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No. 868: Newspaper Day and Anfin Skaaheim criticism of Jan Kaare Hanvold is just trickery staged the Evil of neglect where Hanvold stuck!

No. 868:
Newspaper Day and Anfin Skaaheim criticism of Jan Kaare Hanvold is just trickery staged the Evil of neglect where Hanvold stuck!

Jan Kaare Hanvold live in sin when he is re-married as a believer, several times!
Image of Anfin Skaaheim which obviously is led by the evil in his criticism of Hanvold when he ignores the most important and most serious to criticize Hanvold for. It is that he is re-married as believers and Pastor, it makes him disqualified to hold a service and spiritual ministry in the church of God.


To attack Hanvold that he has an African who is fond of money, and that comes with a promise of healing and salvation if one gives to Vision Norway. Criticizing Vision Norway for this is rather timely. They have preached to all the years I know about it. And why attack this Bayo Oniwinde, which is just a lackey for Hanvold?

HANVOLD cardinal sin and there he stuck is primarily that he has his path clean on the moral. It helps nothing if he gets money "legal" or "illegal". He lives in adultery anyway!

Newspaper Day and Anfin Skaaheim criticism of Jan Kaare Hanvold is to divert from what is important to criticize Hanvold for. Those who ignore HANVOLD cardinal sin, that he is re-married. They go really in the Ondes service.

If a doctor had operated a person who has cancer of the foot and a scratch on his hand, and had removed his hand. What had been concerned when? Not a doctor, but a monster. It is exactly this that newspaper's Day and Anfin Skaaheim doing. They are busy with something that is totally insignificant up against that Hanvold is re-married and living in adultery. That he gets into x number of millions does not matter, so long as he lives in sin.

I've written a lot about Hanvold, then he is a role model for how a false prophet are. Here are some articles about Hanvold, that one needs to read and heed.


No. 719:
The false prophet Jan Hanvold attacked me again because he signs and wonders following him. Ergo when he was untouchable!

Unfortunately, so is God's church been deceived, yes triplets deceived by Satan and his legions.

Smith Wigglesworth said that Satan has nothing to do, so he sits on the vast majority of churches in the sprout tower, to "relax" and he has the full and complete control.

The Bible says that Jesus is Lord and ruler of the congregation, but is he really? When such people as Jan Hanvold get to work freely without being denied soapbox and cooperate with him almost as one.  


No. 733:

The false prophet Jan Hanvold claims at the Summer Conference Ulf Ekman is betrayed and deceived by Satan!

Hanvold is "relieved" to be accountable for his own life, ministry and whatever he does because then I know of no Christians except us in Smyrna Oslo as he attacks to argue anything other than what God's Word says about marriage when Hanvold fornicators for what Jesus, Paul, and many of the Bible's men claimed was right for a believer to live by.
Photo of Ulf Ekman and his wife who meets Pope Francis 1 as Hanvold correct saying is seduced by Satan, but the most deceived himself, ignoring him. For a big, big delusion


No. 822:

Jan Hanvold divorced and re-married as a Christian - font he calls for adulterer - will send broadcasts from Minos funeral; Apostasy is complete in Norway!

Apostasy in Norway is not something that comes, it is here; NOW!

Image of Antichrist that he might be? It is quite possible that he is homosexual, and when he accepts surely remarriage too. "The church" in Norway are more prepared to face than Jesus. Jesus says enough without passing the church today! Recommend my commentaries for Revelation


 No. 751:
From Fridtjov Søiland Birkeli to Jan Kåre Hanvold!

The newspaper Our Country had a very interesting article, or articles about Bishop Fridtjov Søiland Birkeli who lived in adultery for 10 years with his teen girlfriend. And finally step down as Bishop. The time now is obviously changed, but the basic features are the same. God's church is at its resting place, the sin be hushed up, hidden and no one will know. "The Show Must Go On".
Picture of a whore buck that will go "free" in God's church today. He has "succeeded" and "The Show Must Go On", Pastor Jan Hanvold

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