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Nr. 609: Some thoughts on mental and physical illness related to belief in God and serve Him!

Nr. 609:

Some thoughts on mental and physical illness related to belief in God and serve Him!

Photo of Angelo Bronzino Allegory of Venus ' triumph from around 1545 . It is painted showing that our inner state of mind is also expressed through us

Hey !

You write about Pastor ......... (name omitted for that we should not have problems later ) and others who are physically and mentally ill. Do you think these can not and should serve God and to be Christians? Have I misunderstood your post or ? Hoping for a speedy reply .

With best regards John K

I have had several confrontations with people online who clearly have mental disorders that make them particularly excited by feel trampled on . Others could take it with a smile and ignored, but people with mental illness will overreact . But I have met and will surely meet even more people who are believers with mental disorders.

What is mental illness ? This is from Wikipedia: Mental disorders and mental disorders is an umbrella term for various disorders and diseases that primarily affects the mind and consciousness and not the physical body. Mental disorders ranging from simple ailments such as phobias and lighter depression and anxiety to serious illnesses such as schizophrenia , paranoia and bipolar disorder ( manic -depressive disorder) . Mental illnesses affect people's behavior and way of being , thinking ( cognition ) and feelings and can have serious consequences for daily life and surroundings . Mental disorders may be due to genetic , physico-chemical , psychological or social factors ( end of quote ) .

There is a correlation between physical illness and mental illness .

It is inter alia demonstrated that individuals with severe and prolonged mental illness often have a lifestyle that involves little physical activity. But these people I have mentioned really keeps their mental illness hidden, this is what makes it so serious. Those who hide their illness, and who do not come forward and into the light with them, unfortunately , there are thousands of such in the congregation .

I have nothing against people with mental illness , those we are called to help , but sometimes we need to protect ourselves against sick people . The site is almost never raised in either secular or Christian contexts .

I've been so long in Christian contexts , and there are many " dangerous " people there who act as both Apostles , Prophets , Bible teaching , worship leaders etc.

We must distinguish between those who are aware of their suffering and doing the best they can. And those who keep this hidden and through their own suffering is " dangerous " and manipulative. Do not go in depth here , but such Jude mentions that we should act in different ways across different people :

Jude 22 And any man shall speak to remedy because they doubt , 23 save others by snatching them out of the fire , others have mercy with fear , as I hate even the flesh of infected robe .

It is basically a Christian set to help others, but such power of people that I have mentioned and others, the need to " shun like the plague " to protect ourselves and others. It is important that we follow God's word guide . As long as a sick person is not aware of and acknowledge their suffering. Then he may be dangerous both to themselves and others!

The secret is self-knowledge and repentance !

I think who said that one can serve God and be a blessing too. Only one is aware of its own standpoint. To get further, self-knowledge the key "key" !

Our psyche affects us in a very great extent . I can not in this article have everything with me, really, our mind is almost inexhaustible . But will conclude with how these people I have mentioned really are dangerous and often force people if they are allowed to direct and control others. If these come out of it they are inside in , so there must be some form of recognition . But for those who are aware of their psyche. So I do not consider those " dangerous " or people that we should stay away from, but rather help and treat as our fellow men and Companion . All we have to some extent a difficult psyche , but it is something completely different and serious to go round with such constant suffering. These pliers both treatments, help and be set free .

John 8:36 If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed .

Final comment :

It strange to people with mental disorders, they do not actually many times not only love and understanding, but a firm hand . We should not be so afraid to say what we think about each other, both positively and negatively . I also believe that God can and will use people with mental illness , only it can control and dominate the person too much. We read in Scripture :

1 Cor . 1 26 For ye see your calling, brethren , how that not many wise men after the flesh , not many mighty, not many noble ; 27 but it is bad in the world , God hath chosen to put the wise to shame , and the that is weak in the world , God hath chosen to make it strong to shame , 28 and it is low in the world , and what is despised , God hath chosen , and things which are not, to bring to naught things that is nothing, 29 That no flesh should glory in his presence .

It is like nothing , hath God chosen . There is hope for us all , hallelujah !

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