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No. 863: The phenomenon Mullah Krekar or Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad!

No. 863:
The phenomenon Mullah Krekar or Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad!

I have daily with Muslims to do and it is also important to temper themselves in our relationship and views on Muslims. Muslims are as I see it not come as far as us in the West many things, good and bad. It is eg. far less Muslims who are divorced and remarried than here in Norway and West. But then there are so many but with this.

Photo by Erna Solberg (murder threatened by Mullah Krekar and convicted for it) and
Siv Jensen, who are accused of violating human rights. But something that is fairly certain, this has Mullah Krekar done, and he is also convicted of criminal acts. To attack Siv Jensen is turning everything on the head! Krekar former guerrilla leader of terrorists and convicted to wish others dead. Can not see that such a man has some tinned front of others to invoke protection, rather the opposite!


The phenomenon Mullah Krekar or Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad!

Is phenomenon Mullah Krekar nice? Is he nice? Is he a "good" Muslim? Yes I think.
But the "problem" is for me at least two things with the phenomenon Mullah Krekar or Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad. It is that he has a past as guerrilla wars. And that he can threaten people with death as he did against Erna Solberg and two Kurds. As far as I know, sorry there and takes 100% distance from this.

I do not know so much to Mullah Krekar or Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad.

But can we trust such a man with such a past and present murder threatens empty Norway's current Prime Minister?

For me so need Mullah Krekar treatment against the terrible anger he has. And secondly, training and understanding that one can not be nice in a tea party, and secondly murder threaten others in the next moment. This is a psychopath who act so mean now!

Considering we not human negative and "potential" pages, we are not talking true. Krekar deserve in no way whatsoever to be taken with silk gloves and invoke human rights. Norwegian law he is convicted of breaking.

Final Comment:
I have nothing against Muslims, the vast majority are good people. But to believe that Muslims and the Muslim faith and learning is only good when taking a really wrong, and is seduced and deceived. Muhammad was a warrior, a pedophile killer etc. And believe there comes a peaceful religion out of such a man? Never!

But while we must understand that Muslims are mostly born into this religion, and have not taken any own choice either for or against. Therefore of course our view of Muslims and the Muslim faith and learn not just black and white.

My clear solicitation nor to pray for Muslims, pointing to the gospel. Arguing in the infinite against Muslims leads mostly not arrive. Some sentences and ask the some things are good and healthy. But it says about the church in Thessalonica they repented to God from idols. It is only when one becomes enlightened by truth, that light is put on. That dark, dirt and all the negative becomes obvious. It is only and alone gospel is our hope and rescue.

1 Thess. 1. 9 For they themselves shew of us what manner of entering in we had unto you, and how you turned to God from idols, to serve the living and true God 10 and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus , which delivered us from the wrath.

Excerpts from VG to review the case of death threats against Erna Solberg:

Oslo District Court (AP) Mullah Krekar is sentenced to five years in prison for death threats against including Conservative leader Erna Solberg.
30 November 1991: Mullah Krekar (55) or Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad as his name, came to Norway with spouse and three children who quota refugees through the UN.
     In the ten years that followed lived Krekar in Norway, but traveled several times to Iraq. He was elected to the military leader of Islamic Movement of Kurdistan (IMK). In Norway he got work permits. His family was in 2000 granted Norwegian citizenship, but Krekar application was rejected.
     In 2001, the extreme Islamist group Ansar al Islam formed. Krekar was one of leader figures.
     Krekar left Iraq to vacation in Norway on 17 May 2002. The same year he was jailed in the Netherlands and sent to Norway.
     19 February 2003: Immigration issued deportation orders against Krekar. The expulsion was postponed because of the situation in Iraq.
     Oslo District Court and Court of Appeal rejects Krekar attempts to invalidate the expulsion decision.
     In 2006, Mullah Krekar first put on the UN terrorist list.
     8 November 2007: The country's highest court held that Krekar poses a danger to national security. Supreme Court rejects expulsion decision is invalid. Meanwhile it emerged that the mullah was involved in jihadist websites.
     Krekar did not matter its up in the European Court of Human Rights when he tried in 2008.
     10th June 2010: At a press conference where Norwegian press is banned words fell where he threatened Conservative leader Erna Solberg and which is one of the main points of the indictment Krekar had to answer for in the Oslo District Court.

Krekar, or Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad as his real name, said not a word to the press before the trial started. Nor would he say anything else to VG Nett than that "Norwegian press is pharaonic media", referring to the pre-Islamic rulers who ruled Egypt in ancient times.

Support in the Qur'an

Judge Per Fleisje began sentencing readings to go through the court's assessment of the alleged threats against the three Kurds. Krekar has defended himself that he just explained what Islamic law has to say about the matter.

The referee found that Krekar find support for his statement in the Koran and Islamic law, but that others would disagree with him. He then proceeded to discuss whether the statements of Krekar was just such an interpretation, or whether they had perceived as threats.

Islamic authority

The referee showed that it generally will not be such that the statements will be considered as death threats, but it depends on how the threats are conveyed by Krekar.

The ruling states that Krekar has urged to spread his fatwa death sentence to all Muslim countries and spread images of one of the alleged killing endangered Kurds.

- In the court reviews it is clear that Krekar has sought attention so that those who are threatened, feel threats, the judge said. The court also pointed out that Krekar is considered a Muslim authority in the Kurdish community and that he has "professional expertise". The referee showed also Krekar background as a feared Islamist leader in Kurdistan.

- It gives him authority. In the court's opinion there is no doubt that Krekar status gives him the opportunity to make a significant impact, said judge Per Fleisje.

What is Krekar charged?

Solicitation of offenses, as well as threats against Conservative leader
(current Prime Minister) Erna Solberg and two Kurds who have previously burned excerpts from the Koran. Krekar has also said that Solberg "pay the price" if he were sent to Iraq and killed there. The two Kurds got a fatwa, an Islamic declaration against them.

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