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Nr. 617: What 's good here in time?

Nr. 617:

What 's good here in time?

Picture of me and my wife will certainly recommend Smyrna Oslo, Hallelujah !

Hi Jan Kåre will first thank you for the nice blog . Has been in and read a little and there is much good there. ( Is not 100 % agree with everything then, but that's mostly because part of what you are going to is new to me and I need to spend time studying it yourself) .

Either will give you credit for that finally someone who is careful with God's Word. Is the way real tired of going to church services and listen to sermons is not about God's Word. Have heard some of what they have in Filadelfia Oslo, Hedmarktoppen and other Pentecostal contexts and it is not exactly something and shout hurray !

What I really wanted to ask you is there any Norwegian ministers / preachers to endorse and adhere to the Word of God ? (or English ?)

You write very much about the ones we should keep ourselves away , but very little about someone who has something good and get by.

God's blessings to you and yours ....

Regards Hans Jørgen

Hello !

Thanks for the kind words . Yes, it is really much good on our website and on our blogs , even when it comes to preaching , and more.

If I can recommend preachers and others? Of course I can. If you go on our website , under books and links. There you will find a plethora of good preachers , books and more. Begin to read there, do you have enough for a long time.

And I encourage my commentaries where in fact each book is also added with Bible overview .

I do not like standing up telling you and say that this is wonderful fight etc. But I am sure of one thing , you seek the Lord , even for good preaching , you will both find and get it.

Here is one that really has solid teaching :

Otherwise I can also mention that we have several real solid and good books that are out there on the net for free.

Here are some examples:

Secondly , we have to put a blog that it is possible to ask questions , get answers . It is only to fire in the way of you and everyone else.

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