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Nr. 400: It's not just the Holy Spirit and fire that keeps me alive, but the word of God and those who have God's revelations!

Nr. 400: It's not just the Holy Spirit and fire that keeps me alive, but the word of God and those who have God's revelations!

There is no one who has meant so much to me as a believer and my service as Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart about him today is not the one that I always hear the most, but I love his music and his teaching do I still very highly, highly recommend it hot!

Nothing is like the word of God and personal bean instance with the living God in private!

Matt. 6. 5 And when ye pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites, for they want to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, to show himself to the people, verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 6 But you, when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

God's Word transforms, edify, cheering and restored and us!

When I look at many other believers I will be amazed, frustrated and overwhelmed! Why? As I see it, God's word is not to guide them in life and learning. It is very often that a building's life, service and everything on sand and not on rock because, in his life as a believer. Therefore also end their lives in failure, frustration and dropout when problems and difficulties come. And the dropout rate is really no waiver when many of the so-called renegades never had life in God.

10 "secrets" that I have Victory in my life today!

1 Cor. 10. 12 Therefore, whoever thinks he left, he was sure that he does not fall!

I know and God's word warns us against not to be haughty. But on the other hand, we must be courageous - not brazen. And I am so bold to say that the Apostle Paul was:

1. Cor. 11. 1. Be my imitators, as I follow after Christ!

These are powerful words, but to me they allikevelle true. Follow me in life and learning and it will go well when I follow Christ. Want to come here with 10 different "sources" that I have had and that my life will bear fruit, fruit that will last. And there are no secrets or fix fakteri this question. But clear and concrete roads and trails for all believers. It worked and works for me, and I am convinced it will also do for you dear friend!

1) Longing for the Lord and the word of God to me is vitigste and greatest. Mouth Word of God is and remains invaluable. I can say that I love the word of God just as much if not more today than when I was newly saved. Can sit for hours without having to find it boring to forfype and read God's word and pray for me. This is a great privilege for all who have it so. Glory be to God and the Lamb from now and forevermore!

Acts 6. 4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

Greater service than this there is not.

2) God has always led me to good and edifying Christian literature and books.

Here I can mention many excellent and comprehensive books that have influenced me. And having a good book in your hand is to get something from God in the spirit. We have several good books available on our website that I can highly recommended. Would also like to advices Personalities to Lewi Pethrus for those who have a calling to serve God as a minister. They will put you on track what is required and expected of you in order to serve the living God. Here he refers to include how important it is to be married and have a working spouse as a basis for a true and genuine in service to the living God. And God has not changed!

3) On our website is a lot of good and uplifting. Personally, when I take my time although I find a lot that is incredibly great edification. recommend it also to do the same. Here you will find commentaries and Bible list of all the books in the Bible. Amazingly many stories and much more. Would that the next six points to set up six different links and ways in which one can be inspired by the links we've lost the books and links.

4) When God revealed to me that Trinity is an unbiblical doctrine called Christian I have also seen that there are several others who share my view. We have lost both links and books on this subject. Here is a book we have on our website that I recommend:


5) There is a book on the Trinity, which has given me so much if I do not agree 100% on everything in this book. But most of it is very good and right on the basis of Scripture

6) Systematic Bible teaching that we Smyrna Oslo also emphasizes some do barely better than Pastor Chuck Smith


7) There is no brother Jimmy. It is wonderful worship and wonderful lessons:


8) There was a website that I was not aware of that took up the subject of divorce and remarriage so well and thoroughly before Pastor Jan Aage Torp attack me for standing in ledertog with these. Among other things, it Arnhild Gjendem who runs this site I would recommend:


9) It is Dakes Bible Study Bible that I read when I studeer word of God most of all by the side of God's word, would recommend it to all others who study God's word. I do not agree here at all, but there is no book that is more helhettelig and in-depth throughout God's word that I know of. Read yourself and acquire this study bible is recommended:


10) It is quite possible to use neat in the right way. There is so much good out there. Remember that what you see here on our website, you had probably never read without nette had existed when I had and have boycotted throughout Christendom he-he! So download and get the use of what we provide and account for, all glory to God the Father as the only true God from everlasting to everlasting! Here on our website from some blogs, links and books that we have made available:

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