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Nr. 680: Not everyone who says Lord, Lord Jesus will be with him in his heavenly kingdom!

No: 680:
Not everyone who says Lord, Lord Jesus will be with him in his heavenly kingdom!

So today's Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity has been that everything is permitted , only one believes in Jesus and speaking in tongues is nothing but a false avvart of true evangelical Christianity . That everything has become so getting the shepherds and the leader who has steered this ship take primary responsibility. For me , today's Pentecostal Charismatic leaders and shepherds as wolves in sheep's clothing, one of them is Stephan Christiansen of Jesus Church here in Oslo. He is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing, do not see it as a probably even been seduced and belongs no longer Christ. Note that weigh down and gloomy with him especially around the eyes is the soul's mirror. He 's probably not filled with the Spirit of God but something else entirely !


The sky had been felled place if all of today's Pentecostal Charismatics had been saved and come to Jesus and alla other saints in his heavenly kingdom ! One should not judge someone before time scripture says , yet so getting a make their considerations . One of them which I am convinced can not join there is Kenneth Hagin was anything but a true Christian if he called Jesus Lord.

Not everyone who says Lord, Lord Jesus will be with him in his heavenly kingdom !

Matt . 7 21 " Not everyone who says 'Lord , Lord ' will enter the kingdom of heaven , but he who does my Father in heaven . 22 Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord , Lord , did we not prophesy in your name , and we have not driven out demons in Your name , and done many powerful deeds ? ' 23 And then will I declare to them, Ye never knew me. Depart from me , you who are doing lawlessness . "24" Therefore everyone who hears these words and does them , compared to a wise man who built his house upon a rock. 25 The rain came, the flood and the winds blew and beat , but the house did not fall, for it was built on a cliff. 26 But anyone who hears my words and doeth them not , is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came, the flood and the winds blew and beat against that house until it collapsed - and the fall was powerful. "

Notice what it says about those that Jesus did not want to acknowledge : " Depart from me , you who are doing lawlessness ."

This fits 100 % at the current Pentecostal Charismatics and large it all. They live in lawlessness and "love" to prophesy and hold on to what is supernatural just like the sorcerer Simeon .

To believe in signs, wonders and Spirit baptism , I think so too. But the same people and preachers who think like me, they do not believe the same as me when it comes to what the Lord requires . That is why they are also those that they had lived in lawlessness . It fits perfectly in today's Protestant Christianity there soon everything is permitted and are allowed ? Not least the Pentecostal Charismatic Christians.

The applicant regard for the spiritual and the supernatural, but will not pay the price and costs of living as a Christian . The apostle Paul said about such additional places:

2 Timothy 3:5 having a form of godliness , but denying the power - and they turn away from .

File 3:19 whose end is destruction , whose god is the belly , and whose glory is in their shame , those who desire earthly things .

Note that they are ambiguous as Christians. They condemn others, but does not fit their own lives. What use is it to point to others, but even living in sin ? It hurts worse.

It amazes me that Christians are so judgmental against certain sins , but ignore others. What could the reason be? One think that God is careful sins of others , but their own will and one was not.

A look at themselves as super and invincible . While in reality it is one that must repent and need to experience grace over again until it is too late.

Pats on the shoulder and kind words , afterwards so hate and dislike you. This is the truth about the PinseKaresmatiske Christianity. If a point doctrinal deviations and lawlessness among these , so hate , dislike and boycotting those you very quickly. Notice that now was Åge Åleskjær son interviewed and he said that OKS and Pentecostalism belong to the same Spirit power . And we know that OKS is from Satan , and then you have probably also Pentecostals have ended up in the ditch ? Of course !

Here is the interview with Pastor Thomas Åleskjær , excerpt: OKS and Pentecostals belong to the same flow. We want to stand shoulder to shoulder in the kingdom of God , and will continue to root for each other in every possible way as we have done for several years. We work with the Pentecostal churches , visiting Pentecostal churches , speaking in Pentecostal churches and receive visits from Pentecostal churches . ( end of quote ) .

Benny Hinn has also been Pentecostal , now Satan also be Pentecostal ? So bad it's become . It is rife with heretics , divorced , re- married , divorced and I do not know what. What are the limits here? They love and carry on with lawlessness . Unfortunately , today's Pentecostal Charismatics have become what Jesus said, emphasizing Åndsopllevelser , but ignores the most important word of God , to obey God's word to one and all !

Here some excerpts from Waiting by John Berglund where he writes about this, read and compare everything with the Word of God as the Bereans did.

Religious movement occult ROOTS

If a bridge is falling down, or a road collapsed so that it ends in a fatal plunge , it is important to warn of the danger. Hundreds of thousands of people running in top speed to a sudden and unexpected abyss . It's called religious movement . The name of Jesus preached and enterprises, but Satan takes the credit .

These claims are strong, and at the same time true and documented . In a few articles in this series , we will make available the documentation. We are faced with one of Satan 's end-time deception and the fulfillment of a number of biblical prophecies. Faith movement's charismatic revival wave, unifying the Christian world to a complete redefinition of the biblical gospel. No , that is the love of Jesus in your heart , and understand what happens, not to shout a warning. Taus , indecisive and lethargic indifference will only be applauded by the devil and his associates.

It began in the United States.

A combination of religion composed of gnostic and occult elements , can be followed throughout history and up to the present time : From Paracelsus ( 1400e.kr . ) To Mesmer ( 1700e.kr . ) And on to PPQuimby ( 1800-1860 ) . The doctrine shared at this time to: Unity Movement v \ Charles and Myrtle Fillmore . Christian Science v \ Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) New thougt v \ J. and A.Dresser and W.F. Evans From the latter theological school ( No.3 ) , Charles Wesley Emerson and his Emerson College in Boston. In this "Christian" seminary , studied EWKenyon , which gave the teachings of Kenneth Erwin Hagin ( 1917 - ) . Anyone can read these books movements , and even confirm that the theological hovedtesene , with little change, continued from the early Gnostic \ occult schools , the Hagins headquarters ; Rhema movement's College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At this institution , got Åge Ålekjær (Oslo Christian Center), Ulf Ekman ( Life's words) their education. There is also this theology taught in many tens of Faith movement's centers in Norway . It is this movement that dominates television ministry in the United States , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Africa and Latin America. All religious movement's central dogma is unbiblical and occult . Instead of revealing pagan philosophy with God's word, the Bible Scriptures twisted out of its meaning, in order to confirm the pagan philosophy . The spirit that manifests itself in the movement faces is not the Spirit of God , but evil spirits. The God they worship is not Jesus , but Satan himself . Among religious movement learning points , which we will look at these articles are :

- The right to wealth - Word of creativity - The fourth dimension - To fall under the power - When people become gods - Trichotomi doctrine ( a Hindu humanity ) - Earth men - anointing


Central to the religious movement , the dogma that the born-again Christians have divine right to wealth and abundance. As Åge Åleskjær says: " Everything belongs to us . God created benefits for their children. " Åleskjær teachers writes: " God wants his children to have the best , wear the best clothes and drive the best cars . " Another famous preacher in the religious movement writes: " When the Mafia can drive Lincoln Continental , why should not the royal children to do the same? King's kids should drive the Rolls Royce ! " Ecclesiastes Robert Liardon said : If you live in poverty, get angry and make sure that you are rich. Enjoy the abundance and let your critics endure it. " In Jack Hart 's book on Christian finances, we read, " when a Christian has the right to prosperity and wealth, is it that Jesus was rich and prosperous. " The book's chapter 2 units ; Jesus Christ - Prince or poor boy? The author answers the question himself , saying that Jesus , materially speaking , was a contemporary richest . He was so rich that he must have his own accountant. How could he otherwise have been able to provide food for 5000 ?

Because Jesus followed all of God's promises of progress , he was always prosperous and successful. If such statements (which there are many in trosforkynnelsens literature ) comes of ignorance , it is very serious. It is not allowed to call themselves Christian minister without reading God's word. If the statements coming from people who know the Bible , it is equally serious , because this doctrine represents deliberate lie , to receive and spend money. Kenneth Hagin type is: " God has a specific law on wealth, and when you come into contact with the law , so it works for you , whoever you are - believers or non-believers . " Theology " described in these quotations , is unknown in the word of God . However, it is a key element in the metaphysical schools of learning . The Occult Unity School of Christianity , teaching in this area exactly the same as the religious movement . Unity's5 founder Charles Fillmore, writes in his book " Prosperity " of the importance of utilizing the universe wealth -creating intellectual principles.

In the book we read: " All things are controlled by spiritual laws . There is also a law that directs the flow of goods. Just as gravity, does this law for all . One must understand it, believe it and apply it as needed. Belief in God is completely immaterial. belief in his own faith in the law - is the secret. Faith Movement preaches exactly the same. Belief in faith one is important. We read in the Kenneth Hagins books that "the law does no one faith in God ." In the occult schools , as religious movement here copies , printed plainly that the force behind the law of the universe spirits . We shall later articles documenting that religious movement preachers say that if a Christian believe that good will happen, this law will fulfill it. But if we think that evil is going to happen , the law will make it too? Would God send evil when we believe it ? When devilry come if you expect or think it is not the source of Jesus Christ and his Spirit. This " law" is governed by occult powers and can do so because Jesus is not of faith object.


The doctrine of the Christian right to wealth, is not Biblical . God promises to give us what we need, but it is not in this world the Christian should collect their taxes. God's word has a completely different message The wealthy and rich Jesus is not mentioned in my Bible . He had " nothing he could rest his head on . " ( Matt.8.20 and Luk.9.58 ) One who came to Jesus was asked " sell everything you have and give to the poor" ( Mattl9 , 21) He also said : " It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter God rich . " (Mt 19,24 ) .

Paul that was more prosperous than he had to sewing tents on their missionary journeys to earn your daily bread , said , " we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. They that will be rich fall into temptation and trap and into many foolish and harmful desires. " ( l.Tim.6 , 8.9 ) . We have already mentioned some of these foolish desires of Faith movement's leaders clearly want to be rich and prosperous. " Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth " ( Matt.6 , 19) , said the Savior. " You can not serve both God and mammon " ( Matt.6 , 24) Jacob has a very serious warning and appeal to all who seek riches. " And now, ye rich men , weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you !

Your riches rots and clothes are moth- eaten , gold and silver rusting away, and the rust will testify against you - " You've spent the time to accumulate wealth . " ( Jak.5 0.1 to 3 ) " You have lived in luxury and abundance on earth and made your hearts fat for a day of slaughter ." ( Jak.5 , 5 )

Faith Movement's wealth doctrine is unbiblical . Term prosperity or progress theology is correct expression of a doctrine which is a mockery of the world's poor and an insult to God. A Christian who has had their sins forgiven and have the love of Jesus in your heart , not able to prioritize " the best food" , " best cars " and " the fattest bank account ." It is simply impossible! Bible teaching must be test basis for all preaching and the spirit behind the proclamation tested with fruits . On this basis we call the Faith movement's unbiblical teachings wealth and Satan inspired.

Final Comment:

We must not throw the " baby out with the bath water " as the proverb states . But when Pentecost is melting more and more with the occult religious movement which constitutes the current Pentecostal Charismatic Christianity. Then it is no longer true Christianity , but wolves in sheep's clothing !

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