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Nr. 399: Evangelist and founder of Evangelisenteret in Norway Ludvik Karlsen was the man who started big way but that ended halfway, learn also from others' triumphs and mistakes!

Nr. 399: Evangelist and founder of Evangelisenteret in Norway Ludvik Karlsen was the man who started big way but that ended halfway, learn also from others' triumphs and mistakes!

Hebrews. 13. 7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you! heed the end of their journey, and imitate their faith!

Ludvik Karlsen's work lives today through Evangelisenteret and the churches he served, his message of good and evil have meaning today also

From Wikipedia about Louis: Louis Walentin Karlsen (born pine in Ullensaker north of Oslo, December 10, 1935, died in Oslo on 21 March 2004), was of Romani people. Together with his wife Lise Karlsen, he founded in 1983 the Foundation Pentecostal Evangeliesenter, the largest relief efforts for russkadde. He was minister of Evangeline Lies Alen Berea. Ludvig Karlsen was grandfather to Norwegian politician Romanies, Romanies and spokesperson Kai-Samuel Vigardt. Ludvig Karlsen was buried at the state's expense from Trinity Church in Oslo, 26 March 2004.

Ludvik Karlsen began led by Lord

Lisa and Ludvig Karlsen. former drug addicts and felt distress after his conversion to society's marginalized groups. They began in humble circumstances and today there are many centers throughout Norway and thousands have received "a new start in life." Evangeliesenteret started in a garage at their home Karlsen in Tønsberg. Louis needed more space for those who were rescued from abuse and homelessness and was very boldly and in faith to God, he bought the former sheriff of Roa and there opened the first "Evangeliesenteret." Eventually, many boys and girls who received help and care of the family Karlsen. The first "real" center was opened on the 2nd of Roa July 1983. Together with the Board of the Pentecostal church in Roa, Willy Nilsen, went Tore Paulsen, Lisa and Ludvig Karlsen to look at an abandoned tannery. Louis seemed to recognize and properly built had previously been sheriff farm. The price was 550 000 for a rejection of one hundred thousand dollars, because the seller seemed the goal was good. They lacked the money, but was able to borrow the full amount. The center had space for 12 people. In the beginning it was just a center for boys. But it was not long before the first female center opened Elvesus in Finnskogen. Later Bibo center of Tønsberg, for pregnant women. Centre which was suitable for families arrived until several years later. The work was steadily expanded with several treatment centers lacked capital, usually at nyansksffelsene. Although it is so hard out several times, solved it in the end. More and more volunteers took a roof and many got help. But it was also heavier to carry the great work, volunteer gifts. Influx was big during the holidays. It was difficult (especially for the first year) to get support from social welfare, since the work was new and unknown, besides, it was often considered "to be too Christian." In 1988, work some state aid, support has gradually increased in recent years. That same year, Hopen high school started as a new business branch. It was a cabinetmaker line the first few years. Today it is also a cook, and general carpentry line. In 1991, the center bible in northern gate in Oslo. It is now moved to Østerbø and has about 70 student places. In 1993 it bought Evangeliesenteret Österbo, a former HVPU center, at Halden. The purchase price was 13 million. They got loans in the Swedish Samspar with the condition that Ludvig Karlsen had to take a whole day off a week. The same year began Evangeliesenteret their own television broadcasts and Karlsen TV pastor. This contributed to greater awareness about the center. The late 1990s were good years in the center's history, with a total of 39 evangeliesenter throughout Norway. The major effort of the flowing of the community is rewarded with accolades and awards.

Louis did not finish what he started, or as he started, he turned off the message more and more, it became his downfall!

2. Tim. 4. 6 For I am already sacrificed, and the time of my departure is come. 7 I have fought the good fight, finished the race, kept the faith. 8 So when the crown of righteousness is ready for me, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day, but not me alone, but all who have loved his manifestation.

Ludvik Karlsen accept everything at the end of his life

1) Ludvik Karlsen accepted the divorce and remarriage of a low shoe. Those who came to evangelisenteret would like to get married again, not bar once but several times. I know about the items. where Ludvik Karlsen was actually angry when someone pointed out his practice in terms of remarriage. That his daughter who is in management who are divorced and re-married also testify that there is not God's words kept alive.

2) When the false Proft January Hanvold started television channel was also unfortunately Ludvik Karlsen who helped promotterte he whole Christian people in Norway. Throughout this as Ludvik Karlsen was with the then all Christendom Norway especially the Free Church had a very low spiritual and moral standard, when Jan Hanvold morality has become a kind of norm that has become standard among many believers. To abandon his wife and to talk about their intimate life is not much to cheer for.

3) Ludvik Karlsen was unfortunately not so much with his life, even in the økonimiske, unfortunately he went visa card its east, west and did not mind and intellect to understand when to use their own and when to use the company card. When it comes to a servant of the Lord, he must be very careful on the moral and the economic. He had indeed been heavily burdened in his old life, but had also lived as a Christian for 30 years.

4) Unfortunately, Ludvik Karlsen a man with strong personal opinions and did much, but he was also very poor to accept correction, and although he was profiled as we still much to learn. He rejected and did not reprimand. Had he done had probably his life ended so soon. He began with great firmodighet.

5) His valfarting to Sharon Dal which unfortunately Evangelisenteret make today also just like to say one thing though; seduction! Everything from Sharon Dal today and the past 30 years Mr. been humbug!

6) LK could have been ploggspiss in Norwegian Christianity to preach against apostasy, but he went IKK in churches, chapels, TB and everything to gather support for Evangelisenteret. God would support him with funds, he had never had the need to ingratiate himself among people when God calls than to minister to him, and God himself will be forever honored and no other!

Jeremiah 17 5 Thus says the Lord: Cursed is the man who trusts in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. 6 He will be like a helpless man in the desert and not see that it comes something good, but he will stay on heath in the desert, in a salt land that no one lives in. 7 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose trust is the Lord. 8 And he shall be like a tree planted by the water and shoot their roots by the stream, and shall not see when heat cometh, but always have green leaves, and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

Final Comment: Let us learn from the mistakes of others, personally I think that Ludvik Karlsen was gloriously saved and did a feat of starting es, and led many, many people to heaven. But it's a shame to think that he was so lax on the biblical truths at the end of his life. Personally, I have got much good out of Karlsen's speeches. He reminds Samson who served the Lord and judged Israel for 20 years but had a tragic end to his life, but was however saved yet so as through fire. It is therefore important to do as well as they say and also live as they say. Remember that starting is not complete.

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