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No. 1759: The false prophet (self-appointed) Jan Hanvold leads the "herd" behind the light when he claims that Vision Norway is thrown out of its premises!

No. 1759:
The false prophet (self-appointed) Jan Hanvold leads the "herd" behind the light when he claims that Vision Norway is thrown out of its premises!

Jan Hanvold appears as a man who has no form of discipline, self-control or self-insight in some areas of his life.
Here's an article about him:

Here an imaginary picture of Vision Norway's front page.

Matthew 24. 4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, See that no man lead you astray. 5a For many shall come in my name.

When Jesus was to perform the events of the end time - the time we are in now.
Then this was with delusion in the spiritual area he mentioned first.
Notice what Jesus says:
"Make sure no one wants you! For many will come in my name. "

Jan Hanvold is now creating sympathy for himself - but the truth is that he comes out very well when he has sold his premises to a Swedish real estate company.
Where he earns very good money, can terminate employees and have them work for themselves for free! Hanvold obviously has a very clear strategy here!

This is nothing else a trick!

Think, here he'll move out. Having signed a contract, he says that he is being thrown out and that is Christian persecution.
This is to bring people behind the light.
They have to go out before they had planned, it is poorly done and little flexible by PBE in Drammen municipality.
But calling this a Christian persecution and creating the impression that now they must stand together and give money. Much money, incessant with money!
Last autumn, Drammen municipality notified hard measures to the TV preacher Jan Hanvold and the channel TV Visjon Norway, which the municipality believes is illegal. The building in which the TV channel is located should never have been approved for television activities.
Meanwhile, Hanvold has sold its premises, so all that is now happening is only an "advantage" for Hanvold and Vision Norway.

Hanvold says that he and Visjon Norway get a fine if they are not out of the premises before January 23. And this is Christian persecution etc.

I agree that PBE in Drammen municipality is not very flexible here. But at the same time, Hanvold now creates sympathy in and around himself. Can terminate people on the pretext that they do not have room for all employees etc.

This is a case that Hanvold can turn around exactly where he wants. Only one person benefits from this, it is Jan Kaare Hanvold.

Final Comment:

Jan Hanvold said on TV that we as Christians must conform to the authorities etc.
When the former "prison bird" Jan Hanvold himself says something like that, it is only for him to "serve" him. The man is only looking for a thing, money, satisfied for the flesh and sex! Therefore also can be divorced and remarried the herb times!

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