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No. 1608: Pastor Enevald Flaaten has now got married again publicly, where will this end?

No. 1608:
Pastor Enevald Flaaten has now got married again publicly, where will this end?

Picture of Ebeneser in Skuddenes as I was born again January 25, 1981, almost 37 years ago. Remembering back, being active on the sports track was probably some of the "worst" one could do for some, to put it on top. Reproduction and living as a believer with a person as the same sex as himself and being a believer was completely unthinkable. Today, reverberation among preachers has been widely accepted, and the only thing left now is that gays and lesbians must get the same "rights" as they reissued. Full «immunity» for its sin!

When I was saved almost 37 years ago, it was about doing the leadership of the church where I was saved. It was Ebeneser the free evangelical assembly in Skudeneshavn, at the far end of Karmøy, south as I grew up. That I should stop playing active football as it could go out of bedtime and one might get so excited about football and sport that it went beyond belief.
I listened and reduced exercise and football to a minimum almost what I had done before.
That's the time. But what now 37 years after?

Look, this was Norway's most famous pastor of the largest church that has now remarried:
The former Living Word pastor (65) has married Philippine Rosemarie (34). "I believe that God also has mercy in this area," says Fleet to the Day.
"Thanks Rosemarie that you believed in me and loved me when I had lost all hope itself," wrote Enevald Flåten (65) on its own Facebook page for over a moon d ago.This from the newspaper the day:

Here the Enevald Fleet declares the gay and lesbian ones:
"G riser knows better than gays"

Jan Hanvold about the gays:
"To hell with all they are blind and on their way to hell!"

Jan Aage Torp to the gay:
"They should and should be removed from all senior positions!"

Now that we know that all these so-called Christian leaders are now married again, yes, up to several times. When warning gays and lesbians just become absurd, wrong and wrong.

The same Bible saying that remorse is a shame, says gay and lesbian cohabitation is a pity, what's worse? And what's the best? We can not rule out any pages of God's word.
If the Enevald Fleet can claim to marry again when he has received mercy from God. Then absolutely everyone else can do the same!

Have a break a commandment of God, have broken them all. Drive up with being reprisal, versus living as a cohabitant. Or be a killer or gay, all are sinners who must repent of their sin to be saved and born again!

James 2 9 But partiality, then sin, and the law punishes you as offenders. 10 For anyone who keeps the whole law, but stumbles in one thing, he has become guilty of all. 11 For he that said, Thou shalt not commit adultery, neither saith he, Thou shalt not kill. If you do not commit adultery but kill you then you have become a criminal offender.

Here we see that God equate all sin, making a sin is one a sinner in need of grace and salvation. Or, one will be lost.

1 Cor. 6. 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Dad does not want to! Neither wizards nor idolaters, nor marriages, nor lovers, nor those who sins against nature, 10 or thieves, or oaths, or drinkers, or backbreakers, or robbers shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Final Comment:

Would have written so much, much more. But stop here, as we as a believer really should stop thinking about what we are doing. When I was saved 37 years ago, I think the believers could be partly strings. But they wanted it. Today, everything is allowed ++++ quite so much!

Where will this end? At the same time, Christians now wake up, but it's probably too late for too many. As they sleep so incredibly well in their deep spiritual sleep!

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