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No. 1753: Interesting article about Hat-Pastor and narreapostel Jan Aage Torp on Value debate in the newspaper Vårt Land!

No. 1753:
Interesting article about Hat-Pastor and narreapostel Jan Aage Torp on Value debate in the newspaper Vårt Land!

A very readable article about Hat-Pastor and narreapostel Jan Aage Torp on Verdidebatt in the newspaper Vårt Land.
Where it is claimed that this narreale poster wants attention in and around his own person at the expense of others. Something that is the slogan of this narrative and manipulator all the time.

Notice the heavy eyes and the gaze that at one moment "loves you", and next goes behind you to stab you, the man is a distinct manipulator.

Downloaded from Verdidebatt - written by Oddbjørn Johannessen

Christian Coalition Norway (KKN) with "honorary prize" to Poland - but the press was not welcome

The organization Christian Coalition Norway (KKN), led by pastor Jan-Aage Torp (president) and editor Finn Jarle Sæle in the Christian newspaper "Norway DAY", has this weekend - 4th and 5th January - had a so-called strategy conference in Oslo .

The conference has been a big hit on the many blogs and Facebook pages Jan-Aage Torp manages. The main points of the conference program appear to have been the distribution of a newly founded "Nation of Honor Reward" to the Polish government by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki - and the presentation of a critical report on the Norwegian child welfare service made by the Catholic organization Ordo Iuris. Representatives of Ordo Iuris, a Polish parliamentarian from the "Law and Justice" government party, the Vice President of the Romanian National Assembly, an EU parliamentarian from the Christian Conservative Block ECPM - and a Scottish "Prophet" have been main guests.

It all seems like a peculiar mix of extreme Christianity and extreme politics - where the main point seems to be a blackening of Norway's reputation internationally. The reason for the award of the "honor prize" gives Torp a letter to the Polish Prime Minister: Poland has given political asylum to a Norwegian woman on the run from the child welfare service, and in addition, "the historical position of Poland for the Jewish people" is emphasized.

There are certainly good reasons for criticizing child welfare in a number of cases, but presenting it so that the Norwegian state is pursuing a form of planned persecution of Norwegian parents, as KKN / Ordo Iuris (at least indirectly) claims, is far from reality . And otherwise, it should be highly discussed whether Poland is particularly known for its "position on the Jewish people". Such a characteristic is nothing short of sensational (cf. the Jews in Poland (the HL Center).

What kind of values ​​does Ordo Iuris represent? It is a conservative, Catholic organization closely linked to the National Conservative Government of Poland. The European Humanist Federation describes the organization's fighting issues as follows: "Ordo Iuris opposes abortion in all cases, same-sex marriage and civil partnerships and sexual education". Despite confidential differences, KKN and Ordo Iuri share some common goals - and a so-called "family protection prize" that KKN has also instituted went last year to Ordo Iuris.

Today's Poland is by no means a democratic lighthouse in Europe. On the contrary. After the National Conservative Party "Law and Justice" (PIS) took over the board (and eventually received a majority in the National Assembly), it seems that democracy is in the process of being phased out. Polish lawyers and human rights defenders express strong concern. A parliamentary resolution just over a year ago, in practice, involves a political governance of the judiciary - to strong protests from the EU. Journalists are harassed. Right-wing extremists and racists marching on the streets get a pat on the shoulder of key members of the government party. The list of anti-democratic developments can be extended.

There are probably good arguments for not paying attention to KKN and Jan-Aage Torp's projects - and perhaps that is how both the Norwegian press and the Norwegian authorities think. Nevertheless, I would argue that when a Norwegian, Christian organization invites parliamentarians and organizations from other countries here with the aim of giving Norway a reputation internationally as a kind of "crime state", it should be a duty both for the free press and for the authorities to think something about it. Particularly alarming is when Torp writes straight out: "Media will not be invited".

The newspaper Dagen has admittedly received permission from Torp to write a little, and a report about Ordi Iuris' report on the Norwegian child welfare service has just been published there - but without a critical look. Beyond that, the general public is relaxed with short tributes and "selfier" with the invited guests at Torp's many websites - as well as a note in the in this context totally incompetent weekly newspaper "Norway IN DAY", where Prime Minister Erna Solberg receives strong criticism from the visiting, Polish lawmaker.

And - dear Christian people! You should also respond when Jan-Aage Torp in the letter to the Polish Prime Minister performs explaining Matt. 25, 31-46 so that the words apply to "the judgment of God upon the nations." The sheep must be separated from the goats, and we must understand that among the sheep shall "inherit the kingdom made (...) from the foundation of the world") we find Poland, while the goats (who shall "end up in the eternal fire made for the devil and his angels") include Norway.

The Bible can be a dangerous book - especially when it gets into the hands of extreme preachers who have completely disregarded all the wisdom and meaning of reading a text in context.
(quote end).

Final Comment:
Here Torp is put in a very bad light, almost like a scam and manipulator who only seeks his own attention.
Who also wants to promote their own opinions only at the expense of others.
This is of course the narcissist Jan Aage Torp we see here in full action.
That he also lives in adultery according to the word of God, tells only deeply that we have a "wolf in sheep's clothing" (read collar).

That I have warned him even if he has managed to round off both the Oslo police and the courts, it makes me proud, happy and bold!

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