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No. 895: So had Evangelist Torkild Terkelsen straight regarding the Pentecostal movement in Norway!

No. 895:

So had Evangelist Torkild Terkelsen straight regarding the Pentecostal movement in Norway!

The Catholic Church 10 deviant teachings (+ much more):

1. Justification by deeds - and not only by grace through faith
2. Rebirth in water baptism - that a person is saved in baptism
3. Worship of icons and artifacts
4. Celibacy - forbidding priests to marry, than further differentiate clergy and laity.
5. Confession - where sin is confessed to a priest who then declares absolution (forgiveness) of sins.
6. Purgatory - a bondage that is neither heaven nor hell, but a place where one must be cleaned prior to going to heaven, so that sanctification was not complete at death;
7. Transsubsjonen (transformation) - it constantly repeated sacrifice of Jesus in the Eucharist;
8. favors - by giving gifts could stay in purgatory shortened;
9. penance - which by self-torture of body could reduce the stay in purgatory; and
10. Mariadyrkelsen - worship of the Virgin Mary; her exaltation in virtue of being the mother of Jesus; and declaration of divinity.

Regarding section 7 we find this in the letter from the Lord to the church in Thyatira.

There he preached for twenty to thirty years ago is happening today! Everything is warned of God, in advance! Therefore I know that this is happening is part of apostasy which all Christians should be "an"! Is controlled, directed and arranging of the Evil and his fallen angels and demons.

Isaiah 46. 10 From the beginning I tell end,
          beforehand I tell what has not happened.
          I say: "My plan stands firm,
          all I want, I do. "

I just disagree with Terk view of the Godhead as I am with the Trinity. But that is not what we are going to address in this article.

Image of Titanic. Let the ship is like the Titanic, full speed on its way towards disaster, but most are too what to expect. But there are some lifeboats on the outside, that can and will deliver - something at least. I think Smyrna Oslo and my ministry will be able to salvage those that will be saved even in today.

Guess I've heard 300 speeches by Torkild Terk!

I think through a lot teaching and preaching I've heard, not least as a fairly new on the road. So I have an overview of things that really are delightful, delicious and well.

Picture of

By duck preachers I've heard, so I reckon that I have also heard a 300 speaks of Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart USA. Chuck Smith and David Wilkerson 50 speeches. Finn Arne Lauvås with all CD I've heard of him, I've probably heard 100 speeches. Reckon I also heard a lot of others as well as Åge Samuelsen, AA Allen, Thoralf Gilbrandt and many, many others. All that I have gone to Bible school in Smyrna Bible Institute as it was then called, with recently deceased Rector Arvid Myreng. Now called school Kraft Bible.

What did Torkild Terk? Actually exactly what we see today in Pentecostalism in Christendom. A meaty apostasy, but also a "powerful" love for one another!

Where is the love for the Word of?

2 Cor. 11. 1. I wish you would bear little madness of me! Yes, you get to endure it! 2 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy. I have promised you away to Christ, and only to him, to bring you to him as a pure virgin. 3 But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds may somehow be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 4 For you tolerate it very well so when someone comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted.

This is what we see, that the betrothal or liability accepted Christ and God's word is lost. It "takes" again by a very love for each other. All are accepted, only you do not live in conflict to someone else. Be it gays, gjengiftede, Catholics, Lutheran, mission related or Pentecostals.
All should be accepted and accepted!

Briefly, what preached Evangelist Torkild Terk for 20-25-30 years ago?

That Christianity is at full speed towards Rome. Torkild Terk has long preached his message to the Catholic Church and her daughters that he thought Pentecostalism was becoming (20-30 years ago, now they have become so).

There was a strong emphasis being true contrary to the Word, through it so we were unbelievers. Just opposite than what we see today! This was part of the essence of his message? Unity, progress and true love are created and gid only through God's word!

What we see today?

Ulf Ekman has been Catholic, almost before he has received the membership card, he gets both prices and are invited to speak in Pentecostal churches. Meanwhile comes Catholics over everything about it is conventions, meetings and empty the Pentecostal Summer services should a Catholic speak. Today Pentecostals can not get enough of it as Torkild Terk warned against twenty - thirty years ago, the dropout rate today is well complete and impossible to book it?

Where will this end? It's probably already happened? Christian people dislike the word of God, but "love" each other? Here there is no talk about what God's word says and what other teacher who does not agree with God's word. It is a semi-finished Christianity is dangerous for the spiritual life. Therefore the message to the end-time Christians: When sounds voice to you from Sec. 18.4: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" said the preaching of Torkild Terk thirty years ago. Rarely have some well hit as good as this in the ministry? And this thirty years ago, and that message is more relevant than ever!

Final Comment:

In many ways it's a "fraternization" today there was no longer space and need Jesus and the word of God, apostasy is complete. It will probably only be accelerated and become even worse before "church" the false will not meet Jesus in the clouds but Antichrist, here on Earth.

This is the prevailing opinion in today's apostasy congregations: Joh. 17, 21 ".... That they all may be one; as thou, Father, in me and I in you - that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me." There is unity in Jesus Christ we need. Not only unity in doctrine as the Pentecostal leaders before thought was enough unity.
(Extracted from comment on the newspaper's Day online Bjørg Tolleshaug).

Here some words of Torkild Terk even to the end:

Where was the conversion of?

Both John the Baptist, Jesus and Peter began his preaching with: "Repent." On the day of Pentecost Peter adds this with repentance as the basis for both water baptism and the reception of the Holy Spirit.

True and true repentance is always caused by a mighty spiritual power and creates a total inversion in a person's life. It does not come by and even to pull himself together, but is a gift from God: "God ere would give them repentance, that they might know the truth" (2 Tim.2.25). It is implemented by "God's kindness leads you toward repentance" (Rom.2.4). Such an experience is a godly turnaround that changes your whole life, revolutionizing and changing future. Value gauges are completely different. A ashamed of sinful life one lived and sees himself with disgust in God mirror in Word. A loathe the actions one did, not just the purely secular, but also the empty, tradition-bound religious acts, as baptisms, confirmations, communion, false teaching concept and the empty ritual, religious worship. All this being nauseating. Tears flowing in streams from the eyes when the heart in anguish acknowledge their lost condition and sin becomes glaring and alive. It is in this moment, given by God, that life's most important intersection is and the valuable opportunity to a total new course by and unconditionally surrender to God.

The prodigal son said:

"Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you, and am no longer worthy to be called your son ..." (Luk.15.21).

Peter denied Jesus where the high priest, wavered broken out into the darkness and wept bitterly. Toller in the Temple beat his breast and said: "Be gracious to me a sinner." David cried from the depths of his shattered soul: "Have mercy on me God. And further:" I acknowledged my sin to you and did not hide my guilt ... and you took away my sins. "(Psalm 32.5). Nothing can replace a true repentance. It belongs to and is unalterable needed a biblical salvation. What a tragedy that so many "Christians" have not experienced such a conversion. It is for them a hopelessly old-fashioned foreign that do not fit into the modern preacher vocabulary.

In connection with man's repentance brings God into different actors. Each of these is important for the result to be true. Only in this repentance drama stands sinner, burdened by guilt and away from God. Then you find the Lord witness, gospel conveys without words, as daily lives Christ Life and witnesses with their chaste conversation godliness. Witness life is in itself proof that Jesus can save and give a transformed life in God's power. So we find the church. It is the sacred, selected, taken from the world from different backgrounds and released from the bondage of Satan and ribbons. They have all experienced being set free from sin life links. We find preacher. For how can they believe without someone preaching? Remember that it was the prophet Nathan convincing message that got David to fall on his face and repent. All these actors are in God's plan of salvation for each chosen and precious soul. But how can syndbetyngede, unresolved, secular "Christian" and desecrate churches with populist preachers and pastors lead some to true repentance?

Satan has inserted his powerful machinery and their heaviest weapons precisely here. He has removed repentance. And to this he finds obedient servants, "one sinner destroys much good" (Pred.9.18). In Pharaoh's palace, he used magicians, sorcerers. They threw their sticks, which became serpents and copied the divine signs so it real was neutralized and the sign man of God Moses did, without effect. Pharaoh did not repent, but became even harder. Similar things are happening today and "Jannes and Jambres" Paul warns (2 Tim.3) now operates in the end time. Sorcerer Elymas struck their thrust to prevent the proconsul Sergius Paulus from accepting repentance and salvation message. It was the corrupt preacher Balaam who taught Balak to put a stumbling block for Israel.

And we are experiencing the negative impact today from preachers and congregations who are in such a pitiful position that they would have been mocked up straight in the face, if they asked someone repent. The words would come in return and cry would read: "Physician, heal yourself!"

The Bible says: "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the wicked advice and not the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of scoffers ...." (Salme.1.1). But unfortunately, precisely in this position most "Christian" ones, involved among Freemasons, Templars and other secret lodges, political parties, religious meeting committees and other "wicked advice."

It was the priest Eli wild tempered sons, an apostate Samson and one pre leaves Solomon went down Israel stature and reputation. With their bad example they got enough troops away from the repentance as a true god people would live in. Pred.10.1 says: "Dead flies get ointment make the salve to stink and ferment; even a little folly destroys a man who excels at wisdom and honor. "

It is a very instructive story we find in 1 Kong.13.1-29,33-34. Read it in the context of the same.

It all really began in Solomon frafallsår when God incited three kings Edomite Hadad (1 Kong.11.14) and Reson, Eljadas son (V.23) and Ephraimite Jeroboam (v.26) against Solomon. Akia, seer, prophesied that God would give Jeroboam throne of the ten northern tribes and guaranteed him to be with if he did what was right in the eyes. Anyway, after he became king, he did not believe the Lord guarantees, but that he rather had to secure itself by implementing measures to prevent people to go up to worship in Jerusalem. "If this people go up to do sacrifice in the house of Jerusalem, so will their heart again turn to their lord Rehoboam king of Judah." (12:27) To ensure political he placed therefore two golden calves, one in Bethel and one in Dan and declared: "Look, here is your gods, O Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt" (24:28) Hear what the Scripture so says: "This was a sin." It Jeroboam here had made led Israel to apostasy and judgment. The future looked black and hopeless. But his love, God sent a prophet to them from Judah. He delivered a strong and convincing message to the king, upheld by a miraculous event. Jeroboam would stop prophet in his ministry and stretched out his hand against him. The moment he would arrest messengers of our Lord God's judgment fell upon him and the man stiffened as gypsum in God iron grip. Humiliated, powerless and scared the king called to the man of God for prayers and help. His heart was soft as clay in the potter's hand understand this demonstration of spiritual authority. And God released his grip on the man's body and soul. There is hope for a nation and a church when the leader repents. It was then Nineveh king, after Jonah judgment preaching, repented and put on sackcloth that people followed their leader's example and God pulled back the death sentence.

What impression it must have placed the Samaritans when God saw Jeroboam repentance and healed him. The news spread to all, into houses, shops, on street corners and in schools. All discussed now revivalist who came to town and male prayer that caused the rescue for the paralyzed King. Maybe they said that: Can you imagine such; a young and unknown preacher. We do not even know his name. He walked boldly right away to golden calf altar and shouted and gesticulated like a savage. Never have we experienced such a thing in our worship services; håra stood on his head and blood congealed in the years when he cried against the altar. Never have we felt such a holy fear and seen a presentation of God's power. It was not like the religious public meetings we are accustomed to and festaftenene and gospel concerts and musicals and the kind, harmless devotionals at the conclusion of all the fun and game fleas. No, this was different. We trembled in the presence of Almighty God, while the gift of spirits was in business and God's judgment fell suddenly. And when our matron would plead preacher God intervened and right before our eyes, we saw that our own famous pastor congealed in the heart while his hand withered. We met for the first time in life a real prophet of the Lord. For the first time we have seen our confident pastor crying for help in the middle of the meeting. He implored the young preacher with supplications. And in an instant, by the preacher's prayer, we could see the deformed fingers, like broken matchsticks on the sallow likhånden, changed color and started to move normally. We never experienced before. We were all filled with awe and desire to repent. For it was not only the king who lived in sin. We all did and we were afraid of God's judgment should hit us the same way. The young prophet, the Lord's anointed and courageous messengers known enough that the radical preaching and spiritual battle seemed worn out. After the meeting, he was exhausted. King commanded him home refreshments and a gift, the church payroll for the meeting. It was enough tempting, but he declined. Maybe he knew little about such coffee companies after meetings where God has spoken, that often dilute the effect of what God has done and is the voice of God and the saints decisions drown in empty talk.

But tragically, the young preacher let himself shortly after, returning, fooled by an old lie prophet and ended løvemat, caught in Satan roadblock. And his preaching was therefore no lasting effect. Prophet disobedience to the Lord's command not to accept any social invitations resulted in the miracles he wrought lost its effect. Maybe rationalized people miracle for a time and said it was probably just a nerve in the king's arm locked up and nothing to be intimidated by. See 1 Kong.13.33: "But not after this turned Jeroboam from his wicked way."

Where was the conversion of?

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