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No. 864: Normisjon / Jesus networks legitimizes Vision Norway by sending the channel and that Hanvold use this as everything else for all it's worth!

No. 864:

Normisjon / Jesus networks legitimizes Vision Norway by sending the channel and that Hanvold use this as everything else for all it's worth!

How does Normisjon to TV Vision Norway and to the way channel uses the organization's name? The following is a kind of open letter to Normisjon but also (again) criticism of Vision Norway verbal transgressions and sloppiness with significant units.

"Normisjon welcomes everyone to a program (...)" (my emphasis) wrote TV Vision Norway on their Facebook page ahead of yesterday's Jesus Network broadcast.

I've never heard Normisjon by General or other centrally, confirm that such a discussion is accepted by them. It is Jesus Net, which belongs to at Normisjon but takes part independent choices, which cooperates with TV Vision Norway. Here, as many a time before, marketer Vision Norway Studio Direct broadcasts with Jesus Net as if they officially partnered with Normisjon.

Photo by Lise Karlsen who also lends itself to this perverse TV channel which is completely distant from the Gospel. I do not understand that they allow themselves to be used as such by Hanvold and Vision Norway and think that all this is allright? This is no doubt a lot of seduction!

Previously Vision Norway for a period moderated slightly in its discussion of cooperation - eg. often referred to "Jesus Nett / Normisjon" instead of "Normisjon". This happened after we were some who took up how the "advertised" with Normisjon name etc. With "some" I mean the undersigned as well as two people who have a certain affinity to the organization.

Now they see visionaries seem to be more at ease again.

Maybe Normisjon v / General, and / or Jesus Mains v / Helge and Mary Anette Skaaheim should clarify one thing and another - opposite belief Movers in Dunstable and Drammen? Or to the public - if Normisjon actually said, "Okay, go on with the use of our name" to Vision Norway?

Dear Normisjon!
As long Vision Norway does not take carefully at this, it looks obvious like Normisjon is a good friend and partner of the TV channel. It is mildly strange if it never comes any public statement or clarification of their stance.

The undersigned has not time ago had some email contact with former Secretary General Rolf Kjøde. Kjøde was clear enough - not only with what he wrote to me, but - according to himself - directly opposite Jan Hanvold * - the organization's official position.

I hope that NORMISJON General / board is afraid of being perceived as "enemies of Christian unity" if they explain clearly and openly that it is not Normisjon as an organization that works with Vision Norway.

Or is it been now? It is so, something a bit new and sensational.

Is Vision Norway been living pure? Or is it "dangerous" much taboo linked to the channel?
Vision Norway is a controversial TV channel - who claims to speak on behalf of God that viewers will provide 50 000, 100 000 and 200 000 to the channel **. The channel claims to be "a storehouse" where Christians can "bring the tithe" (J. Hanvold Studio Direct, 9/24/14). Claiming status as "all the Christian people TV channel" as "preach the gospel 24 hours" (ref. Various statements by J. Hanvold).

Being pragmatic or see between subtle with individual cases, it is not necessarily wrong. But a collaboration with TV Vision Norway, religious movement "steamroller" anno 2015 is indeed a serious concern.

Although I have not even stayed me a lot just in Normisjon context, I feel justified in earnest to say about this. I still have a kind of Christian belief, and I think that there are a lot of good work for children, young people and the elderly in Normisjon auspices. As found in the direction of other Lutheran / Christian organizations with a certain sense intact in Norway. I have the opinion that in Normisjon auspices are many who have been meeting a positive form of Christianity where it is allowed to think and to be themselves - not so different it I have had the pleasure to attend the events at KFUK- YMCA.

How long such a good work in Normisjon can last and be kept up - if religious movement extreme healing learn and seed extremism associated with the organization due. "media cooperation" and "unity"? It is an interesting question, and I hope that Normisjon have to experiment to find the answers to it.

One important underscore:
This post is not criticism of Helge and Mary Anette Skaaheim or Jesus Nett, who gets to take the assessments they take out of their convictions and their discretion. There is severe enough. It is part fine that have come to the live broadcasts I've seen them as program managers. That does not mean I think it's wise of Alright Christian organizations (which Jesus Net seems) to cooperate with media enterprises within religious movement. However, this is not the topic of this post text, which is more an inquiry to Normisjon central, and often partial to the grassroots level - and a critique of Vision Norway as little truthful in his rhetoric.

Greeting someone scratching their heads to see how far Vision Norway gets going with its rhetorical misfortunes - without reasonable church leaders taking public distance.

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