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No. 872: Why I think that Asbjørn Kvalbein hypocrite and pushing out the "weakest"!

 No. 872:
Why I think that Asbjørn Kvalbein hypocrite and pushing out the "weakest"!

Want to make some additional comments here, because here we are facing some of the most råtneste we find in people that makes a difference to people and will not confront those who really needed to hear that they do not live right! Asbjørn Kvalbein appears as primitive, rotten and downright ugly!

Photo by Asbjørn Kvalbein appearing as a man who twist the true cap. And turning one on true cap, then emerges a more like a hypocrite than as a true Christian!

Asbjørn Kvalbein er webpastor i Norea.

What is it preaches Asbjørn Kvalbein do that is so bad? Several things.

1.) He preaches against remarriage, it is a pity for believers to remarry, right!

2.) He shuts out those who are re-married, but when they are "insignificant" and "small". Right, although it really has little or no significance for Asbjorn Kvalbein only for the experiencer, none other.

3.) He poses happily on Vision Norway, excusing it in all possible ways. But he glides smooth and easy in there, he preaches suddenly no longer against remarriage. Jan Kaare Hanvold is såpaset "great" become that he dare he not to touch him. Errors and hypocrisy!

4.) When he is confronted with this. Then one excuse after another. Bl, a. this: "So whether Hanvold fronts Vision Norway, he is not regarded as a church leader, and I do not think he sees it that way either."

Is there anything Hanvold sees itself as, it's exactly this. As a big, big, big church leader, Norway's largest. Here lie simply Asbjørn Kvalbein.

5.) Kvalbein further says: "In a church we must operate learn discipline and making sure not heresy to release. When it comes to a mass medium, we can not consider the same way. "
Another falsehood and distortion of true cap. Of course we must consider Vision Norway as a church, and relate to Vision Norway as a church, this argument is really ridiculous and contradictory. Errors and lie again.

6.) Kvalbein writes: "I've even had devotions in NRK, but I do not feel thus accept anything sent there, or agree in doctrine and life of those who release to otherwise."
This is almost like a child writes. Can not compare with NRK Vision Norway. Vision Norway momentum as a Christian channel, while NRK is a general broadcaster.

7.) Kvalbein makes one of the ugliest things that we as Christians can do. It is to make a difference in people. Kvalbein rods happily out the small and insignificant, but Hanvold, he "peace" he said. Talk about being a hypocrite, this is ugly done by a preacher and Bible teacher called. Scripture clearly says that this is sin and hypocrisy!

8.) Kvalbein writes: "I have a responsibility in Flekkeroy media, and we have taken decisions there about what we do not want to send and to whom we will not use."
This is exactly what makes this so tragedy comical. Asbjørn Kvalbein closes happy looking people who are re-married. But they must be so small that he knows that this costs him nothing. It costs him more to release these than to shut these out. But Hanvold and others that he feels standing over him. Then he silent as an oyster, and operates with excuses. This is nothing else than double standards, hypocrisy and total unbiblical and shows that Kvalbein is no man who stands for the word of God and Christ!

9.) Kvalbein writes: "In a church we must operate learn discipline and making sure not heresy to release."

This is just like many Christian parents have practiced it. The kids do not watch TV, but they can happily watch it with a neighbor. They are not Christians. This is hypocrisy and double standards. If one gets into heresy through a book, TV, internet, meeting or where it might be. The damage occurs Nevertheless it.

About Hanvold or any other server a lie, but a space was on Tv. And next time on a soapbox, so this is of crucial importance?
Asbjørn Kvalbein lying, misrepresenting and manipulating, really do not think he even believes in their own fabricated lies?

Anyway, to set up the Vision Norway, then legitimizes one HANVOLD many adultery.

Kvalbein also writes then we can not go any place etc.
For this, it is also to say, for nonsense! I do not just distance from gjengifede preachers, I usually no dealings with them either. It goes terrific, no problems! Problems arise when compromise God's word!
10.) I've written about this before, really, but it makes me elated. That here boycotting one ministers and other Christians who are re-married. Okay, but the big ones have so large and eat elbows Jan Kaare Hanvold are taken with silk gloves and he paints he, bad, bad and horrible!

Shut out the distance from everyone, absolutely everyone wants to preach God's word. But that is re-married as believers. Do not make a difference in a single, all, absolutely all should actually be excluded from the church of God!

James 2 1 My siblings! You can not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, while partiality. 2 Suppose there are two men in their assembly, the one in stately clothes and with a gold ring, the other poor and dirty clothes. 3 So you notice him with the stately clothes and said: "Be so good, here is a good place," but to the poor: "You can stand there!" Or, "Sit here at my feet!" 4 have ye not created a distinction among you? Are you not become judges with evil thoughts? 5 Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen the poor in the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him? 6 But ye have despised the poor! Is it not the rich who oppress you and drag you before the court? 7 And it is not they blaspheme the good name that is above you?
      8 If you really fulfill the royal law found in Scripture, You shall love your neighbor as yourself, you are doing right. 9 But if you show partiality, when you sin and the law as lawbreakers. 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one of the commandments, has been guilty of breaking them all. 11 For he that said, Thou shalt not commit adultery, said also, Thou shalt not kill. If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a transgressor. 12 Following the law of liberty shall be judged by the ye shall speak and act. 13 For he shall have judgment merciless against those who have not shown mercy, but mercy triumphs over judgment.

Final Comment:

After I wrote the article about Kvalbein, I have received many very good feedback on it has gone up a light for many. They have understood that today's Christian leaders are a bunch of hypocrites who do the Lord's work.
They can so-called Valter with things as it suits them. But there are so contradictory it can become to be contrary Hanvold but not doing anything about it. The man is a false prophet who live by their own carnal desires, man is no true believer.

What should we do to them? The same as Asbjørn Kvalbein over the weak and insignificant. Boycott and shut them out, if they want to preach the word of God and do not live according to the Word!

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