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Nr. 408: It has become dangerous and seductive joining a local church or denomination?

Nr. 408:

It has become dangerous and seductive joining a local church or denomination?

All churches are regarded as sects as there is no preaching the full truth! Therefore, it is strange to see that everyone struggles when confronted with what they learn and do not agree with God's word. Therefore, there is unfortunately no churches, movements or denominations that view themselves as those who convey the full truth. The Pentecostal movement started well, but went on to become a church like all the others. It is the largest Pentecostal church in Norway that is a shadow of what it once was, Filadelfia Oslo. Development here is catastrophic bad, especially when the showman and entertainer Reply Egil Dahl was Pastor there who never have preached the word of God as a preacher to do it! Juggling and entertainment never brings forth the spiritual rennebannen and give the people what they want is to give the stones to bread! In the spiritual realm must provide what they need, not what they want. It has basically never been "in" to give the people what they need in the spiritual realm when man is turned away from God and self-centered!

Want to put up ten points in shorthand form in which I briefly mentioned reasons that make it difficult to adhere to church life in Norway today (this applies throughout the Western world). There are many reasons which I will not go into that here.

1) Wanting to make church members and remains the biggest weakness in the established churches. Here I could have mentioned one thousand examples. There is an undertone of control of parish life in Norway that is unhealthy, cruel and demonic. There are many examples to mention. To name a few of my "Pentecost" past. When I got saved, it was sturent criticizing Aril Edvardsen and the charismatic movement. But gradually it became a "death-sin" if they had released a "white paper" against Edvardsen. I have read the book and the things they tease kristi Edvardsen for had not been any change in him, nor worse. But what happened? in 1990 it became a forsonigsmøte on Hedemark top and from then on was Edvardsen embraced, without any foradring him. Control Spirit was the following: First, contrary Edvardsen, so. The same people controlling it, and then going and one way feel the same as they. I found out pretty quickly that Edvardsen was a false prophet in the true sense, it is difficult did my service in the Pentecostal church with lots of other stuff!

2) Remarriage among preachers and leaders are today a big challenge when they should be a pattern of the flock. If you walk in the Christian context and confronts believers with something that is clearly and obviously the word of God so they add up fast for the hat! I have been hated, persecuted, lied to, slandered, banned, blackened, promised things that were later withdrawn etc. All due. that I have said right from the script that either remarry after divorce or marry a divorced woman is to commit adultery. As for Christians and believers. And I've never named ordinary church members, but preachers and pastors who have re-married as believers or married to someone who is divorced. The names I, who is right and biblical. But what happens? It is the one that points out sin and error are excluded but those that fornicators will frolic freely in the church. It is enough just to mention Pastor and TV entrepreneur January Hanvold who are divorced and re-married for the third time as a believer in his own utsagt has himself to blame for all their breakup. When he sole witness had such bad sex with his first two wives and did not love them, talk about rogue!

3) Church Life in Norway is lukewarm. This in turn makes it very difficult to be fervent in spirit. It is clear that as faithful bear a relationship to one another. And just flock according to a proverb. It was easier to be a faithful burning Christian before in the sense that time was "normal" state to be burning. Today is the "normal" state of being in which a tepid agree a bit here and there. Not too closely, most should be allowed and permitted. But what scripture says is becoming more and more alien! Clearly, under such conditions hampers being fervent in spirit.

Isaiah 5 8 Woe to you who add house to house and field to field, until there is no more rum back, so I will be living alone in the country. Thus the word of God will not accommodate us, but we who must adapt to the word of God.

4) God's Word warns us against listening to "bad" preaching. But urges us to listen to healthy and good teaching. If we hear of good undervinsing and taking it to us, we will be a vessel of honor. We hear of poor teaching, then we will be a vessel unto dishonor.

2. Tim. 2. 20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also vessels of wood and clay, and some to honor and some to dishonor. 21 Holder then some himself pure from these, he will be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master, prepared for every good work.

5) Looking back at church history there has always been buds spring projections for the established churches were not open to new truths. This is many times history repeats itself, unfortunately! But new churches, movements etc. provide opportunities for God and new truths to come forward and be lifted up!

6) Forgiveness! Much of the problems we see coming out of that forgiveness, forbearance and patience is not valued and is expressed!

From my commentaries Colossians Dispenser Letter 3 13 as you hold one with another, and forgiving one another, if one has to blame the other. As the Lord has forgiven you, be ye. When we look at the Lord's Prayer is a prayer addressed to the Father who is in heaven. And as we are forgiven infinitely We have to forgive each other. But the assumption is that they ask for forgiveness. We should forgive but forgiveness is also based on the confession. And specifically what is done and the act is bad and sin. But when we must and should forgive and forget that God has forgiven us of our sins in Christ Jesus.

14 And over all this, clothe yourselves in love, which is the bond that unites and finisher. Love is Christianity's essence and the only thing that will endure forever. Therefore love is also the largest and most important. Dress us in love from head to toe. Love also works on healing ourselves. A man filled with the love of God has the best prospects of success, be healthy and be a servant of God church. Love binds us together as believers in nothing else. It is not only to believe and think alike, but to love and be loved by God and each other. Joh.e.13. 34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another. As I have loved you, that ye love one another. 35 Do you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples. "

7) One does not see it commenced work in the individual. When I look back at how I have been treated, they have treated me like I should be perfect then and there. It is a development that can not see who God has called. Consider the Apostle Peter. The last one would have gone in, was the one that focused on Christ.

From my commentaries Philip Wiper Letter 1 6 And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will complete it - until the day of Jesus Christ. One of the most quoted Bible verse in the Bible, but with great content. God has begun a good work in us to be completed until Jesus Christ today talk about oppbryddets hour (1.Tess.4.13-18). Lord's Day is not Jesus Christ today, it's about the seven-year tribulation, Antichrist Lord speaks today.

7 It is only right that I think this of you all. For I carry you in my heart, and you are all partakers with me of grace, whether I sit as capturing or defending and confirming the gospel. Paul writes about this prisoner. 62 years after Christ. It had been several years since the church had been founded (around 49), but Paul had the same care to the church in the beginning. And they looked at Paul as their spiritual father, even when he was in prison.

8 For God is my witness that I long for you all with Christ Jesus' heart. As believers, we have a commandment to love. Jesus says that whoever has my commandments loves me, but what is the new commandment? Joh.e.13. 34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another. As I have loved you, that ye love one another. We are to love like Jesus, it is to have Jesus Christ's heart.

8) There is too much cronyism and "friendship" that govern church life in Norway. If I know someone who lives pleasing to God, we are all committed to take away from the person regardless of friendships, famieforhold etc. There are many preachers, eldstebrødrer, Priests and a tiletsverv that should have stopped and released others. It had done well and made our way to wealth Inga.

9) One can not stand that there are others who have more of God than themselves. This to enjoy other, that there are others who have a greater light than themselves. It should have one very much humility and much of the Lord to clear. John the Baptist rejoiced in Jesus that he had a greater light and greater service than himself, here he was a role model as opposed to the Pharisees, who envied and allow others to hatred that had greater light than themselves.

Matt. 23. 13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites who close the kingdom of heaven to the people! for although I do not go in there, and those who are about to go in there, allowing you not to enter.

10) church structure and church dogma, statutes, etc. to be and need to be a guideline would very often in turn be an obstacle for God to do something new. We need some kind of structure. But when God does something new, what then? Recommend the book of Lewi Pethrus trytningstider times and victory here as a very good reading

Final Comment: Actually, we all need each other in spiritual warfare. But it is very difficult to achieve when we all are underway and there is so much structure, interests and anything that destroys, putting things in shambles, etc. But above all, let us pray for and with each other. Permitted and accept that we have not even assume full light, we would very much be done! We should all serve God with the gift we have received and to be a blessing and edification of each other.

1. Pet. 4. 10 After that everyone has received a gift, then serve each other with the good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

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