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No. 1362: Having a role model, or 'create' himself a role model is the most important significance!

No. 1362:
Having a role model, or 'create' himself a role model is the most important significance!

Anonymous writes:

Thanks for reply! Do I understand the main message of the following words of Scripture for best interpretation ability, not remarry after a possible divorce and live as if you were an ideal and example for others?

Still I miss maybe even more specific advice for good relationships and moral discipline, formulated in your own words. You decide whether you have the capacity to deepen and to convey considerations clearer, so that believers, doubting and all weak sinners get simple, useful tips for a busy life in a modern world. It would be interesting to some point show maxims perhaps, from you. It is said that understandable if you do not have time to answer further. Thanks so much!
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I said this:

There are then, if you want them?
Eg. in my commentaries of Ephesians 5.

It was a good input.
But what exactly is it about being a role model, that no ministers will be re-married etc.
The truth has been so immersive. It has been a trial, there has been intellectual battles, it has simply been like sticking your hand into a hornet's nest!

With the preaching I've had - and has!

It has demanded so much, that it almost has good at the expense of other things!
But it probably will!
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Having a role model, or 'create' himself a role model is the most important significance!

As a Christian, it's crucial to have one or more models. It is to make yourself into a different person.

Why is this so important? It has to identify with a person, group or attitudes. Here in from Major Norwegian lexicon:

That a person because of emotional attachment to another human being more or less "put themselves in the place of others," and unconsciously seem to assume thoughts, feelings and actions by the other's role model.

Identification is a central concept both in development theory, personality theory and social psychology. Within development theory emphasized identification with key individuals at different ages as significant for personality design. In early childhood, the identification with parents central. In school age will identify with adults other than parents, for example. teachers, have an impact.

Within personality theory has described the identification as a defense mechanism or coping strategy, in that they defend themselves against anxiety for a person that you identify with this. Within social psychology is the identification as part of the social learning and identification with groups and institutions central phenomenon. By social learning will identify strongly contribute to the learning of social roles that gender roles and professional roles. Identification plays a major role in social learning, for example. the individual's affiliation to social roles, for example. gender, occupation role. Group identification is believed generally to lead to greater unity and solidarity, but in extreme cases may have adverse impacts, for example. identification with criminal group. Identification is also believed to be of fundamental importance for the development of an individual's morals and conscience (see above-I). Identification of individuals is often fundamental in the development of the so-called I-ideal. Strong identification, for example. with one parent, may also hinder for personality development.

Article by me to be a role model:

Nr. 416:
Have ME as models that I have Christ as model!

The Christian church has always needed role models, as I follow Christ, follow him in the same way my dear friend and you will be blessed by God the Father!

1 Cor. 11. 1. Be my imitators, as I follow after Christ!

My experience with the faithful is depressing!

Of course it is always dangerous to sit over others. But God calls us to a life of discipleship, not we go on the road, we are not what God intended and meant for our lives. Allows you the standard and the points on which the in Christian Norway and elsewhere in the Western world form the basis of your life as a believer will end with your life in hell I am much afraid for. What is the earliest is not widely accepted by sin, error learning, tolerance, lukewarmness, indifference, and whatever it means to be? I have mentioned these glaring examples, but it's not just that. The entire Norwegian Christianity is pampered into a spiritual sleep, and gain weight either. It's certainly not easy as they think they are awake, but asleep. That they are seeing, but are spiritual blind. Just as the church in Laodicea.

The opposite is people like me and some others who have not bowed to Baal!

1 Kgs. 19. 18 But I will leave seven thousand in Israel who have not bowed the knee to Baal, and all that has not kissed him with her mouth.

For the prophet who felt alone, he was not. It was only a spiritual "illusion." The reality and the truth was that it was 7000 besides himself who had not bowed the knee and heart for Ball, who was an idol. There are probably as many in Norway and elsewhere in the Western world where apostasy and deception prevails because standing with the Lord. They know to refuse the belief in a so-called Christian triadegud, do not think that God will torment but destroy the infidels as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah. And they know that the remarriage of believers are not allowed in the new covenant that we live as believers today, and other precious truths as hold on. As a precious gift given from God.

See that you do not fall dear friend, it is very easy to trip and fall.

1 Cor. 10. 12 Therefore, whoever thinks he left, he was sure that he does not fall!

I am fully aware that it is possible to rise above others, be smug, judgmental etc. Yet scripture speaks to be imitators of God, have Christ as their model, and to have other believers as an example. It is to me incredible that such. Pastor Jan Hanvold can get any support among believers. What does this mean? I do not understand that so-called serious preachers can support him. Believers people give in to the Vision Norway within one year almost 100 Mill, why and how? Is it because Hanvold live a pure and spiritual life? He lives in open sin, how can one support him and believe that God has support case? There are so selvmotsiggende that even those who are spiritually blind should have known better, right? I've talked to a lot who say they support Hanvold and Vision Norway regularly. They say very often so he does so much good, why they support him. But it is not manipulation? We look Hanvold and Vision Norway know how they can get into their message, the marketer and exposes them. One day it is the poor in Moldova, which are profiled laid out on the screen. Who could turn away without knowing in his heart that they need help? Then there is Israel etc. But what use is it to support a person living in sin, is corrupt and living well on naive and gullible fight people who think they by sending money to Vision Norway is not also support Hanvold thereby supporting than adulterer? It is as if there is the least common denominator? A support Hanvold, then everything else allowed!

God's people have a "clown understanding" of God's word!

1 Tim. 3. 10 Also these should be tried first, and afterward they shall serve in the church, if they are blameless.

There are those who are blameless in the service of the church teaches writing. There are those who "get" it. It's not about being good, better and best. But God will also have ones for themselves. Than can come to God as a loser, but a winner. Here everything is turned on its head, right? In fact, the normal and the word of God teaches, it is the preachers who takes care of his first wife, not wife number two, three or more as to cover the pulpit. But those who live as they preach, not preach one thing and live something completely different! In many ways you could say that Christian Norway, Old-boys series, and not in league with the standard than manifest! Both in life and teachings, preaching and teaching. By publicly accept those living in open sin, and do not take care of those who live and preach the word of God. It is unfortunately a neglected, boycotts line and contempt for those who go all the way with the Lord, and not haying on some points from the word of God. The apostle Paul said he preached the whole counsel of God for salvation!

My desire has always been and is to please the Lord, and He alone!

1 Tim. 3. 15 careful to prepare thyself to God as one approved, a workman who does not have anything to be ashamed of, as you rightly teach the word of truth.

Evangelist Emanuel Minos and other prophesy and supports the false prophets and the apostles at the time, they do it blindfolded? Before Eg. the false apostle January Aage Torp was separated as Minos prophesied over him that he should have a church here in Oslo ala Kensington Temple in London. Torp divorced, and what did he do next? He had such great prophecies of his life by himself Emanuel Minos and others. When Torp got the chance, he showed to everyone what was in his heart. When he married absconds again, with one that is 20 years younger than him. This is so carnal, sickening and disgusting! At Minos set up for him, even when he married again shows me that the whole Christian Norway is more or less corrupt, deceived and misled. Such procedures are the only way to tackle the teacher writing, turning away from them and leave them in the custody of Satan, so if they can find repentance. No support or defend such extreme actions in the light of God's word! I am so glad that I have had from my youth that setting if I will be preaching, I will live then. And if I do not make it, so let me come up with anything other than preaching and teaching. At Torp, Minos, Hanvold and peers do not withdraw from ministry immediately spur testify to a strong delusion of their lives! And those who support these "services" are also brought back the same light and sharing in their delusion! Scripture speaks of, "be careful to prepare thyself to God as one approved, a workman who does not have anything to be ashamed of, as you rightly teach the word of truth." It is this that is the template, nothing less. We as preachers have exams every day, we live in accordance with God's word? Homily we and we learn in accordance with God's word? We should not just live and preach in accordance with God's word, but also be filled with God's Spirit and be led by God. Can not see that Christianity in Norway, as the example. Not unison warns against false teachers in time!

Living and preach like me, as I live and preach as the first apostles!

1 Thess. 2. 10 You are witnesses, and God, how holy and righteous and blameless we behaved ourselves among you that believe.

It is clear that it is possible to live and preach that the first Christians. Now I do not mean we should put a sheet over the blueprint, we must live our lives today based on the time and the conditions we have today. Then we can not forget the words of God, but follow God's word to one and all, and carefully. The Lord has given His commandments for us to follow them carefully, or? Opposition from the world is massive, seductive and we always lead us away from Christ and God's word. Which side do you choose? I and my family have chosen to live and preach the word of God teaches in one and all and as far as we see, not more or less!

Final Comment: It is said that dangerous to get too cocky, but it's just as dangerous, if not more dangerous and dill and dale with sin and heresy! At Emanuel Minos and many others have chosen the road, it makes me even more certain about one thing. Jan Kåre, stick to Christ and God's word and it will take it incredibly well in this and the next life. I heard a talk by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chappel in Los Angeles who told me about when he eventually experienced success in the church. Then there was another Pastor who reproached him and said: "If God can bless Chuck Smith, then he may bless all!". This is a truth, God does not have a special blessing for some of us really. There is so much we all follow Christ, let him win the likeness and entry into our lives. That blessing, restoration and favor of God resting upon our lives. I follow Christ, something I've done for over 30 years. If you follow me, follow Christ. If you follow Emanuel Minos, Jan Aage Torp, Jan Hanvold etc. So follow not Christ - but Satan! The choice is yours, through what I write, reports, and speeches. So you will be informed of the truth, to take a position on that which you unfortunately do not usually hear in most churches. But this is what God would have said in this time. Being so sensitive, close your heart to lie. Open your heart to Christ, the Word of God and what is taught here. And God will bless, lift you up and let you share in the power of the world and blessing that I and my family have been part of it. God is no respecter of anybody, Hallelujah and Amen! Satan does not have a special curse for some he. It's just turning away from Christ and the word of God Evangelist Emanuel Minos and peers have done. And to experience the blessing, it is impossible? No, God bless Chuck Smith, me and many others. So you and he will bless and strengthen you too dear friend. Turn your whole heart - daily - to Christ and His Word. Refrain from all evil, did not take part in it. Follow the light and conviction you have. Chair Above anything else on God's word! Follow those who live and preach the word of God. Turning away from them that it does! Blessings, joy and all the good will and going to fall to your life as it has accrued to my life! It is all about staying close to God, be in God's word, then you will experience, and experience the word of God speaks. The Christian life is not hocus pocus! It is Christ. It is God's word, it is to succeed and walk in the footsteps of those who follow Christ and follow than Christ, then follow than God's word. It is wonderful with prophecies, incentives etc. But is the word of God? Everything revolves around this one, follow Christ and His Word as I follow Christ and God's word. This is cramming, but I want to make this as simple and clear as possible. God has only one blessing - and it's more than big enough! It is Christ. And to the extent we follow him, then blessing, joy and everything good into our lives. Amen!

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