be blessed that we do not see the big picture .

My experience is that people of faith are very gullible . They come to a meeting , hear song and speech. This was good , and the support it both financially and in other ways. But one comes in and preaches things that go a little deeper and draws the big picture and provide information beyond what one is used to. It boycotting one and will in no way support. This happened to Israel , just as the church . Therefore the prophet says the following:

At 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge , I also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me thou hast forgotten the law of thy God , I will also forget thy children.

Now, Pastor Ulf Ekman taken the step fully out and being Catholic. Here some of what he says:

' The Catholic Church has the most perfect expression of Christian unity '

I think it is Jesus' desire that all should be one , and the device to be specific. And I think that the Catholic Church has the most perfect expression of the device.

Furthermore, he writes in Swedish day translated into Norwegian following:

When asked what his main argument to be Catholic , Ekman responds that the fundamentals are because " the Catholic Church has the truth in its fullness ." Asked whether he wants all Christians in the long run to be Catholics , he replied : "I think Jesus wants everyone to be one, and I think the Catholic Church has the full expression for this device " . On the question " Shall also the Word of Life and Pentecostalism under the Pope in the long term ? " He answers : Is it dangerous? ( end of quote ) .

This is a brief historical development of Christianity within its how the approach has been to the Catholic church within its the Free Church communities here in Norway and Scandinavia. But the question is twofold , I believe on. How could it have happened ? And the way forward. The first is very easy to answer , to explain it is more difficult . Will compromise it down to two short answers :

1 ) How could it have happened , I ask about the approach and also the conversion to the Catholic Church ?

a ) Lack of fidelity to God's word.

b ) Lack of good and fearless preachers and pastors in the church of God .

2 ) And the way forward.

I am more and more convinced that the whole Christian world , more and more closer together , then the false unity will grow more and more forward . How? Yes, this will happen gradually and gradual , which already elucidated happened . I have a timely question :

When others will follow Ekman , or take the same step?

Peder Halldorf in Sweden who in his youth was a promising and anointed Pentecostal preachers have gone from that to being , and for me a show vases of preaching . Going back to its roots , dress as a priest or chain etc. So far it is possible to go astray . However, Peder Halldorf or someone else goes , what about the rest of Christendom? Unfortunately, there is so little Bible-believing cabinets and revelation today that Satan has almost a free pass into the church of God !

Final Comment:

It is very much to say, but it will eventually end in a large " Super - church " called Babylon the great whore . It is beyond any doubt. Today it is mostly accepted among Protestants , it again has paved the way for the Katoslke Church more than anything else. Had Protestants been Bible-believing and standing on God's word, had the spiritual development and the condition was completely and totally different.

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