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No. 867: Have judgment started with the house of God? Now it's so much within its ranks Christians that this can not be a coincidence, but a judgment from the Lord ?!

No. 867:
Have judgment started with the house of God? Now it's so much within its ranks Christians that this can not be a coincidence, but a judgment from the Lord ?!

Unfortunately think most Christians that they are exempt from all that God's word speaks about people who have a judgment, death and punishment!
Is God just good and loving? Or speak the word of God on the day of vengeance, reckoning and re debt's day from the Lord?


Roland 2
Roland Lundgren is known as one of the group Curt and Roland is also re-married as a Christian. Judgment are those who live in sin as a believer to take over the church of God as long as they are not excluded! Ward Discipline God's word standard is absent!

Scripture says:

1 Pet. 4. 17 For now the time has come for judgment to begin, and it must begin with God. But coming judgment over us first, how is it then finally with those who disobey the gospel of God? 18 And it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will be going the ungodly and the sinner? 19 Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator and do good.

I have experienced several times that those who disobey the Lord, especially regarding sin, die an early death! This is now about to escalate, it is God's judgment of his congregation and those who profess his name?

Examples of God's judgment of people:

1.) God's judgment upon the Egyptians
2 Numbers 14

2.) God's judgment of Assyrhæren
Isaiah 37

3.) God's judgment of Northern Kingdom of Israel
2 Kings 17

4.) God's judgment over South kingdom in Israel
Daniel 1

5.) God's judgment of Miriam
4 Numbers 12

6.) God's judgment of the sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu
4 Genesis 3

7.) God's judgment of Korah, Dathan and Abiram
4 Numbers 16

8.) God's judgment of Israel in the desert
4 Numbers 14

9.) God's judgment of the wicked Haman
Esther 7

10.) God's judgment of Ananias and Sapphira
Acts 5

11.) God's judgment of five of the seven churches in Revelation Book
            Joh. Revelations. 2-3

12.) God's judgment of the people of Armageddon Battle
            Joh. Revelations. 16

13.) God's judgment of Muslims and Russia by Gog battle
            Ezekiel 38-39

14.) God's judgment of Satan and his allies
            Joh. Revelations. 20

15.) God's judgment of people who did not accept the offer of salvation
            Joh. Revelations. 20

16.) God's judgment of Ninevia
            Nahum 1

17.) God's judgment of Gude sons
            1 Numbers 6

18.) God's judgment of all empires
            Daniel 2

19.) God's judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah
            1 Exodus 19

20.) God's judgment of Solomon owing sexual promiscuity

King Solomon and all gjengifede preachers have gone over a line that God does not allow and delight in!

Nehemiah 13. 23 In those days I saw also that some Judeans had taken women from Ashdod, Ammon and Moab. 24 Half of their children spoke the language of Ashdod or the language of the other folks. They could not speak Judean. 25 I rebuked the men and cursed them. Some of them beat me, and I plucked off their hair. So I let them swear by God. I said, "Ye shall not give your daughters to the sons of others or take some of the others daughters as wives for your sons or for yourselves. 26 Was not it because of such Solomon king of Israel sinned? Among the many nations there was no king like him. He was loved by his God, and God made him king over all Israel. Still got the strange women him to sin. 27 Should one now hear about you that you do so much evil and unfaithful to our God by taking strange women to you? "

We read that King Solomon went beyond what God's word taught. It is exactly the same as those re-married as believers do. Both violate God's word.

A King in Israel would be frugal, he should have just horses and women. King Solomon had countless. So it is with today gjengifede Christians, they do not marry up just once, but several times. God's judgment is about to frame the church of God?

Kong law

5 Genesis 17 14 When you come into the land which the Lord your God gives you, when you take it and settle you there, and shalt say: "I will appoint a king, so all the nations around me have done," 15 then you can set up a king, a man whom the Lord your God will choose out. One of your countrymen you shall appoint as king. You must not take a stranger who is not your countryman. 16 But the king must not acquire many horses and not send his people to Egypt to obtain more horses, for the Lord has said: "You will never go back that way again." 17 The king should not take many wives so he is tempted to apostasy, and he must not accumulate silver and gold in large quantities.
     18 When the king sat on the throne, he will get the team a scroll with a copy of this law, written after Levitical. 19 He will keep it with himself and read it so long as he lives, so that he may learn to fear the Lord his God. And he will hold on to every word of this law and all these regulations and live by them, 20 so he's not in his heart sits higher than the national men's and do not shy from the commandment, to the right or left. Then he and his descendants have kingship in Israel for a long time.

Kong law or preach the law in NT

1 Cor. 7. 10 To the married I have this rule, not from myself but from the Lord: A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.

1 Tim. 3. 2 A bishop then must not be accused of anything. He must be husband of one wife, sober, prudent, courteous, hospitable, able to teach.

Here is the similarity between King Solomon and current gjengifede preachers, they have thrown their conscience by. Therefore everything allowed.

1 Tim. 1. 19 in faith and good conscience. Some have swept conscience aside, and their faith has been shipwrecked.

Their faith is shipwrecked like a ship when they do not have minimum respect and knowledge of God's word and Jesus' teachings anymore.

They marry again, all the time if they are divorced. King Solomon procured together 1000 wives. They are unstoppable and cease from sin, though they believe in God and Jesus.

The false prophet has this with him, insatiable. 2. Pet. 2. 12 But these people blaspheme what they do not know and are like animals without reason, which by nature are destined to be caught and perish. Then shall they also go under in his maturity 13 and suffer pain as pay for their wrongdoing. They enjoy carousing at noonday. They are shame stains confusion for you when they eat with you and gorge themselves, indulgence as they are. 14 Their eyes gorge on women who offer themselves up, they are insatiable sin. They seduce weak souls, and in their hearts they can trick hoard. During curse they are! 15 For they have forsaken the right way and gone astray. They follow the same track as Balaam Bosore son, who loved wrongful gain. 16 But he was shown to facilitate their iniquity; a dumb ass speaking with man's voice and stopped the prophet in his madness.

Notice in v. 14. It fit perfectly on today gjengifede preachers and others. We read: "Their eyes gorge on women who offer themselves up, they are insatiable sin. They seduce weak souls, and in their hearts they can trick hoard. During curse they are! ".

They are under the curse, it's just a matter of time before judgment Strikes!

Where will this end? Scripture says the following:

1 Pet. 4. 17 For now the time has come for judgment to begin, and it must begin with God. But coming judgment over us first, how is it then finally with those who disobey the gospel of God?

The judgment does not begin with the world, but with God's church!

I think how this will happen, I do not know. But we now see that far more gjengifede preachers and confidence- people die an early death, heart attack and gets it happens so much with those. Is this God's judgment? Or will it happen in other ways? I do not know, but God's Word says: "judgment must begin and must begin with God. But coming judgment over us. "

The verdict comes first over the church of God!

There has been much talk about July 22 that it was a judgment, something I ask myself repellent facing. But what will happen to the believers? As has been raised that Jesus talks about and where the judgment shall be far stricter.

Woe upon cities in Galilee

Matt. 11. 20 Then Jesus began to denounce the cities where he had done most of his mighty works, because they did not repent: 21 "Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! If the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would long ago have repented in sackcloth and ashes. 22 But I say unto you, Tyre and Sidon will drop easier on the day of judgment than for you. 23 And thou, Capernaum - Will you be lifted to heaven? No, Hades shalt be brought down! If the mighty works done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained to this day. 24 But I say to you: On the day of judgment shall Sodom country dropping lighter than you. "

This is what we are facing, we believers are so much entrusted have squandered it away worse than the world who have not experienced God's great grace in Christ Jesus!

Final Comment:

I do not know who said how the judgment will happen. But any thoughts I have made myself. Shall I think out loud, so it looks like premature death and heart attack is a form of God's judgment. But it will be much more extensive than this. I think that the economic among the believers will be affected in one way or manner, the flow of money into the church of God be reduced. And in some cases go empty.

We also look at other ways that not only they marry again once but several times. It testifies completely disrespectful people who are consumed by alien spirits which today has become "leaders" in the church of God. Judgment is at hand, there is no way back without full capitulation and repentance!

Luke 3 7 A lot of people went out to be baptized by John, and he said to them: "You brood of vipers! Who taught you how to escape the wrath to come? 8 So berry fruits in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father.' For I tell you, God can raise up children for Abraham from these stones. 9 The ax is already at the root of the trees; Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. "

Israel professed also as children of Abraham, but lived as unrepentant. The message was that: "The ax is already at the root of the trees; Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. "

Today is also the same message, that ax is ready to be adopted. And it will be applied to the leadership of the church of God in the first place. Secondly, it spread. We have bad and difficult times that lie ahead unless the church repents.

But for those who repent, live by God's word, it is just bright prospects!

Word. 4. 18 The path of the righteous is like the morning light,
           that constantly grows day comes.
12. 28 In righteousness path is life to find,
           the road is not the way of death.

For those who walk with God, believe in the name of Jesus and live by the New Testament teachings. For the Competent everything will go well and if the living wicked today repent. What person? And whoever lives by the word of God today, but going away from the Lord's way, what about them? Here scripture gives answers, as on everything else!

Ezekiel 33. 1. LORD came to me: 2 man, speak to your people and say: 'When I bring the sword upon a land, the people will take one of their own and put him to the watchman. 3 When he sees the sword coming upon the land, he blows the trumpet and warns the people. 4 If someone hears the horn signal can not be warn and the sword comes and takes him shall his blood be upon his own head. 5 He heard the horn signal but did not warn. Therefore his blood come upon him. If he had let himself warn, he had saved their lives.
      6 may watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people be not warned. When the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, it happens because of his guilt. But his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.
      7 O man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. When you hear a word from my mouth, and warn them from me. 8 When I say to an unfair "You unjust, you shall die" and you do not warn him against the life he leads, he shall die because of his guilt. But his blood I will require at your hand. 9 If you warn the unjust that he should turn from his way, and he still does not repent, then he will die because of his guilt. But you have saved their lives.

10 O man, say to the house of Israel: You say: "When our offense and sins is so heavily upon us that we rot, how can we live?" 11 Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord God, I will not that the unrighteous will die, but that he should turn from his way and live. Repent, turn from their wicked way! Why do you die, O house?
     12 O man, say to your people, The righteousness of justice should not save him on the day he sins. And the wicked injustice should not trap him on the day he turns from his iniquity. The righteous can not live by his righteousness on the day he sins. 13 When I say to the righteous: "He shall live," but he trusts his righteousness and does evil, then all his righteous deeds be forgotten. Because he did evil, he will die. 14 When I say to the unjust: "He shall die," but he turns from his sin and does what is right and fair, 15 he shall live and not die. Perhaps the unjust gives back a pledge he has taken, replaces what he had robbed, and follow life's regulations, so he does something evil. 16 None of the sins he did, to be remembered more. He has done what is right and just, he shall live.
     17 Now well your people say, "the Lord is not just. 'But it is their own way that is not right. 18 When the righteous turneth away from his righteousness and does evil, he will die because of it. 19 And when the unjust turn away from their wrongs and do what is right and just, he shall live because of it. 20 You say that the Lord is evident just. I will judge each of you according to his own ways, O house of Israel.

I've included here a lot of Ezekiel when Ezekiel preached the message that is applicable today. That we must do penance, improvement and repent. And live one by the word of God, so do than to do the same when Spirit Kampen just hotting up. And once saved is not always saved. We must stadigvek live in God's grace and love. Follow the word of God and faith in Jesus' name and live by what the New Testament teaches!

Judgment is coming! In what way? It comes scripture says, and it begins with God's people.

1 Pet. 4. 17 For now the time has come for judgment to begin, and it must begin with God. But coming judgment over us first, how is it then finally with those who disobey the gospel of God?

There are both Old Testament and New Testament teaching that God judge and everyone must be responsible for their lives, what one does. And also what a fail to do!

Heb. 9. 27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die and then the judgment.

We all should stand within its God's court. Here it is that God holds judgment, first with his congregation, with the world! Sin has now come so far in the church, that a judgment is coming, and it comes, I think very soon!

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