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No. 861: God's holy spirit is more comprehensive and splits, which testify that there is no person we are dealing with, but a part of God Himself!

No. 861:
God's holy spirit is more comprehensive and splits, which testify that there is no person we are dealing with, but a part of God Himself!

For me it appears the Trinity at a level where a raises finger, taking out a number. And that's it, here was the number three. But the word of God portrays head is not God as a trinity, but as one who is above all, even the Son Christ Jesus. It is only and only God the Father is the only true God from everlasting to everlasting.
Therefore, it is about making learning right and convey a truthful message. Where we are adding only to reason what God's word says, not traditions and centuries dogmas that can not hold "water" as the basis for our doctrine and faith!

Scripture says that we see bits and pieces, but one day everything will be revealed. And is not it wonderful? Imagine if I was wrong, but Nevertheless it see reality? But had the "right" but do not see the reality? For me there are two things that are most important for salvation, it is to live morally clean and have a new and purified heart. Abilities one to have it, so will everything else also arrange themselves. I myself believed in the Trinity, before God painstakingly showed me that this was not in line with scripture.

Keep your heart above all says the word of God in the heart of life expires. Photo of a heart, a heart that beats for God and their fellow man.


About the Holy Spirit

The Hebrew word Ruach and the Greek word pneuma, which often translates, has many meanings. The aim all to something that is invisible to human eyes, and that testify force in motion. The Hebrew and Greek word used about

1) wind

2) the active life-force in earthly creatures

3) the inducement effect arising from a person's figurative heart and that drives it to say and do things in a certain way

4) inspired utterances originating from an invisible source

5) Spiritual People

6) God's active force or holy spirit

What is the Holy Spirit?

A comparison of the scriptures about the Holy Spirit, shows that people may be of it, that they can be 'baptized' with it, and that it can be with it. Luke 1: 41; Matthew 3: 11; Acts 10: 38

None of these expressions would fit if the holy spirit was a person.
Jesus called also the Holy Spirit as one or one intended, and 'hear'. John 14: 16,17,26; 15: 26; 16: 13

It is not unusual that something is personified in the Bible. It is said for example that wisdom. Luke 7: 35, A = (older Norwegian translation 1930)

Sin and death are referred to as kings. Romans 5: 14.21, LB = (Sounds Brown), NW

Some scriptures say that the spirit, but others make it clear that this happened through angler or humans. (Acts 4: 25; 28: 25; Matthew 10: 19,20; compare Acts 20: 23 21: 10,11)

In John 5: 6-8 states that not only the spirit but also. We can therefore say that none of the statements contained in these scriptures in itself proves that the Holy Spirit is a person.

The correct identification of the Holy Spirit must match all scriptures that mention this Spirit. With this viewpoint, it is logical to conclude that the Holy Spirit is God's active force. It is not a person, but a powerful force that God allows flow out of themselves for His holy will be completed. Psalm 104: 30; 2 Peter 1:21; Acts 4:31
And hence one should not pray to the Spirit (or Jesus), but to the Father, in Jesus' name.

The word "he" is a personal pronoun. The words "he, she, it, it" is a subjective form of the 3rd person singular. But this does not mean that the word "he" is a person. For example, the Spirit called an advocate in the shape it is grammatically correct to use "he".

Using the word "person" for the Holy Spirit is there also no concrete description of the Bible. This is a form of interpretation / phraseology which I believe can be easily misconstrued and misinterpreted by non-Christians.

This I write about for hours. But I believe that God can multiply "themselves." We read about such. the seven spirits of God etc.
But to make this an extra Gude Person is like numerous finger up in the air and it's coming first one, it uses a. Of course this is wrong, but that is really the whole Trinity. It is taken out of context.

Final Comment:

In many ways the Holy Spirit as the angels. He is a spiritual dimension that is different than ours. We read that the Spirit came a dove, as tongues of fire etc. But then he stands also featured as seven Spirits of God etc. But never we find that the Spirit is referred to by name, indicating that we have not a person to do in the true sense. But with a part of God even when God is Spirit. Transforms God himself? No, God's Spirit is just like his "extended" arm so off we shall learn to know him. And getting the right understanding of who God and Jesus are. This will only be conveyed exclusively by God's own Spirit.

120 tongues, 7 Spirits of God and one pigeon

Have heard some to emphasize that the Holy Spirit is a person, that they use this with the dua that came down over Jesus, but not the tongues of fire coming down over the 120 at Pentecost. Why? For me it is not trying to let words be set up against each other to distort true cap. And to twist the truth, it quickly becomes a lie!

And seven Spirits of God says. What is meant by that? Simply that God is Spirit and can manifest itself in the forms, number and figures he will at all times!

Joh. e. 4 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

Why does the Holy Spirit a figure sometimes? This is a heavenly dimension, which far surpasses ours. But then take this to income that we are talking about a person, it is fairly applied. We can as far as I see it, in no way claiming that the Spirit is a person, like the Father and the Son are. But the Spirit is a part of God, as God and Jesus "prolonged" arm to this world and us as believers. But it will not be "delicious" to go to heaven and see who had the "right"?

I know that of course is the possibility that I present is completely wrong, if not in all but essential things.
I do not think, but the opening until it is healthy and right for everyone to be aware, we are people who are not perfect as God.
It is nevertheless wonderful to know that I see bits and pieces, like everyone else. But it is when we come home, we fully want to know everything. And then with full vishet.

Has written a good part article on this subject, adding some out here down so you can study this at your leisure.

 Nr. 633:

Trinity doctrine " code " is groundbreaking , " Never will they have fooled anyone into this doctrine unchallenged longer!

Jesus called himself the Son of Man . Not once he looked at himself and called himself the only true God. It was Satan who wanted to be the only true God , or to put it another way , to God the Father space . The whole doctrine of the Trinity has undoubtedly a Satanic and demonic origins as Trinity continued where Satan was stopped. Jesus never claimed for himself that he is the only true God and the second person of God : 1 Tim . 4 1 Now the Spirit speaketh clear words that in the latter times some shall fall away from the faith , as they hold themselves to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils . You are a " spiritual " thief if you believe in the Trinity , Jesus never ever said that he is God the Father, equal in rank or a second person in God for Fathers . This is something that Lucifer wanted to usurp the dawn of time , but not Jesus 

Nr. 597:


Age Samuelsen sings : " What could I order it ." I can neither something that Trinity is not biblical and New Testament teachings of believing in three equal Gods etc. And I can neither prevent anyone from believing in this false doctrine. But for those who want to know more , study the blog and our website. And you wonder something? Write here on the blog or send your question to us . 

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