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Nr. 516: The brewing over third world war Russia will be dragged into that God word will come true

Nr. 516:

The brewing over third world war Russia will be dragged into that God word will come true

The Syrian president and despot Bashar al-Assad

This is now my in the tense situation in Syria: Syria has received the first shipment of Russian S-300 missiles. The rest of the order will arrive soon, said the Syrian president and despot Bashar al-Assad in an interview with the Lebanese television station al-Manar on Thursday.

Despot and dictator of Syria Bashar al-Assad's about Russia last ally in the Middle East are the major upheavals that have been there. Therefore, they are so rude and I would say stupid to support the Syrian despot and President Bashar al-Assad.

There will be a third world war teaches Scripture, described for example in Ezekiel 38-39 as Gog war.

I've detailed several people posted about this. And or it is on our website. This is from my commentaries Revelation 6 8 Then I saw a pale horse. The rider's name was Death, and Hades was in his entourage. They were given power over a fourth of the earth, so they could kill with sword, famine and plague, and by means of earth animals. Here are 1 \ 4 of the people and this must seal the term Gog war that will usher in the first part of the tribulation. That this must be understood symbolically located in the text. One can not hear such a large number, but just imagine. The number is so large that for John is by far the largest army he has heard. Twenty thousand times ten thousand: 200,000,000 Is two hundred million. The number may be far greater slain by the Lord and Israel. During this battle, several great powers eradicated while logging hours for the Antichrist and the ancient Roman Empire to take over completely ruling position worldwide. These nations go down the tube. Ezekiel 38 3 Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. 4 I will take you around, and I put hooks in your jaws. So I let you go out with all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them in gorgeous clothes, a great assembly with large and small shields, all armed with swords. 5 People from Persia, Cush and Put are with them, all of them have shields and helmets. 6 Gomer, and all his armies, Togarmah the people of the far north and all their armies, many people are with you. First mentioned Russia and its neighboring countries. Moreover, Iran, Libya and Ethiopia. And finally, Germany (Togarmah) who also has his allies with him. Could it be Sweden and Finland? Little Norway and Denmark Lille can be spared because of our support for Israel? Or are we doing? I will not affirm anything with certainty! 39 6 I will send fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the islands. They shall know that I am the LORD. This must be the United States, Canada and Britain with their allies. We read about the same battle in Daniel. Daniel 11 40 In the last days shall the king of the south encounter with him, and the king of the north shall rush towards him with chariots and horsemen, and many ships. He goes into country after country and hazards over them like a flood. 41 He goes into the glorious land, and tens of thousands shall fall. But these shall escape from his hand: Edom and Moab and the foremost of the Ammonites. 42 And he will stretch out his hand against the country after country, nor Egypt will go free. 43 He gets power over all hidden treasures, gold and silver and all the precious things of Egypt. Even the Libyans and Nubians must follow him. 44 Then the rumors from the east and from north scare him, and he goes forth with great fury to destroy many and devote them to death. 45 He beats up his royal tents between the sea and the glorious, holy mountain. But then that's the end of him, and there is no one to help him.

Biblical Prophecies Big John F. Walvoord that we have on our site:

Background In the twentieth century have Russia growth and case, it 's and most significant State in the former USSR, been one hovedfak tor in world history. It predominant Russian State will Survive and take one Central space in events. The is it large power north for Israel. The dramatic Prophetic photo of Russia last attempt on a ver its sovereignty, described in Ezekiel 38.1 to 39.24, placed in one Prophetic context that related to Israel restoration. In Ezekiel 37.1 to 28 described Israel restoration that nation and their Resurrection from they dead in time for the Others come symbolic by Valley with they dry bone, they that awakened to live. After description of Russia war in Ezekiel 38.1 to 39.24, come further one Prophecy about Israel collection in their countries, that one phase in Restoration. Conflict with Russia seen thus in this the timeframe. Political Set form they fast events in endens time background for War. In end time will Tues Nations switch the together under one Roman ruler and form a resurrected Roman Empire. This ruler will included one seven-year peace pact with Israel so the stands in Daniel 9.27. A or other time in during of these seven year that go subject for the Others come, will Russia attack Israel. They last seven year will be divided in two halves. It first half are one peacetime, while it second will pose it large crowding, that to culminated ners with Armageddon. As prophesied in Ezekiel 38, will Russia Attack srael in one peacetime, in a attempt on to Conquer landed and establish one domination rendering position in Middle East. Although about Israel military Set is far superior they countries that is about, have one long feared opportunity for a Russian attack. Russia have enough lost much of its shine that world power, but landed account still one formidable power factor, that can Crush a small country that Israel if the happens by a surprisingly attack, that the Ezekiel describes. A depth study of chapter reveals much about end-time events, that leads forward to Christ Others come. Invasion Force Ezekiel Printer that main force of it military invaders that attack Israel will come from landed Magog: "The Lord words came to me and the sounding so: Son! Flip Your face against Gog in Magog countries, prince over Ros Meshech and Tubal, and Prophets against him! You to say. So says Lord Lord: See, I is against you, Gog, first over Ros Meshech and Tubal I will return you about and add hooks in your jaws and cause you out with the Your army, horses and riders, All together stately dressed, one large crust with large and small shield, All together with Sword in hand " (38.1 to 4). The names Russia and Sovetjunionen occurs not in Scripture, but this description of invaders Fit on Russia. It military Invasion led of "Gog" which refers to manager and "Magog countries ", that refers to area he come from. Magog are featured that one of Japheth sons in First Numbers 10.2 and in First Chronicles 1,5. The is two Referrals to this in Ezekiel 38,2,6 and finally in John revelation 20.8. Gog that ruler, described that «First over Ros Meshech and Tubal » (Ezekiel 38.2). As the Ros or Rosh, is root to the Modern word Russia, seems the to be one connection with this landed north for Israel. Gog is also related with "Meshech" and "Tubal" (Verse 2). Some have found out that the One is one variant of Moscow, while Tubal similar on Tobolsk, a area in Ural in Russia. Although about identification is uncertainty ker, seems Tubal to refer to they old Scythians, that went north from Middle East and ended in the area that in day described that Russia. Invasion Force from Russia supported of armies from five second countries. Persia (Ezekiel 38.5) is easy to identify. The is the Modern Iran, that even about the is east for Israel easy can stop the to Russia in a Attack from north. Ethiopia is with (Verse 5). Man thinking on Cush or Ethiopia that fol tion that lived in a area between Egypt and Red Sea. Geographical Set are they the thus south for Israel but the will not be difficult to transport strength on sea, so that it can stop the to Russia in the attack. Libya mentioned also (Verse 5). Gomer (Verse 6) are often identified that they old kimrere, that one time lived in Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. Togarmafolket (Verse 6) was one nation that held to as north for Israel and lying well an to to participate in invasion. A what that any time Invasion of Israel show missing respect for Israel God and Fit In in Russia atheist background in the twentieth century. Army geographical background the Theology viewpoint and they terms that used for to describe them and adequate evidence for that track ken come from Russia and invades Israel from north. To Support for this have one information about that invasion force come from "The outermost Norden » (Ezekiel 38,6,15; 39.2). As the Israel not is so many she dre kilometers from Russia, can not description of one nation in the outermost Norden, Set from Israel mean some other than Russia. The is also interesting that Moscow is right north for Jerusalem. They old weapons of war Although about description of invasion force is so that one relatively easy can identify it, is problem in interpretation of section in the Faculty tum that author describes use of old weapons. To Devices the in the opening paragraph: "I will return you about and add hooks in your jaws and cause you out with the Your army, horses and riders, All together stately dressed, one large crust with large and small shield, All together with Sword in hand. Persia, Ethiopia and Libya is with them All together with shield and helmet. Gomer and All its multitudes, Togarmafolket in the outermost Norden and All its ska teacher, many peoples is with up » (Esek3B 0.4 to 6). The fact that Army is equipped with these old weapons of war in Instead for Modern arms, have made that many not consider descrip Late here that literally. In Instead for tanks come they on horseback, something that in Russia case not offers on special difficulties by that Russia still User cavalry that one part of military force. But shields, swords and Helmets suggests not on that the is one Modern army. Some have attempted to explain wording by to say that Ezekiel described critical gene in terms that he understood and that we must Exchange out expressions with them that denotes Modern weapons. After each that description exceeds forward, added the to more arms, that Bows and Arrows poles and Spear (Ezekiel 39.9). The fact that these Weapons later to burned (Verse 9), do the difficult to accept them that Photos on Modern arms, as these that Rule is of metal and not of three. The final reply is possibly not in attempt on to explain this section of history, but only determine that the indicates that subject for this War will the be one large disarmament in world. Under such conditions, if Russia want to attack Israel and missing Modern arms, can one Quickly fabricating large Quantities with Weapons of this type and equip Army with them. The main idea with section change However, not with description of weapons. Israel described that one peaceful and unsuspecting nation In experiment on to determine time for this War in it Prophetic schedule, is the important to Brand the what weight the added on that Israel liver in peace when Invasion happens. Evidently come attack unexpected. Israel is not military prepared on this. The mentioned not something place that In need founders meetings resistance. In Instead described Israel that one nation that liver in Peace: «Rust you and do everything finished you and All your multitudes, that have total the with yourself. You to be their guarding. When long time is gone, to you be pat stret. The years end to you come to a country that is delivered from sver it. Its people is total from many people; up on Israel mountain, that sta thee had been deserted. But Now is the led out from people, and they living where safe All together. Dit to you pdf Up. As one storm to you come, that one cloud to you be to to hide country you and All your troops and many fol keslag with up » (Ezekiel 38.7 to 9). Invasion Force is eager by to attack Israel but Israel country described that a area that is "Deliverance from sword " and Israel people described that "Gathered from many people; up on Israel mountain, that sta thee had been waste. " Israel described further that a people that is "Led out from people, and they living where safe All together " (Ezekiel 38.8). As pointed on previously Fit this with the Prophetic photo of first half of they seven year that leads forward to Christ Others come. This are one peacetime, then Israel liver in one pact with ruler over they Tues nations. The conditions that Israel liver in peace, described further in There of inva tion strength: "Then says Lord Lord: On it day to Thoughts rise up in Your heart, and you to think out one evil plan and say: I will pdf up against a country with open cities, I will come over peaceful people that living safe, that All together living without Walls and neither have barrier or porter - for to rob and rob and take prey? for to return Your hand against ruins that is built up again, and against a people that is gleaned together from people, that have total the fe and goods that living on Earth navel » (Ezekiel 38.10 to 12). Israel cities are described that without walls, something that votes with it current situation then Walls not more hold Intruders away (verse 11). The stands also that the is "Peaceful people that living safe, that All together living without Walls and neither have barrier or ports » (Verse 11). They living in a country that described that "Ruins that is built up Again, " and fol tion said to be «Gleaned together from people » (Verse 12). Everything this stem more with it situation Israel experience under peace pact with ruler over they Tues nations. The is clearly that the here concerns the about one political situation where not only Israel attacked, but the it tistatsgruppen that controls Middle East on this times. This supports it thought that we here have Russia last Desperate attempt on to Conquer world. Israel described that "My (God) people Israel " that "Live safe " (Verse 14). The purpose with Invasion The section that describes this future war, do the clear that they that invade, search materials gain. The said that they have specific the for to «Rob and rob and take prey? for to return Your hand against ruins that is built up again, and against a people that is total from people, that have total the fe and goods that living on Earth navel » (Ezekiel 38.12). In verse 13 describe ves they that that they takes with the exchange, silver and gold fe and goods. Invasions Army large numerical superiority described as follows: "As one storm to you come, that one cloud to you be to to hide country » (Verse 9). Army said to come from "Many peoples ". The are "A large crust and one multiply Haena> (Verse 15). Although about they is out by materials gain, is the really God that draws them In in War: "And you to pdf up against my people Israel that one cloud and hide country. In they last days to the occur. Then allows I you come over my countries, for that people to learn me to know, when I for their eyes reveals my holiness on you, Gog! " (Verse 16). Invasion described The Prophet describes in Details the that to spoon when this Mighty Army invades Israel country: "But on it same days, it day Gog come over Israel countries, says Lord Lord, then to my Resentment rise up in my face. And in my jealous Hot, in my burning Wrath says I: Surely on it same day to the come a large earthquake over Israel countries. Sea fish and heaven birds and field animals and everything the creep that pipes the on earth and All people that living on earth to quake for my face. Mountains to fall and rock walls controlled down and each one Wall to fall to earth. And I will call on Sword against him on All my mountain, says Lord Lord. It the Sword to inverted against it others. And they to know that I is Lord. I will go in right with him with pest and with blood, and with a rinse rain and hail stones. Fire and sulfur will I let count Download over him and his troops and over they many peoples that is with him " (Ezekiel 38.18-22) As the go clear forward of prophecy, will Invasion arouse God Resentment (Ezekiel 38.18), and the are one number disasters. First are the a large earthquake in landed (Ezekiel 38.19). This earthquake know will affect fishes, birds, animals and All creatures on field. Mountains are blasted and building walls fall (Verse 20). It next large Judgment from God leads to confusion in it multinational compa tional army, so that they begins to fight against each other: "The the Sword to inverted against it others " (Ezekiel 38.21). In confusion that up stands in connection with earthquake, is the easy to understand that troops can start to Fight apart. A third judgment come over Army in form of pest and bloodshed. God will use pest against Israel enemies, something that also have been used in second situations (F items. Jes 37.36). On top of everything this are the one judgment from God in form of downpour and hail stones and burning sulfur (Ezekiel 38.22). Although about the seems that natural disasters for army, is the God supernatural works that triggered. As illustrated in John revelation Call 16.21 can unusual large hail be lethal. It burning sulfur Velen Memories about Sodom and Gomorrah case (1 Mos 19,24). Some have tol tion it burning sulfur that a Results of that earthquake release slumbering volcanoes, so they spewing out its burning fire. Whatever how one to explain this, is results clearly. Invasion Army are destroyed. God User this that a agent to to demonstrate its power for people: "And I will obvious my Greatness and my holiness and provide me to know for many people eyes, and they to know that I is Lord " (Ezekiel 38,23). Invasion Army destroyed Prophecy continues. Now described it complete destruction of invaders: "I will switch Your bow out of Your left hand and let your Arrows fall out of Your right hand. On Israel mountain to you fall, you and All your troops and they peoples that is with yourself. I and you to birth for All kind raptors and for field would animals. On field to you fall. For I have spoken, says Lord Lord " (Ezekiel 39.3 to 5). When God attack attackers, will they drop their Bows and arrows. Their dead bodies are to birth for grib asks and Wildlife. In verse 4 go the forward that the Army will be rash and that no will survival: "On Israel mountain to you fall, you and All your troops and they peoples that is with You. " After the Fall of Battle After that the is turned fixed that God purpose is to preach power in its whole domestic name (Ezekiel 39.7-8), said the that the that are again by battle to be adequate fuel in seven year: "When to they that living in Israel cities, go out and Do up fire and keep the next as with armor and small and large shield, with Bows and Arrows and sta ver and spear, and they to keep fire by as with the in seven years. They to not retrieve by from field and not chop in forests, but with armor to they keep fire by equal. They to rob from them that have robbed from them and Rob them that have plundered them says Lord Lord " (Verses 9-10). Enlightenment about that fire to held by as in seven years site ques look about how this to understood in conditions to Christ Others come, by that the seems to go forward that attack will find place against end of it before ste period on three and a half year of they seven year that go subject for the Others come. The means that the is adequate time to that the can burn up before the Others come. But burning form not in the even some Prophetic timetable, and even by Christ Others come will Life go Further, and the are necessary to have heat. This is therefore no Objection against that one plastic serer Invasion against end of they first three and a half years. Prophecy describes in Details how they dead to buried (Ezekiel 39.11 to 16). The will take seven months to bury they dead and by the will one increasingly find dead bodies that to buried. The scene similar it that describes Christ Others come, when vultures invited to to Fixing on dead bodies (Verses 17-20). The is However, something completely Others than the that described in John revelation 20.7 to 9, when Earth destroyed immediately by War that discussed. God purpose with to Destroy invaders Ezekiel quote God, that in destruction of invaders preacher its resistance against the Evil and its wish about to recover Israel: "I will obvious my glory among people, and All people to see it judgment that I have held, and my hand that I have added on them. And Israel house to know that I is Lord their God, from it day and in future. The people to beautiful that the was for its iniquity guilt Israel house was abducted. The was because they had been faithless against me so I hidden my before for them and gave them in their enemies hand. And they fell for Sword All together. This did I with them on because of their impurity and their violations, and I hidden my before for them " (39.21 -24). Collection of Israel Ezekiel continues to describe how God to recover Israel: "Therefore says Lord Lord: Now will I Do end on Jacob Prisoner cabinets and compassion me over the Israel house and I will show me jealous for my Saints name. They to carry its Shame and All it trespass they have shown against me when they living safe in its countries, and no terrifiest them. When I leads them back from people and collect them from their enemies country and reveals my holiness on them for many people eyes, then to they know that I is Lord their God. For I have abducted them to people, but again total them to their countries, and I allows not some of them be return. I will not more hide my before for them for I will shed my Spirit over Israel house says Lord Lord " (39.25 to 29). This seems to be fulfilled by the Others come. Although about some Details in this Prophetic report necessarily not is completely clear, is results of Battle clear enough. Russia last attempt on World Domination fail correctly. Their armies are crushed, and to and with in their en homeland vii they be exposed for fire from Heaven (Ezekiel 39.6). It final form for pagan power will follow as tinasjo nersgruppen are world government. Russia can have been one hindnring for this, and the that they Now be completely out of game can explain how dictators clean in tina missions group over night can proclaim the that ruler over the World without resistance. This War can well be springboard that leads to that ruler in Middle East come to power in they last three and a half year before Christ Others come. In it period to Israel re review the one horrible crowding, and World will large Set be destroyed. As the this prophecy Never is been fulfilled previously is its fulfillment in forward time one Reminder about that God still is on throne and that the will come a settlement with God enemies in God time and on God Manner.

Final comment:

I would encourage you to read and study this as well on their own. Submit your questions to me or write on the blog, you are most welcome. Jesus is coming soon, Maranata!

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