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Nr. 510: How the church in Norway is structured in terms and structures, what is "allowed" to say and how to get up and go!

Nr. 510:

How the church in Norway is structured in terms and structures, what is "allowed" to say and how to get up and go!

The simple and blissful way that God's word speaks of is probably more or less a thing of the past thinking if the up and up in Christian Norway. You have got to use trickery, sharp elbows and everything else that God's word defines as works of the flesh. When most within its frikirke Norway. It is tragic, painful and Laodicean condition as councils within its large parts of Christian Norway. Here a picture of former Victory Cross editor Oddvar Johansen, one can safely say is a wolf in sheep's clothing, not to mention how I have experienced and learned him.

Introduction of two things that I would mention

Oddvar Johansen

I was going for a 12-13 years ago or thereabouts up to "try to preach" for a church in northern Norway. I had arranged everything with them, and ordered the ticket. I had been several times before up in Northern Norway to speak God's words. Everything was all set. Then behind my back so got Oddvar Johansen heard of this when he was there to preach, so he warned against me as an insecure person and another lie. I got a phone call with only a message that I was not wanted there. Nothing more. I had even posted about. 4000 kr. To receive this refund, I had the doctor to virtually lie on me a sick note. How could I go on, I'm sick of these so called Christian leaders, they are unfortunately all too often the bad shepherds spoken of by Jesus as rent Shepherds, not true shepherds in John 10

Aril Edvardsen and Farsund

First, did the leaders of the Pentecostal Movement published a book in which they warned against Edvardsen, and was an up and forward in PB in Norway, it was important to be included here. Then a few years, these same "brothers" change vision and side. When it is about to do to be too Edvardsen, if not it'll be in PB. How could I have continued, however, to "serve" God in such a wild elf, that anyone can try. Not easy let me tell you, I get physically sick about just getting a touch of these people are nothing else than wolves in sheep's clothing.

Matt 11:11 p.m. But the greatest among you shall be your servant.

Luke 13 18 And he said, What is the kingdom of God like, and what shall I compare it? 19 It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and cast into his garden, and it grew and became a tree, and the birds built nests in its branches. 20 And again he said, What shall I compare the kingdom of God? 21 It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened. 22 And he went about teaching around the towns and villages, and journeying toward Jerusalem. 23 Then said one unto him, Lord! are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, 24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

Jesus compared the kingdom of God first a mustard seed. That was a big tree, the tree came the birds is a picture of demons and false teachings (1 Tim. 4.1 ff).

Secondly, the leaven is a picture sin and heresy that will penetrate and corrupted all Christendom. What started Divine and was rebuilt on the apostles and prophets faith and doctrine (Ephesians 2:20 ff). To culminate and end in which he asks if he find faith when He returns (Luke 18.8). This started so wonderful, lovely and large with Jesus and the early Christians. Will end up in mixed drops where Jesus puts a big question mark. And the Apostle Paul is not snauere where he mentions that there will be difficult times, and than will have the confession of being a Jesus believer. However, the interior is the direct opposite. And one will take care teachers in droves, but allowed still people living directly against God's word for the most part. (2 Tim. 3.1 to 5 and 2 Tim. 4, 1-5). If we also included several other passages that I should stop by here, but you can read. I mention a few here: Ezekiel 34 Matthew 7 and 23 2 Pet. 2 Jude and Revelation 2-3 and 17-18).

This may sound negative impact, and that's it. Yet this is what we find in God's word speech how it will be done and within its many parts of Christendom, especially in the western and sexualized of the world that Norway is a part.

I like the headline: "How Christian Norway is structured in terms of structures, what is" allowed "to say and how to get up and go!".

Looking at the Catholic and Lutheran church, as it is built up fairly equally. As a large and unwieldy. There, one can make an educated, ordained as a minister and preach God's word, then stepped in with either Lutheran or Catholic doctrine and tradition. Faith all, this has worked for the Catholic Church in 1700 years and the Lutheran church for 500 years. Do not dwell so much with it, as I consider these nooks that as much an institution and part of the community. As a spiritual movement. Here is the "benefits" that can take spoon in their own education and preaching the word of God for a ordained as a priest.

But how does it function in the Free Church section of Norwegian Christianity?

To provide simple answers and an answer that covers all parts of the question I asked, "How Christian Norway is structured in terms of structures, what is" allowed "to say and how to get up and go!". I will not do of course fully, but something I can pass on when I have experienced and seen a lot through having preached the word of God for thirty years. And then both experienced this myself, seeing how others have been treated and or followed through on both the one and the other through thirty years of service.

The Free Church has no formula education to become minister in the great and all.

There is a lot of both strength and weakness. The force is the movement, the church and those in the congregation live a life in the Spirit. Then there is the cumbersome and difficult road, but the simple and clear way. But today it does not work, what then? Today is free for all just manages to carve out enough followers who believe in one, and then keep the rest of Christendom Norway up! No wonder it's been babel, that the word of God says that one must get out before it gets too late.

Revelation 18 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues!

But within its this part of Christendom, there is also much good, that's why humbug, lying, thieving is so difficult and many times almost impossible and very difficult to reveal and understand why it is as it is.

The aspiring today are either former drug addicts or so-called intellectual youth who master the most part (they think).

Let us take first the intellectual youth.

They are represented by many, eg. No Karl Tangen, Andreas Hegertun, Øystein Gjerme, Kai Johansen and many more. they love from a safe and sound Christian background, have taken training and are now leaders in various Free Church congregations. Kanan language, standing on God's word and placate the true Christian and spiritual message is replaced with a shrewd grasp of the business. Speaking in philosophical and modern twists, etc. The Apostle Peter said that the voice will speak the word of God, this is incised away for something else.

As a former drug addicts who are doing well and which are connected to each other!

You can mention such as Jornstrand, Leif Holstad, Jan Hanvold, Jan Eriksen and late Ludvik Karlsen. Feature with these is that they often have young before they are saved or used to live out their desires. They knew before they were saved using elbows and adapts the "Christian" style of accepting remarriage and everything else that is against God's word. They can smile and be pleasant, but one step on the terns, so everything comes out, up and until that is so ugly and savage as Satan himself.

Should one go into a church, and want to have a service in the Free Church Norway must not touch these conditions, why?

There are several elements to highlight here. But there is an unwritten rule that one should not touch each other "services" and life. Make one that is both unsociable, rude and going over the line. It is important to keep the word of God, but being a "good" diplomat who knows when to remain silent, and what one should speak. Sure there are thugs and former addicts who have taken over much of the Free Church Norway, it's so nice of they do not take drugs anymore etc. But they destroy and pull down the word of God, over and remove anything that is healthy, straight and well . They do so in "Jesus' name." When the peak, not to say everything is permitted.

The rest of the Christian Norway in mid-range and is mediocre and lukewarm in their spiritual life!

How can this be? Firstly, the majority of Christian or Norway in a relationship with God and each other as I would call that mediocre and lukewarm in their spiritual lives. Then go mostly on, and they stand with those who really are extreme and manipulative, as it will cost they work, service and position (they think) but to warn against what they basically should and ought shown was right, proper and biblical .

So keep an out those who warn against it, such as myself and others. Then like the pretense of something!

I have before I was saved had the best upbringing in a sports environment. And otherwise just had it well and was one of a kind where I was with before. Then one into such an environment, where one encounters more and worse thugs than one has ever been seen. Dealing with this is not easy, to say the least. But in fact, God's church in Norway today is controlled by the power of people, thugs and other things that make the church in Norway will go jaunt into home and it will not be a change.

It will and must happen is that God somehow must and will be allowed a shaking, how do I not today.

Final comment:

Of course this is an oversimplification. But to stand up with two empty hands and face devils and demons around you everywhere. Yes, it is not easy. God's church is no longer dominated by children of light. But the children of darkness, many quite sure not even been born again and live and walk in the light. We see today that mostly goes on, to not say anything!

Who is behind all this? Satan, but he does not go out of your way to use people, even if they "believe" in "Jesus". They do not believe in Jesus, not scriptural Jesus but are wolves in sheep's clothing that Jesus said we should beware of. But when wolves are in the majority and have the upper hand, it is not easy for anyone and everyone, especially those who will serve the Lord.

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Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ! The possibilities are many, but we must stand together and help each other forward in the service.

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