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No. 1610: The appeal of Norwegian history strangest judgment, waiting to get a ju grid that will deal with the case, whether the appeal passes in Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which will be a victory just to make the case in France!

No. 1610:
The appeal of Norwegian history strangest judgment, waiting to get a ju grid that will deal with the case, whether the appeal passes in Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which will be a victory just to make the case in France!

Marcus Moller Thrane picture of that in my opinion was ahead before their time. He was imprisoned for 7 years for inter alia promote that everyone should have universal suffrage. I'm actually in very good company to get a judgment against me, such as Hans Nielsen Hauge, Marcus Moller Thrane and many others have gotten that in many ways was nobler than those they judged. This is how one must live with, but the story will always tell that it is the persecutors and those who judge good people who are losers when the story will write in retrospect. Thrane is the 200th anniversary this year since he was born.
Therefore, we should all be happy to be in such a good company to have received a verdict against me, which is nothing but a big justice word in which the actual procedure is so primitive, ugly and incompetent that one must only enjoy to have been really prosecuted!

Spoke with the law office in Stavanger regarding the appeal submitted to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in France. Now they are working on the case and have a lawyer on the case who will look at whether it is being processed.
This is really a battle alla David against Goliat, as I am only a lonely man who opposes the whole established Norway. Winning such matches is not easy, but it is fully possible. This made David when he defeated Goliath.

Even though the case against me is an justice word, and the whole trial and judgment against me and the heavenly blog is a great father. However, it is still very difficult to reach out, as it is the Norwegian state with its resources against "little" me who is completely completely insignificant against the Norwegian state!

When we read about King David, who won over Goliath, the odds were bad for David when Goliath was a man of 3 ½ meters and David was like me an approx. 184 cm as I was measured until I measured me. Here, there was an experienced guarded warrior similar to the Norwegian state, which in many ways also behaves as it is invincible. And in many ways it is, because the size, resources, experience, contact network and everything else means that both the Norwegian state and Goliath have many, many advantages, especially on a young jewel like King David. And a man like me, after all, really stands alone if I have my few supporters around me, not least my own family whom Torp has thrown wrecked in order to live out his lusts!

Then this deepest is a battle between the good and the evil between two sizes where the state is deepest in defense than the false narrative who pretends to be both Pastor and Apostle but is so far from the biblical criteria that God's Word gives to be this as it is possible to come!

This case is deepest seen that the Norwegian state has opposed God and his word, since it is to keep the word of God in "excessive amounts" that made them judge this judgment.

Final Comment:

As I see it, there has been a dirty and tacky fight against me and the heavenly blog. There I have been charged with calling a fool of apostle Jan Aage Torp to be a leper and a wizard. During the discussions in both the Oslo District Court and Court of Appeal has the application of law that has been used against me has been the main focus.
Truly, that's not enough. Then I'm judged for something that has not been discussed in court and, as I have said in court, there are undocumented numbers and fantasy numbers from Jan Aage Torp that I have written so and so much about him. The truth is that what he and his allies have written about me both in quantity and in strength surpasses me at least a 4-5 times.
It is nothing but an justice word when the Norwegian Supreme Court rejected this as my lawyer Brynjar Meling also later realized that the court and police used all the means to make me judged!

Stand with dear believers Jesus friends still in battle. This case comes through in France and I'm 120% acquitted down there and win a perfect victory over the corrupt and dark people who have met me and the heavenly blog!
Should not the appeal come forward, we have done everything we have been able to do. Everything is also paid, as Brother Åge sings it in the song. This case has cost me about 50,000, - kr.
If the case goes through, it is possible to apply for assistance from the Norwegian state to pay my lawyer Brynjar Meling, so that's all in the box!

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