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Nr. 404: To make room for remarried preachers is the same as opening up for Satan and his demons! Jan Hanvold are divorced and re-married for the third time after he came to the "faith"!

Nr. 404:
To make room for remarried preachers is the same as opening up for Satan and his demons! Jan Hanvold are divorced and re-married for the third time after he came to the "faith"!

Luke 11:23 He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth. 24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. 25 And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. 26 Then it goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there: and the last gets worse with the man than the first.

It is not I who have set the standard and what is the spiritual reality, that is what God's word teaches that I relate to, nothing else. Giving such people as "Pastor" Jan Hanvold and everyone else who is re-married as believers space and opportunities to work among Christians is just the same as giving Satan little finger as he takes the whole hand!

Jan Hanvold are demon possessed

January How would I know? This I can explain in three sections to speak.

1) Those who are close to him are influenced by him. Look at his current "fake" wife who is not his wife Inger Hanvold that has received some stinging eyes lit where the demons out of her. Painful to look at, but the reality is that!

2) God has given me a dream that Hanvold've been really obsessed throughout his life, before he was "saved". He has probably never been inverted in the true sense. He is a Centaur as a spiritual creature. The dream was this: I did see Hanvold as Centaurs where his torso was himself but the body was a horse. In other words, God showed me that Hanvold has almost his entire life has been influenced the of demonic åndmakter something he obviously is today.

Here a Centaur that God showed me that Hanvold was in his inner man. Centaurs are a mixture of horse and man - half horse and half man. The figure comes from Greek myths. This is Hanvold Lord showed me in a dream. Centaurs belongs to a breed that is part horse and part human, it has a human torso and head, which sits on the body of a horse instead of the horse's head and neck. They are known as a wild and uncontrolled race, which is entirely in the power of the animal. Centaurs located in Thessaly, and are the offspring of lapittkongen Ixion and a cloud that Hera had created about so that it resembled her.

3) Hanvold and Vision Norway do not allow the word of God in its complete width where divorce and remarriage are forkynnt word of God teaches. It is for just over cost and the hate. When an example. have submitted questions with answers so they jump smoothly over this topic, why? The demons and the flesh does not like the truth!

I say nothing of myself, but what's with the real spiritual laws, rules and truth

It is eg. a leader and shepherd of a flock pattern.

1 Peter 5:3 not as those who rule over their congregations, but so that I will model for his flock.

As a preacher, pastor and teacher is a pattern of the flock and the church. And all other believers. If one then divorced and re-married to a believer, then all the congregation stand and find a new partner. Why? For the pastor and those who preach to others is a møsnter. Had God allowed such a thing in his church had been chaos and Satan had been the church's head and ruler. Therefore it is so severe that a accept and may allow remarriage among preachers. When will God's people wake up?

This is gjnentagelser of what I've taught before, but gjengiftede witnesses God has never really accepted or allows or will do it. It breaks against his nature, nature and His righteousness!

Allowing gjengiftede preachers and pastors and others who hold an overseer in the church of God will make the external pressures that have always been and are the church of God will eventually take over everything in God's church. The key to keeping the world out of the church are the believers sexuall morality, and not least with regard to remarriage. Then there will be a wave not of God and His Spirit, but from Satan and his Spirit. The choice is ours and the core which way this will go will be the believer's moral, and above all sexuall standards to how we live, not mean and teacher!

Yet it is a sign that become believers and holds a service, and set stricter criteria. It says several places in Paul's teachings that one must be a woman's husband (see Pastoral letters). What? James says in his epistle chapter 3:1: "My brethren! Not many of you should become teachers! For we know that we will get the stricter judgment. " The responsibility is huge to be preaching. There is a big difference between being a regular church member and being a preacher. But that's not to say that one is more loved by God, but it has to be true of the responsibility God has given. I believe that God will forgive any sin all. But there are other things that need to be considered, which preaches possess any special responsibility. Would someone in a profane context allowed a pedophile to work with children? No. Equally clear is the Scripture that we should not allow a re-married preacher should preach to other people with a pastoral and teaching responsibilities. That one is Evangelist such as Frank Mang was after he was divorced, we permissible. But do not be installed as Pastor, pastoral or elder. One should not be the leader of the flock and the herd, but be even under a system of inspection. But when one holds an office as minister, and so a lot is demanded. Therefore James says that not many will be preachers. Why can not a preacher taking liberties only at his own expense, he has a special responsibility upon God and his fellow man. When it comes to marriage, then it is not permissible for a minister to marry again under any circumstances, then disqualifies him for the office he has received. It's like a runner cut off his legs, he is no longer fit to be a sportsman, if he wants to. A minister should be the husband of one wife, we see Paul teaches about time after time. (1 Tim. 3.2 and Titus 1:6). Should anything be unclear here, so I recommend to submit a question to our blog or write something yourself there. This could and should have been a common Christian understanding where not gjengiftede got and could go far and round. There are spirits, demonic such as follows in the footsteps of loose sexual and moral life. Tim. 4. 1. Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. They should stick to seducing spirits, and doctrines stemming from evil. 2 They are deceived by lying hypocrites who are seared in their own conscience. 3 These people refuse to marry and requires that one should stay away from certain types of food, even God has created this for those who believe and know the truth, to receive it with thanks. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is reprehensible when it is received with thanksgiving. 5 It is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. There is no talk of A and B Christians. Marriage is a God-given solution, which also shows the relationship between Christ and the church. Therefore it lies in the nature here, that it be so demanding. God stands behind their word, so it is a model of something even bigger and richer. Our relationship with Jesus and His relationship to us. So be careful with both you marry and you are not staining your life here. If you live in accordance with God's word here, is the best predicted not make you grow as believers. 1. Tess. 4. 1. Finally, brothers, pray and urge you in the Lord Jesus, You have received and learned from us how you ought to live to please God and to live already. But you have to make even greater strides in this! 2 You know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus. 3 For this is the will of God - your sanctification: You should keep away from fornication; 4 everyone should know how to possess his own wife in holiness and honor, 5 not in carnal lust like the Gentiles, and they do not even know God. 6 And no need to make his brother wrongs or deceive him in these things. Lord punishes all such, we have previously said and put you in anger. 7 For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but in holiness. 8 Therefore, he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit. We read that Scripture gives a clear testimony of the priest of the Old Covenant, how he should live, who stood in the same responsibility before God and his fellow man as the preacher man and supervision are in the new covenant. 3. Genesis 9:14 p.m.: "A widow or a divorced woman, or profane, or an harlot - something like that he must not marry. A virgin of his people shall he take to wife. " We read that God gives the same testimony and require the same of the priest during the upcoming 1000 årsriket to serve the people of Jerusalem in Israel, where the law shall go forth from it. Ezekiel 44:22: "A widow or a woman her husband have separated themselves from it, they shall not take to wife, but only virgins of Israel. But they can take a widow who is the widow of a priest. " When Scripture is so clear when it comes to the priest of the Old Covenant and the 1000-årsriket, it is no less clear when it comes to the church dispensation, we are living under the most glorious and greatest privilege of all, "one woman man". As the Scripture says that it is demonic and seductive to refuse a minister and overseer to marry (1 Tim. 4:1), it is coming under the same adverse conditions to accept and allowed the preachers marries again while the spouse lives. It is only by death that it may be appropriate for a director to remarry again, and then with one who is not divorced! Among other Derek Prince was a great Bible teacher married a divorcee, this of course was never God's will. Hopefully he was saved he did against God's will.

Hanukkah brings seven spirits worse than himself, and they get a foothold in Christendom when we may allow gjengifede preachers and remarriage among the faithful for no reason!

This is also cramming in what I have said before, but unfortunately it is imperative to repeat. God hates divorce and remarriage among his children is to commit adultery, and open up aktevitet Satan and the demons get wild. And now let someone who is never re-married as believers have the opportunity to teach others and be a møsnter of the believers!

Peter speaks of pastors and others who teach is a pattern, model or that everyone should "imitate", then what of those who have been divorced and re-married as believers and pastors and teacher of God's word?

To go straight to the point. they open up directly for demonsik seduction and Satan with his life in God MNGIE when they are living in adultery and those who have married someone who is divorced also live in adultery. Scripture speaks of them to be put out of the church if they do not repent.

I'm not judging, just pointing to what God's word says and follow it yourself and expect all other believers to do the same as me and what God's word teaches and says.

Matt. 5. 19 Therefore, whoever breaks one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

And why is this so important? For these "minor" sins opens up for the "greater" sin when sin author and finisher is and remains Satan. Therefore to open up for such demoniacs and adulterers as Jan Hanvold and all others who are re-married as believers is to put the door not only ajar for Satan and his demons. But open it up wide open for him.

Demons have free rein in Jan Hanvold, and all that comes under his "wings" will have the same spiritual powers "transferred". So stay as far as possible away from him and peers.

Demons thrive and live in Hanvold something they have made sure all his life! First, from his childhood in which he had no issues with school but porn magazines. In youth it was material, and in his adult life has been "Jesus" and to deceive the faithful with sex. He has revealed that he is posessed several times. Among other then he said that he had good sex with his first two wives, but now with his third which is not his wife, Inger with stinging eyes when she is innfiltrert of spirits. How to know as sure as I said this? Hanvold have no control of their own lives head when it comes to sex, morality and frugality are Christian virtues, ergo he is no true Christian but a false prophet. A wolf in sheep's clothing although Minos, Ostby, Berntsen, Lise Karlsen, Jornstrand and many others with a littered and dull intellectual life set up with him!

How can one know that Hanvold and peers are demon possessed?

It's not hard really, it's just to learn Jesus and the word of God to know and act on it. So when a conflict or the other to do so quickly brands than the spirit they are of, and are in possession of. Those who marry as believers again is not God's errand but the Ondes errands can be sure. And it will be twice as bad when they will up and up!

Like a dam bursting

We know and have seen both the film and the news that a demmning burst it happens little by little. So give it for, and it comes as a flood. That's what we have to wait on God church where one opens up for a bit of sin and the world. Finally, not God's church salt and light, but darkness, death and decay!

The complaints 1 1. How deserted lies the city, people! She is become as a widow was great among the nations, first in the country has become a slave! 2 Bitterly she weeps at night, and her tears are on her cheeks: she has no comforter among all her lovers, all her friends have dealt treacherously with her, they are become her enemies. 3 Judah has gone into exile After affliction and harsh labor, She dwells among the nations, she finds no resting, all of its persecutors have obtained it in tight places. 4 The roads to Zion mourn, because none come to the party, all the gates are desolate, her priests groan, her maidens grieve, and she is in bitter anguish. 5 Her foes have become her masters, her enemies are safe, for the LORD has brought her grief because of her many transgressions, Her children have enemy captive. 6 From the daughter of Zion all her glory faded, and her princes are like deer that find no pasture, and they went without power for the stalker's presence. 7 In her affliction and wandering time Jerusalem remembers all the treasures that she had from the days of old, when her people fell into enemy hands, there was no help had enemies looked at her and laughed at her destruction. 8 Jerusalem has sinned greatly and so has become unclean; All who honored her despise her, for they have seen her nakedness, she sighed and turned away. 9 Her filthiness clung to her skirts, she was not thinking about what it would take to her, when she sank in strange ways, no consoling her. Lord, behold my misery! The enemy has triumphed. 10 enemy laid hands on all her treasures, for she saw pagan nations enter her sanctuary, those you had forbidden to enter your assembly. 11 All her people and search by sugar bread they give their precious things away for food to keep themselves alive. See, Lord, look where I am despised! 12 Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look around and see if there is any suffering like my suffering that was inflicted on me, which the Lord has troubled me with his fierce anger today! 13 From on high he sent fire into my bones and let it rule: he spread a net for my feet and turned me back, he made me desolate, faint all the day. 14 My transgression is tied together by his hand to a yoke; interlaced they laid on my neck and the Lord has sapped my strength. The Lord has given me into the hands of them that I can not resist. 15 And the LORD rejected all the warriors with me, he summoned an army against me to crush my young men: the LORD came winepress for the virgin daughter of Judah. 16 Over this I cry, my eyes, my eyes overflow with tears too far from me is the comforter that customer husvale my soul, my children are destitute because the enemy has prevailed. 17 Zion stretches out her hands, it has no comforter; Lord has called together against Jacob his enemies round about; Jerusalem has become an unclean thing among them. 18 The LORD is righteous, yet I rebelled against his command. Listen, all people, and behold my sorrow! My virgins and my young men are gone into captivity. 19 I called for my lovers, they betrayed me. My priests and mine elders gave up the spirit of the city as they sought after food to keep themselves alive. 20 See, Lord, I am in trouble! The brewing in my mind, my heart turns himself in my breast, for I have been most rebellious beyond the sword bereaves, inside, there is death. 21 They have heard that I sigh, there was no one to comfort me: all mine enemies have heard of my misfortune, they rejoice at what you have done so. But you bring the day you have announced, and they shall become like me. 22 Let all their wickedness come before you, and do to them as you have done unto me for all my transgressions! For my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

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