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Nr. 610: The approach of the Word of Life and part of religious movement becomes more and more obvious as Ulf Ekman Son Benjamin has converted to the Catholic Church!

Nr. 610:

The approach of the Word of Life and part of religious movement becomes more and more obvious as Ulf Ekman Son Benjamin has converted to the Catholic Church!

Before , when I was growing up as a believer was the backdrop that the Catholic Church was the great whore , all her harlot daughters were the ones who began to work with her. Wondering exactly what the example . the first Pentecostals and elsewhere in the free church camp would say today if they had experienced the development that is within its the free church movement? I personally am convinced that they had been nausea and called all the free church movement in Scandinavia for Laodicea . This would the founders of all the free church movement said is my conviction. Image of the in my opinion is the " greatest" free church leader who is reared here in the Nordic countries - perhaps all of Europe . It is in my opinion Lewi Pethrus who was sober , spiritually sober yet bold and clear in his preaching

Here an excerpt of what happened forje week , taken from different places :

Benjamin Ekman who is the son of the controversial pastor Ulf Ekman at Word of Life in Uppsala has been accepted as a member of the Catholic Church , reports Aletheia . The news that Ulf Ekman's son has taken the plunge and become a Catholic has sparked debate in the Swedish blog that posted the news Saturday. The transition from evangelical to Catholic faith to have been confirmed by his mother Birgitta Ekman who could confirm " that" our son , Benjamin has decided to follow Jesus in the Catholic Church. " Benjamin Ekman transition to the Catholic Church must be regarded as a consequence that also Ulf Ekman himself has taken a turn towards Catholicism. Much has happened to Ulf Ekman and circle around the Word of Life since the 1980s and 1990s used the " war tongues " in the fight against " religious powers , however ." Benjamin Ekman which actually grew up with " Word of Life chaos " has taken on its conversion step into a church that is both unbiblical and has a reputation problem because the massive revelations of clergy sexual abuse of young boys.

After again själv have with formation trosrörelsen below, outweighs många years at the made ​​and and also utom was rush själv membership in a trosförsamling in more än 10 years, can be No annat än amazed hur the customer va möjligt att Ulf Ekman as the duck was so tydlig och radical gentemot Catholic Church is so marked has Andrate kursinriktningen devoured it håll . But vad like affairs inte många know är att Ulf Mrs. Birgitta passionate oerhörd drifting in it has frågan with smickrande words into paavs that the Lord humble tjänare och andra superlatives Dolj hon inte its beundran haunted man who steadily God are considered alternates perfected and and totally without Flack . Vem know, Kansk passionate it just Birgitta who have received Ulf att thoughts on ? Hur any passionate it No one can completely disregard ifrån . Häromdan Loading rush att Life word nya pastor, Joakim Lundqvist wrote on twitter att one now unraveling in 3300 members of the congregation . Och considering the medlemsras många frikyrkor today uppvisar passionate it Onek an impressive digits. Hur många the nya member Marna who strömmat till från närliggande kyrkor passionate grasping Difficult att Saga nåt about, but late formerly years we know again the passionate no hemlighet att många who have gone on deras Bible kola has late stannate where both the Assembly of Life word och Uppsala också , about the late depends on clean BEKVÄM real time which it affairs inte go again disregard från so passionate it bäst nog att dom Self gets responded to the frågan . But there are all occasion att även fortsättningsvis hung in händelseutvecklingen , not least touching you when you have concerns the frågan as många today Stalls himself . Coming Ulf o Birgitta Ekman again converted into Katolicismen ? Kansk allready this year? Or could it alternates so that the judgment has allready do it ? ( end of quote ) .

Where will this end?

I have no answers , but that delusion is great, that's for sure . Has the Catholic church has more to offer than what Protestants ? As it has become today 's apostasy so large that we are talking about so the old Pentecostals and others claimed that it is the harlot and harlot-daughters in a unification and reconciliation that we have not seen before in Christendom. Once the Protestants went out of the Catholic church , now they are at full speed on the way there again . We see this especially with the apostate religious movement with social words and family Ulf Ekman where son now become Catholic.

Final comment :

It is something that we also have to take into account here is the historic site here . How did the Catholic Church, how are the " listed " since the 300s , not least against dissidents and believers ? And what is it for today. This is far too extensive topic in this one article here . But I recommend reading the links that I put out there Stig Andreasson explains about Catholicism. Otherwise it to say that the development we see today, as predicted both the word of God and of those who have gone before us, who lived with God and saw what was coming.

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