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No. 1752: The mean temperature of the earth has always fluctuated, it has zero with man created crises or anything else!

No. 1752:
The mean temperature of the earth has always fluctuated, it has zero with man created crises or anything else!

I have been working at Aluminumsverket at Karmøy for 10 years, taking a HSE very carefully. It's great, not least for the local community, but it has a lot to say for the whole atmosphere to a significant extent when there are really other things that have far more to say.
Picture of cows as grasses. That is exactly what they do until fence around the aluminum plant at Karmøy.
That was a good workplace for me for 10 years.
But I do not think that the emissions here in Norway have a significant impact on the whole world. But much to say for us in Norway, I think so.
Today, cows, sheep and livestock graze on the fence at Hydro, while similar works, for example. in China there is dryness in kilometers per kilometer.
Yes, I'm for the environment, but most of all in the local environment.
This is where it is most important. In the big context, it is the activity in and around the sun and moon that plays here on earth when it comes to climate, temperature and everything else.
That is why the script says among other things this.
Psalm 148. 3 Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all bright stars! 4 Praise him, ye heavens of heaven, and ye that are above the heavens. 5 They shall praise the name of the Lord; for he commanded, and they were created, 6 and he set them in their stead forever, forever; He gave a law that neither of them exceeds.

It is those who claim that there is a climate crisis in the world, which is not true.

There are fluctuations in temperature - which mean that the mean temperature - decreases. This is a weather phenomenon that has always been and will always remain, saying that it is then a climate crisis to actually bring today's people behind the light.

Now I am in order to do what we can to ensure that emissions and everything that can affect the environment, climate and everything else we do. But it is those who make this a religion and wonder many to say that today's fluctuations in temperature are man-made. It probably has quite different things to do, not least the usual fluctuations that occur, among other things. because of. Sun's behavior, as well as the moon and other things that lie beyond what we humans can influence and have something to do.

The Vikings cultivated grain in Greenland. beer and food. It says that climate for 1000 years ago was far milder than it is today.
Read for yourself:

1000 years ago Karmøy and South-West Norway have the same climate as in east-north France today. Trondheim and Trøndelag had the same dry and good climate as in Eastern Norway. These are some of many evidence that the so-called climate crisis that many people are demonstrating is today. Is not real and true if one claims it is man-made.

Today's measurement units are also questionable that one blindly believes in it. There is a lot of manipulation out there and researchers have this as a job. They are also looking to keep this up to ensure their own future.

Climate change has natural causes such as changes in the sun's strength, changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun, the distance of the moon, etc., and volcanic eruptions.

It is as if one is looking into a "glass ball". Looking long enough, one manages to interpret most things. This is how today's researchers are, this is mostly to lead people behind the light and we should almost have a bad conscience for everything we do.
This is just a stir of human purity games, not real and true.

One also takes into account that much of the measurements they take are also under any criticism. Blue. they took measurements on the moon at different times and under different conditions, one not taking into account the fluctuations that are also there. The fact that one subsequently noticed the humbug has never been passed on since one will not admit his own faults and defeats!

Today, the environment is presented as more important than "everything".

Blue. Then Norway has embarked on the EU to participate in their environmental statistics for emissions. To be able to import more EL cars.
This is to break the Norwegian constitution and what the Norwegian people have decided.

If the Storting had not adopted the proposal, there could have been a shortage of electric cars in Norway. With Norway standing outside it is not positive, then the access to electric cars is thrown out.
If, on the other hand, we get along, Norway will still get low emission cars, as these will count in the car manufacturers' so-called fleet requirements. -Norway really breaks the fact that we have chosen to be outside the EU, but to go in as we are members to get more EL cars to Norway.

By the way, it is a known matter that the sun follows a special cycle. Here is a lot of articles about this:

Final Comment:

In Norway, one is actually most afraid of the environment and emissions. I'm the least afraid of that, the soil is just in its cycle and now we have entered a warmer period.
Calling this for man-made environmental disaster is nothing but a solid bluff!

God reign and control. That the theme swings is something that is a repetition of what has been before as the scripture says it.

Ecclesiastes 3. 15 What is, it was already before, and what is to become, it has also been before; God is seeking the past again.

It's like the scripture says that it gets warmer as it has been before. The propaganda and FakNews say that this is man-made, but the word of God says that what has been before, the same happens again. The fact that the earth opposes a warmer period is just the story that repeats itself!

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