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No. 1618: Jan Hanvold represents a Christianity that is so distant from Christ it is possible to come!

No. 1618:
Jan Hanvold represents a Christianity that is so distant from Christ it is possible to come!

Picture of Cain and Abel. The Christianity type represented by Jan Hanvold is nothing but Cain's path to "blessing"!

From my commentaries Hebrews e rbrevet 11. 4 By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain. Because he believed, he received the testimony that he was righteous; for God approved His sacrifices. And with his faith, he still speaks after his death.

Now there is more here between the lines one that says Adam and Eve are omitted. Why they are omitted must be because they simply lacked faith? But we will hope that we will see them in heaven!

Abel presented a sacrifice that God pleased what he did not do with Cain. The difference between Cain and Abel lay in their sacrifice and faith, not their character and currently primarily.

But gradually, it became apparent that Abel's way led to unlike Cain's path which led to spiritual death, corruption and self-righteousness.

Vision Norway presented a list of prices from 1500 to 50,000 kroner you can give in order to receive different types of blessings. - Spiritual abuse of power, says theologian.
It was in the Christian TV channel's broadcast "Studio Direct" on October 15 this year that David Sagen, who was a member of the channel and was a guest of the program, told about how he chose to pay 2500 kroner a month for "Joseph's blessing" from the Nigerian pastor Bayo Oniwinde.

"Then I thought, I'll test it. So I gave you know - 2500 kroner, fast, every month! And I told God that now, Joseph's blessing came true, and I was really only glad that Joseph's blessing was on his way. And that year, two years ago, there was a lot of things happening here in my company - and yes, it went really well then. "

The campaign, in which the channel's viewers were encouraged to pay for various types of blessings that Hanvold believes he has the full control on.

Different summer for different blessings

Further in the broadcast, the story says that he is convinced that God saw his obedience and faithfulness to the words of Pastor Bayo.

"God sees it, you know, whatever the sum, as long as you have faith in what you do and what you're hurting, then the outcome will be yours," says Inger Hanvold, a spokeswoman for the program, who nods in agreement.

He then presented prizes for the various blessings one can get from the preacher:

** If you give $ 50,000, the African preacher will ask Peter's blessing over your life.

** If you give 10,000 kroner, he will pray "Isaac's blessing."

** Will you give 1500 or 3500 kroner, he will pray for a blessing that will be stronger at the end of the year than in the beginning of 2017.

"Do you believe in giving up one of the amounts he is talking about, stands for it and reminds God of it over the year - or just grateful that it's on its way, then it will be a great harvest!" He says in the broadcast .

This is so far from the gospel it is possible to come. What does the scripture teach? All blessing is in Christ, Christ is all we need. That Hanvold believe that we will also share in other well sign contents, is essentially Catholicism indulgences trade. They also learned the same, one could buy free from things to give!

We can not buy us into anything in the kingdom of God, it is only by simple believing and acquiring more of Christ, and being cleansed from our own.
Here the gospel is turned headed and it is not Christ at the center, but man in the center.
It is Cain's path to "blessing", not "Abel's way, which is God's way!

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