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No. 1505: You must not tolerate so sincerely the injustice that does not affect yourself!

No. 1505:
You must not tolerate so sincerely the injustice that does not affect yourself!

After we got the promise of PBE here in Oslo to build masonry, afterwards they dispute it all and win out with their madness left over. So, I think, then, Norway is many times worse than a dictatorship like North Korea. There everyone gets "no", not like here in Norway where everyone gets yes, except us.
That no more reacts to the fact that, like here in Oslo, PBE is allowed to ravage, rally and make decisions as it suits them. On properties belonging to private individuals, and all that injustice just what we have experienced. That no one responds, tells of a society where many in love, commitment and care for others than themselves are about to be gone. It's like Jesus said it about the time we live today.

Matt. 24. 12 And because injustice prevails, most people should be cold.

Picture of Jesus who said that injustice is taking over, as a sign that we are living in the time when he will return to establish his kingdom of peace. Then, not before will there be perfect justice, love and truth.


Arnulf Øverland has written this. Øverland was very critical of Nazism. In 1936 he wrote the poem You must not sleep that ends with: "I thought: Now it is something that happens. Our time is over - Europe is burning ”. The most famous phrase of the poem is "You must not tolerate so sincerely the injustice that does not affect yourself!"

The Red Front (1937), You must not sleep.

You must not sit safely in your home
and say, It is sad, poor ones!
You must not tolerate such a sincere well
the injustice that does not hit yourself!
I shout with the last breath of my voice:
You are not allowed to go there and forget!
(Finally quote).

Like us here, which is now facing the public authorities, has been subjected to a witch hunt of dimensions. Where injustice does not know any boundaries when the neighbor is allowed to exploit his plot with regard to the utilization rate 57 times more than us. And that another neighbor has recently erected a 4 - 5 meter high wall, while spring that is at the maximum of 185 cm must be demolished is the order of the entire public agency. Although both his and ours are facing the roadway, this is as bad as possible as it may remain.

Includes a question and answer I received on the Heavenly Blog that explains quite a lot:

Anonymous you write the following:

1.) A judge does not become a liar because he chooses to believe the municipality's declaration rather than yours.
In the judgment, the judge tries to show why they came to their verdict in the case, and it is natural that they cannot emphasize what you render of a phone call you cannot prove that you have had. It is quite unthinkable that a municipal employee has joined the colossus of an ugly wall you have listed here in the area.

2.) The wall contradicts all the rules and regulations that exist and I cannot possibly believe that this Kaja Lange has given you permission to build something that is three times higher than the regulations allow.

3.) Possibly you are lying about this Jan Kåre

Answer questions

1.) There was only one explanation for this case. When he claims I have misunderstood her explanation and submits his own explanation. And totally ignores my explanation, not only does he lie. But he goes even further, as he both sums in something that has never been said between us. And presents an explanation that is completely beyond. Well, we were allowed to build a wall on the old wall that was 1.5 - 2 meters high with fence on top of it. Her reasoning was that then we did not come higher than the neighbor's. Which has a wall of over 2 meters with fence of 1 meter.

2.) You have to remember that there is never applied for wall here in Stormyrveien. Blue. na-stay a little further down the street has a wall of 4 - 5 meters with fence on top. Built up just as we assume. That our wall should be so high, and ugly. It falls for its own unfairness. Our wall is exquisite, pretty and functional.

3.) Only Judge Judge Edvard Os and everyone else who both lies and dictates stories that I have not said what I have said. And that our then supervisor Kaja Aubert Lange has not given us the commitment to build a wall. I can render the phone calls, which she does not dispute. But lying with saying she doesn't remember them. It is only to come look out of it all that she says it.

See the article here: <a href="http://blog.janchristensen.net/2019/02/nr-2408-hyt-utdannende-kaja-lange.html"> http://blog.janchristensen.net/2019/ 02 / nr-2408-aloud-educational-kaja-lange.html details

I've been in far worse fights with the public apparatus than this. When they tried to manipulate and lie to us that we were bad parents etc. we got accustomed to, at all times then, and were allowed to keep our children facing the Child Welfare Center at Karmøy who was ruthless and dangerous. Such battles are infinitely greater than this struggle, which after all is just about a simple stall, a staircase and a wall.

It is sad that so few care, as Øverland writes:

"Do not tolerate so sincerely the injustice that does not affect yourself!"

What is so bad about our case is so many things. Not least we have r been guided to build a wall. All that we have built is just fine, not for the sake of anyone or anything at all. While others build walls that are 4-5 meters high and get approval. Others again put up everything they want on the property with carports, utility stalls and everything else. So they actually utilize the plot 57 times more than us. The list goes a long way in producing other so-called illegal cases sent to the Oslo municipality and Oslo District Court that we lost.
There are well over 50 different other cases we have sent that show that the whole case is against stinks. Since injustice to others is enormous.

Final Comment:

We have been in contact with various editors, be they newspapers and others. Brennpunkt wrote, among other things. this:

Thank you for further emails on the occasion, but we will not prioritize your tip - and if there is any consolation you are in good company with many others who have serious examples of case processing and other injustice in our society. Unfortunately, we must prioritize hard
since we only have to focus on 10 cases per year. And there is a high threshold on what an hour's TV documentary and web trigg should contain. So it was in the best sense to suggest to you to contact writing journalists in the press or others who publish regularly. good luck.

Mvh the focal point reduction w / Wik
(end of quote).

Yes, it is unfortunately almost free to the public agency to do what they want it to look like. It's like Arnulf Øverland described it over 80 years ago.

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