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No. 1513: Kjell Andersen and Search Light blame me for having chosen Brynjar Meling as a lawyer, but this case with the adulterer and narreapostel Jan Aage Torp has become a huge winner for me with now spreading the message out!

No. 1513:
Kjell Andersen and Search Light blame me for having chosen Brynjar Meling as a lawyer, but this case with the adulterer and narreapostel Jan Aage Torp has become a huge winner for me with now spreading the message out!

In reality, the trial between me and Jan Aage Torp was a big, big word of justice when I was convicted of something that the court never discussed and who was not in the charge. "Multitasking" of something that is legal but not if one repeats it "too many times!"

In retrospect, through this we have got the message out of Christian marriage all over Norway, indeed, the whole world through our English blog!

In reality, the only thing Jan Aage Torp has accomplished is notifying me to the police and lying in court about my writings that he has become world renowned for being divorced - upbeat as "apostle" and "pastor". Talk about digging a grave for others and even falling into it, that's exactly what Torp has done.

Psalm 57. 7 They laid out a net for my feet,
          they pushed me down.
          They dug a pit for me,
          but they themselves fell into the grave.

Here's an article I wrote some time ago, just as current today, if not more.


No. 1654: 
Judas, the traitor, and Jan Aage Torp are of the same Spirit, as they both deliver righteous people to wicked people!
 Picture of a rock around Jerusalem as Judas hit when he hung up and the branch snapped. Judas struck Judas, and will hit anyone else who handles his Christian brothers to worldly authorities.Never believe that one will escape, as God is the same in both the GT and the NT.He has not changed, do not think so by all.Heb. 12. 29 For our God is a devouring fire.

Joh.e. 8. 39 They answered him, Our father is Abraham! Jesus says to them, "Are you Abraham's children, then did you do the works of Abraham; 40 But now you stand after life, a man who has told you the truth, as I have heard of God; It did not Abraham. 41 You do your father's works. They said to him: We have not been born in adultery, we have one father, God. 42 Jesus said to them, "If God are your father, you love me; for I am come from God and come from him; because I have not come by myself, but he has sent me. 43 Why do not you understand my speech? Because you can not hear my word. 44 You have the devil of father, and you will make your father's lusts; He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth; for truth is not in him. When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and liar's father. 45 But I do not believe you, because I tell you the truth.We know that Jesus was 100% innocent judged when it was considered to be the "best", otherwise one could expect bloodshed, rebellion and the power of the Romans was put to the test. Then it was easiest to get a "kangaroo judgment" against Jesus!That's how it's with me too, it's obviously seen to be the "easiest" for democracy in Norway, no one should attack! What is generally seen to be right!It was bad to give me a lawyer, as the court has not been concerned about!Jesus says, "When he speaks falsehood, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and liar's father."The whole thing against me is based on lies, lies and again lies. Then you can know with great certainty who is behind me and the heavenly blog!Jan Aage Torp has done the same as Judas, "delivering" me to Gentiles. This is directly against God's Word, as God's word clearly states to brethren is a loss and against God's word.1 Cor. 6. 1. Does any of you warn when he has a case against his neighbor, seeking them from the unrighteous and not of the saints? 2 Or do you not know that the Saints should judge the world? and if the world is judged by you, are you unworthy to judge in the least things? 3 Do not you know that we are going to judge angels? how much more then in timely things! 4 When you have things about temporal things, then you put them to judges who are unaware of anything in the congregation! 5 To shame on you I say so. So there is not a certain man among you, not one who can distinguish thirteen from his brother? 6 But brother leads cause to brother, and for the court of lawyer! 7 It is already a loss for you to have things against each other. Why do not you suffer injustice? why do you not harm either? 8 But you do wrong and harm, and against brethren! 9 Or do you not know that those who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God? Dad does not want to! Neither wizards nor idolaters, nor marriages, nor lovers, nor those who sins against nature, 10 or thieves, or oaths, or drinkers, or backbreakers, or robbers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
Luke 22. 3 But Satan entered Judas with the nickname Iscariot, who was one of the twelve,47 While he was still speaking, behold, a flock came, and he called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and came near to Jesus to kiss him. 48 But Jesus said to him, Judas! Do you betray the Son of man with a kiss?Satan entered Judas when he delivered Jesus to his adversaries who lived after his life.There was a clear violation of the word of God to deliver and deliver the Son of God, Satan enters him when he broke the word of God.Scripture clearly states that seeking support from worldly authorities to "win" over brothers is directly against God's word, and those who do this should not inherit the kingdom of God!What a powerful judgment that awaits Jan Aage Torp. He is a wizard, exploits sick people as he gets millions of. He carries out misleading, deceptive prophecies. And he surrenders his so-called Christian brothers to wicked and worldly authorities as the scriptures say if some brothers do something against us as we experience unfairness. Then we will also suffer injustice and let the judgment belong to God.As well, it will be broached and debated, so we will first get in touch with him. Afterwards bring a brother and do not help it, so take it to the church. Never to worldly authorities since they did not do that task. If we do, then we bring our lives to God's judgment and shall not inherit the kingdom of God!What does Torp do? Just like Bileam, Beor's son, he makes his own way and he wants them.Judas got a worst possible judgment, as I'm pretty sure that Torp also goes against if he does not repent s
eg. We read about Judas who understand that Jesus has been judged, he is guilty of guilty and bad conscience. But instead of turning to God and showing true wisdom, he goes to give back the 30 silver coins. Judas says to the chief priests, "I sinned when I betrayed an innocent man." But they respond heartlessly: "What is it to do with us? It's your problem! "- Matthew 27: 4.Judas throws the 30 silver coins into the temple, making it even worse by trying to commit suicide. When Judas tries to hang, probably the branch he has tied the rope in. He falls down on the rocks below, and his body is cracking. - The Acts of the Apostles 1:17, 18. Final Comments: The entire lawsuit against me has been a great parody of some judgments as it was with Jesus as the result has been clear in advance. Of course, what Jesus went through and what I have gone through can not be compared when he was crucified and killed. But just as Judas delivered and betrayed Jesus, Jan Aage Torp has handed me to wicked and worldly authorities who have not obviously had good mind but evil. When I have been convicted of something that was not in the trial, I was debated in court. In other words, the justism of the day. Ends with what my lawyer Brynjar Meling wrote to the Norwegian Supreme Court where he pointed out that what I'm convicted of has not been dealt with in court, in other words, the lawsuit against me has been a dad and decided in advance. Dissertation errors, provocation and retribution As shown at the bottom of page 4 and at the top of page 5 of the judgment of the Court of Appeal, the defendant argued in his defense that his oppositions should be subject to punishment or be judged mildly by the principle of provocation and retribution. The Court of Appeal has - despite this The statement - at all, did not go into the extent to which abusive and contradictory opposition by the appellant's verbal assault has been or what characteristics of the convicted person had to withstand in return for his verbal assault against Pastor Torp. As meaningful assessment of possible impunity or reduced punishment due to . provocation and retribution in relation to reciprocal verbal attacks presupposes both a quantitative and qualitative comparison of the arguments put forward on both sides, it is stated that the grounds of appeal of the Court of Appeal are insufficient. The Court of First Instance has - see first full section on page 8 of the judgment - limited in the current context to find out that Torp's counterattack against Christensen has helped escalate and prolong the conflict between convicted and insulted. This is not sufficient to be able to determine the significance of the "balance of payments", either for the sake of guilt or punishment. The inadequacy mentioned by the Court of Appeal's premises is further related to Strl. (1902) § 250 is not mentioned at all in the court's premises, which in itself is also an additional inadequacy given the questions relating to the law of the court of law, see below. (Quote end). My excellent and very good lawyer Brynjar Meling In this case, the Court of Auditors has stated, in spite of this statement, that no matter how widely the abusive and the perpetrators have responded to the verbal attack by the appellant, or what characteristics of the convicted person had to withstand as a reprisal for their verbal attacks against Pastor Torp. "It is very strong word by my lawyer that the court, both the verdict of Oslo Tingrett and Borgarting Court of Appeal, have condemned me for matters that have not been debated! Then we are facing an justice word. And will remind you of" injustice somewhere , is a threat to justice everywhere. "Then I have been convicted of something that the court has not dealt with. When the Norwegian Supreme Court rejected the appeal. Here is the appeal to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court which contains most of the relevant information: 

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