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No. 1506: Justice law takes place in the Norwegian justice system more than ever, I am convinced, and that the judiciary is more arrogant, but they are never held accountable for what they do, then it must go as it goes!

No. 1506:
Justice law takes place in the Norwegian justice system more than ever, I am convinced, and that the judiciary is more arrogant, but they are never held accountable for what they do, then it must go as it goes!

Picture of private investigator Tore Sandberg. Everyone who has been subjected to justice and poor treatment in the judiciary needs a "Tore Sandberg". Fighting alone against this system is very heavy and difficult. Getting it on your own is almost impossible. One needs others who are fighting and fighting, or I think one can never win. Therefore standing alone alone is almost hopeless, here we all need each other who have been subjected to a justice word and others who want to fight the fight.

Of the "little" I have experienced, I still think it is significant.
Not least through now three trials that I have experienced even on "the body", which makes me know what I'm writing about is real or not.

Three court cases that one of them has ended up in the Borgarting Court of Appeal.
The last trial was rejected, so I can say that I have actually been through four legal rounds when my other was rejected by the Norwegian Supreme Court, so that I also write out of experience, not just something I have read myself to!

Once, I thought a judgment was fair, never today!

Now I'm not going to lay the template for what we've gone through as the "norm," it had been bad.
What we have gone through is much more "ordinary" and happens to what most people are aware of and believe. A "justice word" is too much, we have been subjected to 3 meaningless cases and 2 "justice words".

Let me briefly mention the last two trials I have been through which are clearly two Justice Words, and I would also like to mention some others who only say that Norway is not a country where "Justice Law" does not occur.

1.) The first trial began with Jan Aage Torp deceiving the police with a false report where he hated my preaching of remarriage, when he himself was and is re-married. He wanted money and me in jail, when his hatred towards me and the heavenly blog was and is deep and intense.
In the court proceedings, I was convicted of something that was never taken up, to write "too much". I was not sentenced for what I had written, even though I was charged. But written "too much", which I was neither charged nor debated in court. This is probably the biggest justice word that has happened in this world? I don't know about anything bigger, except Jesus' cross.

2.) In the trial against PBE here in Oslo, the County Assembly and the Government Attorney are the last word of justice. I was allowed to build on the old wall of PBE here in Oslo, and that the neighbor has built walls that are the same height as ours, which is slightly less than 2 meters. While other neighbors have both 4 and 5 meter high walls built after 2006 when the so-called house plan began. And when it comes to the utilization of our booth, the neighbor built the road just as well, and exploited the plot 57 times more than us. Even if there is a principle of equality here in Norway, this is such a great injustice that it bursts all boundaries. That we lost this case is just one thing to say, a big word of justice, nothing else.

Would you also like to mention a few other justice words here in Norway, which say that the rule of law in Norway is far too good and fair many times.

1.) I know relatively well the so-called Birgitte Tengs case. Where her cousin was manipulated and cheated in the worst possible way by a police officer to come up with a false confession. As they used for everything it was worth to him both in court and later even though he drew it. Fortunately, he was acquitted in the Court of Appeal if he was convicted in the District Court. That he had to pay her parents money is a blemish and totally incomprehensible. This was one of many justice words here in Norway.

2.) In Kristiansand was Viggo Kristiansen exposed to justice?

Viggo Kristiansen is convicted of indictments as accomplices in killing the girls in the Baneheia case. He has been serving many years in prison, but always claiming his innocence. Has he been the victim of justice? One of the core values ​​of democracy is legal certainty. In my opinion, it should not be possible to judge people who claim their innocence on the basis of evidence. When people can be judged on the basis of evidence, justice words can be more easily committed. But the authorities do not want to resume the case. Why not? Can the reason be that Viggo Kristiansen is innocently convicted? Can we face one of Norway's worst justice words?
That he is only convinced that Jan Helge Andersen would get milder punishment by witnessing against Wiggo Kristiansen does it all look like? There is no other's DNA found at the homicide than Jan Helge Andersen, that he was convicted when was in his place. But the fact that Wiggo Kristiansen is doomed is probably a justice word for here in Norway.

3.) From Wikipedia regarding the law of justice in the mentally developing home Åge Vidar Fjell.

In September 1990, Åge Vidar Fjell (born March 16, 1951) was innocently sentenced to 7 years in prison and 10 years in order to "hide another crime or evade the penalty for a such as having caused another's death ", that is, Olav Martinius Fjell in Kilebygda, Skien municipality, in February of the same year. In addition, Fjell was convicted of having gone back to the scene the day after the death, before it was discovered, and stolen the deceased's wallet with NOK 1 100. According to Fjell's lawyer, he gave five different explanations after he was arrested.
In 2001, private investigator Tore Sandberg began investigations into the case. Sandberg and Jonny Sveen describe the verdict as a legal word. Mountain has for many years claimed its innocence.

Åge Vidar Fjell has completed the verdict, and now lives in housing with supervision.

In April 2008, lawyers Jonny Sveen, Ole Martin Meland and private investigator Tore Sandberg requested the 18-year-old murder case from Kilebygda in Skien reopened.

On October 23, 2008, the Criminal Procedure Commission decided to re-open the case, stating that it could be a legal murder. In August 2009, the Public Prosecutor decided to recommend that Åge Vidar Fjell was mentally retarded at the time of the murder, and thus was not criminal lawful.
The Attorney General recommended that Fjell be acquitted without a new main hearing. Mountain is thus in favor of having never been convicted in 1990.
(quote end.)

One does not know if one should cry or laugh when one reads such. Seems what it says on Wikipedia speaks strongly enough for itself.

4.) There are many, many issues that I will characterize as Justice Words where others have changed the explanation.
See here for an example:

Father acquitted in gross family violence: - This is a legal word of justice

In police interrogation and two court cases, the mother and her three children described a terrorist regime over several years - enforced by the father. Now the man is acquitted of physical and mental violence after the children changed their explanation.

In two courts, the three children were on the mother's side in a family violence case against the father. A few months after the father was convicted in the Court of Appeal in May 2017, the children contacted the police and asked for new questioning.

In a recent verdict from the Court of Appeal, the man is acquitted of two of three accusations, which go on rape and mistreatment of the wife and mistreatment of the children.

- It is an incredible relief for him after so many years of struggle. The whole thing is a tragedy, not just for him but for the whole family. The fact is that this is a word of justice, says the man's lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus to VG.

In the summer of 2015, the family father was arrested and charged with family violence for over 20 years. He denied punishment, but the police relied on the explanations of the wife and the couple's three common children.

Was released from prison

In August 2017, the three teenagers were questioned again.

"We wanted to tell the truth now," said the three children when they came to a police station in Eastern Norway in the summer of 2017.

- Had been exposed to threats

However, the man was sentenced to a year and six months in prison for having escaped the children for three years from the mother's care by keeping them in Iraq. Even this man has denied. This sentence has already been punished by enduring custody.

"The fact is that he has been convicted of having escaped the children for over three years from his mother's care in Iraq," said public prosecutor Andreas Schei to VG.

He does not want to comment on Nils Christian Nordhus statement that this is a legal word. The public prosecutor says that he was the one who drew the charge one and two after the children changed their explanations.

- There have been some conflicts within the family. We have tried to investigate why the daughters changed their explanation, says Schei.

Changed back and forth

The public prosecutor says that one of the three daughters once again changed the explanation.

- She said in the spring of 2018 that they had been exposed to threats, and that is why they should withdraw their explanations. The other two refused. She then changed the explanation back to the same as the sisters, says Andreas Schei.

Nils Christian Nordhus says that these accusations were investigated and assessed by the prosecuting authority.

- The conclusion was that there was no team in the charge, he says.

Will give lectures

Lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus says that the man today has declared an appeal to the Supreme Court regarding the court's decision on punishment.

- We believe the punishment that has been fixed anyway is too strict. We also hope that this is a matter that professional players should sit down with and analyze, ”says Nordhus.

He further tells that his client has expressed a desire to attend seminars and give lectures for Norwegian judges, to tell his story and avoid that something similar happens again.

Judged in the district court

In October 2016, the father of three children in their 40s were sentenced to seven years' imprisonment in a district court in Eastern Norway for having raped his wife for several years, family violence and evasion of care. He was also sentenced to pay over NOK 800,000 in redress to his wife and the couple's three children.

In the interrogation of the children prior to the main hearing in the district court, they described violence against the mother and several violent incidents against them, according to do streaming:

    Strokes and kicks against the body.
    Knife to the neck.
    Marking of the leg with warm-hot knife.
    Death threats

In the Court of Appeal's first round, his father was sentenced to eight years in prison - but then under dissent. The majority then ignored the fact that the mother would have managed to influence the daughters to explain about fictitious events.
(quote end.)

I could have found several cases of the same kind and also certainly far worse. But this one I take here where we see that the whole judgment is based solely on one thing. A false explanation, and when it is pulled or changed, the entire sentence falls together as a "house of cards!"

This is on such a low target that it shows that legal certainty in Norway is at a low level in too many cases. It's like going to bingo in Norwegian law, the outcome is not settled by evidence and other things. The accused is not believed or the doubt comes to the accused of good, it is about doing a "scapegoat" and getting him convicted, so the case is over!

It should not be possible that if these three daughters changed the explanation, then the father was either acquitted or convicted. This only shows that the whole thing was a farce and a word of justice. That he now wanted to give lectures for judges and others, I unfortunately do not think he is going far. These are, in my experience, so arrogant and one protects each other in this partly corrupt system that we will probably only have to live with that Justice Laws and unfair judges will not diminish but increase in number and scope if no judges and others are both better trained and when one makes a mistake.
Then it gets consequences either by being cut off to be able to judge for a while, a quarantine time. And in the worst case, dismissed!

5.) The Fritz Moen case, which Tore Sandberg was acquitted. Here is a lot to write and say. But this case is so talked about before, that I do not say much more than that worse than this, it is not possible to come to justice. Here is the one who is almost dependent on care and is convicted of double death, must be in prison for years. Words do not extend.

See more here:

6.) Per Liland's case, which is almost as bad as Fritz Moen's case.

See here that is on Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia:

Lilandsaken is a well-known Norwegian unclaimed murder case that started on Christmas Eve 1969. On December 24 at 10.45 two people (John Olav Larsen and Håkon Edvard Johansen) were found murdered in Glemmengata 73 in Fredrikstad. Both had great head injuries, and there was a lot of blood on the scene. It was believed that an ax had been the murder weapon. The address was known as a heavily burdened drug environment, and was called "Little Hell" by folk. Three members of the drug scene were arrested on their way to the scene. Two of them were released, while the third, Per Kristian Liland, was imprisoned and later sentenced for having carried out the killings. Liland continually claimed that he was innocent in the killings.

However, after serving the entire sentence, he was acquitted in 1994, after it became clear that a law of justice had occurred. The case has remained unresolved and is currently out of date criminal law.

7.) Fredrik Fasting Torgersen I am convinced was exposed to a justice word even though he never received redress. I have greeted him several times, and he was probably Oslo's "kindest" man who fed pigeons and other birds down at Galgeberg. He was convicted of wrongly killing Rigmor Johnsen in Skippergata 6B in Oslo on December 7, 1957.

Why was he convicted? As a rule, this is because the police do not have a killer. Then they "make" a killer and scapegoat. Fasting Torgersen is now dead.
See for more here:

Final Comment:

Let me conclude by the fact that there are obviously far more words of justice when it is so difficult to uncover and succeed after obviously wrong judgments. There are also many who are convicted only on testimonies and evidence. It does not hold, and when a witness changes his mind, an "automatic" is acquitted!
Really have one or two books in the stomach about this, but don't know if I can write them?
The injustice is so great, and unfortunately I don't see any glare. Does it have any purpose then to fight against a system that is really so dilapidated and should have been replaced? That said, much more to write here, but stop here!

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