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No. 1606: The site Searchlight and editor Kjell Sverre Andersen appear to be "dirty" as they on the one hand encourage Jan Aage Torp to report me again and they are lying on me!

No. 1606:
The site Searchlight and editor Kjell Sverre Andersen appear to be "dirty" as they on the one hand encourage Jan Aage Torp to report me again and they are lying on me!

Picture of a goathead, which is the Searchlight website. Any normal and upward person would never stand up and defend me with full name, something we now tried with a fake name and would defend me. He was lying and cheating on Searchlight right away, hanging out that I defended myself. The fact that the person has not stood or will stand with a full name is just to praise God for. So he does not get harassed, harassed and almost lied on as one gets on Searchlight right away trying to defend the mg and the heavenly blog. This we have now revealed once forever!

When a so-called Christian website encourages a fake apostle and witchcraft like Jan Aage Torp is to sign up again, they are obviously a dirty site!

I also had a brother to send a message from me on his own PC. Then with a fictitious name on Searchlight, he travels to Sweden far from Stockholm and writes a message on Søgelys where he defends me.

Then Andersen repeatedly says that this is from my IP address and other. What should one do when a man can be such a notorious liar?

He calls for a police report one day, the next day he promises me that I'm writing from an IP address in Sweden and Stockholm.
All this is nothing else a fabricated liar.

I could have written so much about this matter, but it just does not work!

Here is some of what he puts out, no nice reading, but it only proves that Søgelys and Kjell Sverre Andersen are on the wrong side of the spiritual battle as they live and walk in the dark!

T is written only two messages of my friend and brother Johan Sebastian, from Oslo in my home. E n other from Sweden in a completely different PC and not from Stockholm Kjell Sverre Andersen alleges.
My point has been as Jeremy Hoff wrote as Kjell Sverre Andersen deleted.
H ele Searchlight has an agenda.
Shed shit over me, my family and the heavenly blog.
Something better should you find.
Both messages from Johan Sebastian are written from a different PC than mine.
One from Norway and one from Sweden, and you submit to the will of the wretch who scavengers vultures and hyenas, sad.
Searchlight is obviously not a Christian site.
I have not written these comments at all.

It is a Swedish brother who wrote from me from home. On their own PC.

So he traveled to Sweden far from Norway and wrote from a completely different PC there.

These are facts and that you say that is written by me is also a lie, and from my IP address message No. 2 is an impossibility!

They are not written by me but a friend and brother.
He is anonymous and he will always stay.
Otherwise you would have done as you have done w ith Eva Nilsson and Randi and Johnny Ingwersen lay out all the details about their lives.
And for years! This is really harassment, harassment and criminal!

Here is the correspondence between us, it tells everything:

Me: The latest from Johan Sebastian is then not from a Get customer, you Rolpa, it is shipped in from somewhere else entirely.
You are fooled around.

I have more friends and enemies included. They just make some jump.

Where does the last one come from Johan Sebastian?

You must then be able to answer it.

Both people the IP leads back to you. Both have sent emails from both you and him
The other people the IP also leads to both Sebastian and you.
It is no use.
This means that the comment is written from the same address, but not necessarily the same PC
Could it be your wife who has written a support comment for you?
Mvh Kjell


You lie to Kjell, for the other I got a friend of mine from Sweden to write, ha-ha. you are taken to lie!

Jan K

When it comes to IP No. 2 that both you and Sebastian have posted comments (IP Appendix JKC-IP-2 then there GET Oslo-
From current IP, "Sebastian" has written a comment, this one
What broder Christensen experiencing is nothing but flaming and persecution!
You get him to write, and he answers again, and you advise to report him again!
Råttner than this it is not possible to come!
while you have written a whole bunch of piles
Conclusion: Either you were in Stockholm and wrote from there, or used a Swedish subscription for the comment. Either way, you have posted comments from both current IP addresses.
while "Johan Sebastian" has posted a comment from each of the two IP addresses.
If your story is credible .. nope ..because I find comments from you on both IP addresses.
You can not talk you away from reality that I can document that you write from both IP.
Skjermfotoene proves that you speak false, may have a finger on both IPs
Mvh Kjell

customs duty

You're lying, he first wrote here in my home on their own computer.

Then he went home and wrote on his own PC there, far from Stockholm.

You wrote that everything was from me, nothing was written from my PC, and the last one written far from Stockholm from my own PC and if you get the number to be mine it's the lie of the century!

Here you are not wearing your pants down, but with your pants off, ha-ha!

Enough about that, ip adresss the past and connect it up to me is like saying that one has won the lottery without playing!

Jan K

Of course, you're wearing your pants down, I'll prove that the two comments from Sebastian come from the same IP that you obviously have access to.
Both your GET IP and the Swedish people the IP that you also have access to.
Of course, I did not lie as you write from both IP's

Mvh Kjell

I have written on Searchlight from Oslo, right.

But never from Sweden, you lie again!

But this brother has done it!

Do you want to go out now to say you're lying about me?

If not, you're not fair!

Jan K

I have no proof that you have not written from Sweden.
I have proof that you have written most of both IPs in question.
People will probably perceive your explanation for the silly.
There is also no evidence that Sebastian is a real person, and it's nice that you write many comments from his IP.
I do not trust your explanation.

Kjell Sverre Andersen

lie, there are only two messages written by my friend and brother like Johan Sebastian, one from Oslo at my place. And another from Sweden on a completely different PC.

That you will not realize this, it is enough that you've got heart: and a dark mind, Dec s worse!

Jan K

Now I have strongly documented that the two messages by Johan Sebastian are not written by me or from my PC.
Then there's only one thing left:
It is that Kjell Sverre Andersen writes that he made mistakes and posted incorrect information and held it as false that the two messages were written by me, which they were not.
But by a friend and brother of mine, who fortunately listened to my advice, and remained anonymous forever!

What some who have defended me have gone through and are being harassed and hot here on Searchlight, the False Smyrna blog and the Pastor's websites. Tells me that it's not worth defending me with full names and publicly since the police let the fuss hold on, anyway!

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