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Nr. 437: Questions regarding giving tithes or of heart!

Nr. 437:
Questions regarding giving tithes or of heart!

Giving to Vision Norway is essentially the same supporting Satan when Pastor Jan Hanvold both doing heresy , living in sin and manipulative. It is the last activity Norwegian Christians and others should and should support. To support such . Us in Smyrna Oslo, then support than a business that is built around people who live and preach in accordance with God's word. This in turn creates confidence , joy and peace in the right way . It does nothing to give to Moldova and other projects when you live in sin and this is an excuse to live in sin .

1 Cor. 13 3 And if I give to feed others all my goods , and though I give my body to be burned , but have not love , it profits me nothing .

Jan and Inger Hanvold that is according to God's word his partner. Jesus said to the woman samritanske that the one you have now is not your husband, to Hanvold he said that the one you have now is not your wife

I had another question to the blog as well, you may have blogged it already, but the question is the following:

It comes to money , gifts , tenth etc. Firstly I practice tithing, and I think it belongs to the Lord , but that's not the point of my question .

1 I normally have given tithes to the local church I belong to, but I do not feel peace about it because the money goes to administration , salaries, operating church etc. ( cost level in Norway is not exactly low either) and it did not leave much progress for God rich . Feel it much more appropriate to give to something that pays off in the Kingdom of God with respect . the number of people you reach . Eg . Bibles for China , Missionary etc. etc ... Are there others who share my view here?

2 When we hear the teaching around around about tithing (especially on Vision Norway and others) that is often Malachi 3:10 and taking it out of context. Believes it is fundamental error to instruct you to give then to expect material blessing back in this life. Too much material wealth makes us corrupt ( just look at the average Norwegian Christians) We know that the Lord provides us with what we need (Matthew 6:25 ) and therefore when we give, give with joy , not to expect anything back here , but only expect to be rewarded in the next life for eternity. ( it makes sense / Biblical out ?)

3 Those who frequently teaches Journal , Malachi 3:10 and you will get back great blessing in this life are often the ones that have the highest cost and is therefore dependent on a lot of gifts to keep the wheels turning.

Do not know if you're 100 % agree with me then, but if you have time and opportunity could you write something on your blog about this?

Regards Hans Jørgen

Hello again Hans Jørgen !

You ask here about giving tithes or not I understand you correctly?

I do not think it is wrong to give tithing , but there are no orders to give tithe in the New Testament. Here is an article that is on our website :

Tithing !

Several times in the history of the church have groups of people attempted to introduce parts of the Mosaic law into the Christian faith. In Paul 's own time Judaists claimed that Christians were of other peoples than the Jews had to be circumcised before they could be saved. Paul fought against such ideas , and this writing he is also keen about in his letters .

Paul is not bare in his anger against such a thing, and say it as in a way trying to follow the law of Moses , has come out of grace in Christ , and that He wants those who circumcise himself had to cut off a certain body part in its attempt to "improve " the gospel.

Nowadays clutching among others Seventh- day Adventists on Sabbath and matforskriftene in the Old Testament. In the same way, trying most churches today maintain the Old Testament practice of tithing . The ruling also some confusion about what tithe really is something, and this is an attempt to clean up by looking at what both the Old and New Testament really teaches about tithing .

We shall see that Christians are obligated to tithe , but that everyone is free to give of their time , talents and money as he or she finds it in his heart . However , -so is it also true that the Lord will give us again for our generosity here on earth.

Luk.6 : 38 Give, and it shall be given ! A good , stopped , shook , crowded goal shall be given you in the lap ; For with the same measure you measure, it shall be measured again .

What is tithing?

The first thing we must do is to find out what tithing is for something. Tithe was well known not only in Israel - but also throughout the Middle East - where the tithe was used as revenue for kings and nobles . A tax system in other words.

Biblical definition of the tenth : - A tenth of annual production, either in the form of agricultural products or products from animal husbandry. That is NOT money. ( 3 Mos.27 :30 -32 ) According to the law of Moses was the tithe a compulsory scheme . ( 3.Mos.27 30 , 3.Mos.27 32 , 5.Mos.14.22 -23 , 5.Mos.14.28 ) . Pastors and church leaders who preach tithing shows that they do not own the slightest idea about what the Bible teaches about tithing all the tithes of - 's not ten percent of your income , as they claim . Nor it seems that they understand that the new covenant has replaced the old covenant , since they try to awaken life in the Old Testament ordinances .

This is what the Bible teaches about tithing size : We have not just a tenth - but three ! 1 ) Annual tenth of maintenance of the Levitical presteskap.5.Mos . Kap.14 ) 2 ) Annual tenth of Jerusalem. ( 5.Mos . Kap.14 ) 3) Tenth every three years for the Levites , the widows and fatherless - , - and to the foreign country. ( 5.Mos . Kap.14 )

Together, this would constitute NOT 10 % of your income , such as it is practiced today, but 23.3 % of annual income .

Tithing was an annual event, NOT on each pay day or once a week , as we practice it today . The Bible also teaches that those who lived far from Jerusalem were selling products amounted to tithe , and use the money for a feast before the Lord , under the assumption that the Lord had blessed them abundantly in the year that had passed. ( Read 5 - Mos.Kap.14 )

Tenth word is used eight times in the New Testament. Each time the word is used it to refer to the Jewish practice of tithing , or an Old Testament event. The New Testament is full of exhortations regarding sin and other spiritual problems, but we never see any reprimanded for not paying tithing.

In Acts 5:1 , we read about Ananias and Sapphira who sold a piece of land to give the money to the meeting. This couple died NOT because they do not give money, they did , but that they kept some of the money back in secret. I 've heard collectives agreements that use this story to scare assembly to distort pocket books. The Bible teaches that the tithe should be given to the Levitical priesthood , - NOT pastors or other church leaders . ( Hebr.7 : 5 )

By looking at the writings of the churches in the first centuries , we find nothing that the first churches had a practice of paying tithing. Irenaeus , - renowned leader of the Smyrna church says on the contrary that the practice of tithing ceased with Christ. The reason is simple : -The new covenant came to fulfill the Old Covenant . Do not misunderstand . . . - Jesus said that not one jot of the law and the prophets will perish . The law is , - as Paul says , - good , and schoolmaster unto Christ. The law still applies , for those who are in Christ . But for us who are in Christ 's law fulfilled by the Lord himself , - that we should not have to fulfill it. Why should we pay tithing , according to a law which is fulfilled for us ?

The law of Moses was given to the Jews , NOT the Christian church. Why are we the law of the tithe , but not all the other commandments and precepts of the Mosaic Law ? Moss Act requires , among other things, to not dress in clothes made ​​of different materials such as wool and cotton. Either your clothing be made of only wool or just cotton . Keeping some of us that part of the law of Moses ? No, of course - not ! Why are we then obligated to follow the Mosaic Law when it comes to tithe ? - The reason is very simple: Somebody is after your money ! Ask any pastor you want - why we do not follow the commandments of the law of Moses , and he will answer you the following: " Because the old covenant has been replaced by the new covenant. " If you then ask why we are then required to follow the old covenant of tithing , - have your pastor lie, if he will sound believable , and say that it is imposed on us so in the new covenant. - Is it?

- We can bring to us the scriptures in the New Testament to see if we imposed such a thing.

Matt.23 : 23 Woe unto you, you scribes and Pharisees , you hypocrites , ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and not omitted the weightier matters of the law : Straight and mercy and faithfulness ! This should be done, and without neglecting the others . - Jesus says this to us , or to the scribe ? Luk.18 : 12 I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess. This is from the story of the publican and the scribes , where the scribes boast how fair he is. This is hardly an imposition for us to pay tithing. Heb.7 : 1 . . To whom also Abraham gave a tenth of everything, and being first, by interpretation , king of righteousness , but then also king of Salem , that is , King of peace . - Is this an order to us ?

Heb.7 : 3 And behold how great this man was, to whom Abraham , the patriarch , gave a tenth of the spoils ! - Nor is this an imposition. Heb.7 : 4 And while the children of Levi who receive the priesthood , have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law , that is, of their brethren , though they come out of the loins of Abraham . Same here too - no imposition. Heb.7 : 5 So this is not counted his seed from them received tithes from Abraham and blessed him who had the promises . Again the same thing - Paul does not give us commandment to pay tithing.

Heb.7 : 7 And here are the mortals who receiveth tithes , but there one that has the testimony that He lives. Now it should soon get a commandment to pay tithing here . . . For now we have only one scripture again . . .

Heb.7 : 8 And if I may so say, through Abraham even Levi , who receiveth tithes , been placed in the tenth . Yes, folks, - that was all the New Testament had and say about tithing. - Not a single prescription to us Christians.

Most of the above scriptures is that you see from Hebrews , - where Paul teaches about salvation in Christ. He teaches NOT about tithing ! The scriptures about tithing point just back to events in the Old Testament. The New Testament contains no teaching on tithing at all . I am quite sure that if God has plans for your church , - then he fully able to implement those plans WITHOUT restoring law of Moses ! Money should not be a problem at all for those who are in God's plan. - When arranging possibly God in things so that His plan is implemented. God has in fact habit to finish what He starts .

Phil.1 : 5 And I am confident of this , that he who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ . But if the pastor of your church has a lot of plans that are NOT God has given him , I well understand that the economy is a topic that is covered with a lot of hassle and stress. If the leaders of our parishes have plans that have occurred in their own heads , -so should they be responsible for raising the money to carry out their plans.

The world is full enough as it is of people running carousel with other people's money !

Final Comment:

I hope and think you got some answers here . I, for my part fi personal testimony , so it's going back to his closet and be silent for what and where to give . There are many out there who want and need our support. Therefore be silent before God , that's my best advice .

Matt . 6 5 And when ye pray , you shall not be like the hypocrites , for they would love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners , to show unto men: verily I say unto you, They have their reward . 6 But you , when you pray, go into your room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Otherwise I would also say one thing, encountered primarily those involved in mission and business in Norway and Europe. Secondly, those who work there in the 3rd world, this is my general advice.

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