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Nr. 615: Request to release book!

Nr. 615:

Request to release book!

It's Andakt Publishing who has made a request I will publish a book . Here snap of your website online and web address

Where we go from here ?

Thought might be using this picture of me in the book .

As I announced some time ago , so I found that my time with blog writing was done for a while. Something that I believe and am convinced the Lord.

But what the Lord will continue ? I see this with me about the same time I knew that the time was not yet over for blog writing , got the offer to write a book . It looks like it is the Lord's " timing "? !

When you pray for me , and us. I reproduce here some of the correspondence that has been between me and Antique publisher so that you can now contribute to pray and support me and us in this work of writing the book :

Devotional publishing :

Dear Jan Kåre Christensen ,

My name is Lars Johansen and as editor of Worship Publishing I'm looking for new authors and manuscripts .

Devotional Publishing publishes a wide range of Christian literature . By searching for relevant written work , we found this web and would like to ask you if you might have other texts that we could consider for publication.

If you are interested in it we will gladly send you more detailed information about the process and about our opportunities and conditions.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Lars Johansen

editorial consultant

Devotional Publishing is a trademark of : OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. . KG

Heinrich - Bocking - Str . 6-8, 66121 , Saarbrucken , Germany www. devotional - publishing . com l.johansen @ devotional - publishing . com

Commercial Register Amtsgericht Saarbrücken HRA 10356 Identification Number ( Verkehrsnummer ) : 11868 Partner with unlimited liability : VDM Management GmbH Commercial Register Amtsgericht Saarbrücken , HRB 18918 Managing Director : Thorsten Ohm (CEO )

Me : God's peace !

Thanks for the nice email .

Oslo 7/11-2014

To put it short and simple , of course I am interested in getting in touch and get to share the word of God , then with someone who you who seems to be someone with a wide network of contacts . Contemporary serious , clever and with the ability and willingness to be of help and blessing !

Hear from you !

Regards Jan Kåre Christensen Krokstien 2 c 0672 Oslo Tel : 99598070/22611610

Devotional : Dear ,

Thanks for the reply. We would be happy to publish your writings as a book , whether it's sermons, mediatsjoner , homilies , or other types of Christian manuscripts.

I hereby submit more information about our publisher ( see Appendix ) .

Should you be interested in our offer , please, send us your writings gathered together in one manuscript.

If we consider those who fit all the publications you will receive a proposal for appointment and the opportunity to register as an author on our site. If, however, we can not publish your manuscript , or if you change your mind , all information will be deleted immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you.

sincerely Lars Johansen editorial consultant

Me : Hi Lars ! Oslo 8/11-14

Thanks for the offer , but when I want to start a completely new project. Writing a book that I 've been thinking about for several years with the title: "The whole counsel of God to salvation ." That covers the biblical truths pointwise .

And I envision that I have finished writing the book in mid Easter next year ?

Regards Jan K

Devotional :

Hey !

It 's okay if you want to write a new book , it's actually even better than an anthology of ancient works.

Please, send me a blueprint when you are done with a few first chapters. Good Luck!

I look forward to hearing from you.

sincerely Lars Johansen editorial Consultant

Stop here for the reproduction of correspondence between us .

Final comment :

As you see, this is totally new for me to get published . If therefore you will be in prayer , it is the most important thing you can do for me and my ministry .

And still , we need your support , dear friends. Not least by going into such a large and complex project.

Do you believe in what we are doing ? I think especially the teaching we post ? Bible commentaries and everything else do we help when I go into full labor . Should I take time off, I need your support financially and in prayer , you will be doing?

Account number of Post : 0535 06 05 845

Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ ! The possibilities are many, but we must stand together and help each other forward in the service.

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