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No. 1514: Jan Aage Torp has throughout his lies and fictitious review of me and the Heavenly Blog spread the message that remarriage is against the teachings of God and Jesus which had been barely possible without these false accusations from Torp!

No. 1514:
Jan Aage Torp has throughout his lies and fictitious review of me and the Heavenly Blog spread the message that remarriage is against the teachings of God and Jesus which had been barely possible without these false accusations from Torp!

Pastor og apostel Jan Aage Torp, Oslo, Norway!

 Room. 11. 33 O deep of riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments are and how untimely his ways are! 34 For who knew the mind of the Lord? or who was his counselor? 35 Or who gave him anything first, that he might receive remuneration? 36 For of him and of him and of him are all things; him be the honor forever! Amen.

It is not very pleasant to be lied to and get a judgment against them.
Especially when it is 120% unfair and many fabricated.

But can something good come out of this? This is what it has done now, when I travel or meet people almost criss-crossing here in Norway, so many people know this case.
What they have bitten the most on, which pleases me. It is that Jan Aage Torp is divorced and re-married as a "Pastor" and "preaching!"
This is horror, most of them have been involved, all because of that Torp took charge of me and wished me the cage for 2 years, should probably have Million amount first but stranded down to 50,000, - kr.
Torp lied in court that he had "found" that I had written about him and his wife numbers that were only fictional as the court's basis for the judgment against me and the heavenly blog. But all this turns God to the best for him, as through this lie, the message actually comes out through wild newspapers, media and other things all over Norway. Yes, actually Jan Aage Torp has become a "hit" all over the world through this!

Over to the verdict that Searchlight writes about. There is a lot to be said here, but this writes Searchlight:


One who has responded strongly to the fact that a central player in the government is now pursuing political activism against a medium that has a different view of reality than what the Left politician has is Vebjørn Selbekk in the newspaper Dagen. "- It may not be possible for a Secretary of State to think about where advertisers should advertise or not to advertise. This was very disappointing by Rotevatn, he wrote on Twitter. One who went in the throat at Selbekk because with this he gave support to Resett and the right to freedom of expression, was lawyer Brynjar Meling who went hard against Vebjørn Selbekk's defense of Resett:

Defense lawyer Brynjar Meling was Christensen's defender in the Borgarting Court of Appeal and lost because the most important battle spun in the district court.

"You cannot possibly be an editor of the Christian newspaper Day to run a murky, xenophobic site like Resett, his errand," writes the lawyer who was, among other things, a defense for blogger Jan Kåre Christensen in the so-called "horebukk case". As is known, blogger Jan Kåre Christensen was sentenced to NOK 12,000 after mentioning Pastor Jan Aage Torp as a horeback and psychopath on the heavenly blog. The celebrity lawyer Brynjar Meling is best known as a defender of the terrified Mulla Krekar. Meling was also the defender of blogger Jan Kåre Christensen when Christensen's freedom of speech was set against Pastor Jan Aage Torp's right to privacy. Although the day editor Selbekk stated that blogger Christensen's statement about Pastor Torp was unpalatable, Selbekk nevertheless wrote this: "Despite the prospect of more Christian mud breaking, we hope that this case will be appealed and end up in the Court of Appeal. We agree with Christensen's defender Brynjar Meling that this is a very important matter in principle. We believe that we will be quite clear about the following: Christensen's writings online are far from any decency and far beyond any Christianity. This is not how one should mention his next one. And that type of language definitely does not belong to home pastor colleagues.

Even editor Vebjørn Selbekk in the Day might have been a far more suitable lawyer for blogger Christensen

But that is not to say that Christensen's blogging should be punishable. Judging utterances as criminals is in itself a very serious matter. And especially when it comes to religious utterances, as it is after all in Christensen's case, ”wrote Selbekk who also confirmed in an email to Christensen.
(quote end.)

I am very happy that Vebjørn Selbekk and probably overwhelmed with others, and that they have made the case known that Jan Aage Torp is divorced and upbeat. This is directly contrary to the words of the Scriptures and disqualifies him as a Prophet's proclaimer.

Here facsimile of one of several private mailers from Vebjørn Selbekk where he obviously supports me and does not support Jan Aage Torp who lives in adultery according to the words of the script.

In fact, it is me and my family who have been called above someone else, you read about it on the blog Justismord, see here:


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