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Nr. 514: The road as host of Vision Norway to Porn magazine Cupido is very short for Nabintu Hanne Herland who now writes op-ed in the porn magazine shortly after she was on VN!

Nr. 514:

The road as host of Vision Norway to Porn magazine Cupido is very short for Nabintu Hanne Herland who now writes op-ed in the porn magazine shortly after she was on VN!

I've said it before, say it again. Opens than initially up for a sin such. remarriage of believers. Then follows more. It is a spiritual law. Now there are no obstacles soon extended the Christian front. Hanvold can be against this, but he stands with both feet planted up in sin, and even caught by Satan and his own flesh. Who is behind Hanvold Herland and all others who get diverted? It is Satan and his demons scripture says. They will be very active now in the end times. 1 Tim. 4 1 Now the Spirit speaketh clear words that in the latter times some shall fall away from the faith, as they are of the seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. Illustration picture shows how demons can appear, which thrives primarily in what is unclean, especially on the sexuelle where remarriage, pornography, homosexuality and everything else is allowed and practiced. The Scandinavian word puke can be used both smådjevel and troll cat. Demons can either affect, assume or occupy parts of a person's inner being. That the people have a crude sex life is a very sure sign that the demon is going on. At Hanvold, Herland and others are strongly affected here, I think quite sure!

Notice how similar Hanvold the demon, it is because he has throughout his life has been greatly influenced and infiltrated by them in their whole being, way of life and what he stood for as a minister where he is living in adultery and doing heresy when he is a theologian of glory.

Those who adhere to the Lord or a prostitute, a spirit with her. Herland is now a spirit with the old pig Jan Hanvold.

And so with porn magazine Cupido. Hanvold has long been throughout his life a pig. He grew up with the first and verse sex magazine he had read that matters instead of textbooks, it was a hobby and life for him before he became a drug addict. After he became a drug addict, he was religious with umpteen marriages behind him. This is now also a Herland with when she pops up on the polluted and unclean TV channel to be the presenter.

Porn pollute us and it has certain polluted and distorted thought and pattern in Jan Hanvold life therefore is he that he is totally abnormal and weird. You look at all of him that he is influenced and consumed by unclean spirits of demons. Even his facial expressions reflect that he is under strong demonic and sinful influence.

Excerpts from the newspaper the day: It was Aasheim who asked Herland submit an article to them on the basis that they right now have a series where they invite opinion leaders to give input in the sexual political debate.

Herland even say it was a great pleasure to write of "the erotic magazine hedonistic."

- It is time that those who call themselves Christians confront their fear of talking about sex, she says, referring to Jesus who was criticized by the Pharisees of his time to talk with prostitute women and men who were not so magnificent.

- To put it this way: If Cupido is the magazine for hedonists and prostitute, I can not remember reading that somewhere Jesus said that one must not speak of sexual extreme liberals, says Herland to day. (End of quote).

Hven to blame for this?

I believe that the leaders and shepherds who rule the roost in Christian Norway, the main blame for this because they have never really warned against anything, just dill and Dalet with.

Scripture speaks not be complicit in the sins of others, we do not range from those who live in sin as such. Jan Hanvold is not long in from this to the more obvious and ugly and brazen sins.

Where will this end? I have written so much about this that I write more so I just repeat myself, I'm afraid. Read my previous articles on related topics.

2 Joh. b 9 He who does not adhere to the teachings of Christ, but goes beyond it, does not have communion with God. Those who adhere to the teachings, he has fellowship with the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, so do not receive him into their home and greet him not to attend. 11 For he who greets him is complicit in his evil deeds.

1 Timothy 5:22 Do not be quick to lay hands on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure

We will not be involved in other people's sins. Are we good for those people who Nabintu Hanne Herland, Jan Hanvold and others. So we will soon be involved in their sins. It is otherwise only one thing to say. Repent, renounce, this will lead and lead it directly to destruction if porn magazine Cupido is your bed discourse and not the word of God and other devotional literature.

It's a pity the Hanvold.

He grew up next door to hard porn magazine Cocktail. There was no school books he read what he has preached here on Radio here in Oslo, but the blade. Cocktail was said that he had with the school and or everywhere. This he said on the radio here in Oslo. It was printer that printed the magazine lying right there Hanvold grew up in Drammen, he had what he himself says free access to this journal throughout childhood. No wonder there has been such that it has gone with him. Cocktail is the oldest sex magazine Hanvold grew up in his own accounts.

Escape for thy life was said to Lot and his family before the judgment came upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Think it is the same God says to us!

1 Gen. 7:17 p.m. When they had brought them out, he said, Escape for thy life; see thee not, and do not in all the plain, escape to the mountain, lest you be swept away!

There are times it's better to take one barrel legs to debate and discuss what is right and what is wrong. Escape for thy life, stay away from those who lead you away from Christ, and not to Christ. Take this seriously, turn around and make eye ointment I think the message to the Norwegian Christians, especially in this apostasy and deception time!

Herland know absolutely nothing, she is completely blown in some areas!

Sets up than for either Vision Norway, Cupidio or more that are directly killed for the spiritual life. This will than also associated with this, and being one with the people behind giving this stuff out. It makes me sick!

I do not know what is worst of Vision Norway or Cupido, I will still warn against them both and that believers will say to bring these to do is to legitimize and vouch for the things of Satan, demons and our flesh!

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