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No. 1478: We as believers must be aware that Satan is a beaten enemy, and we shall be more than victorious, hallelujah!

No. 1478:
We as believers must be aware that Satan is a beaten enemy, and we shall be more than victorious, hallelujah!

How does Satan operate? Jan Aage Torp hated my preaching about marriage and divorce. First he asks me out at the cafe, and plays a game as nice, smiling and wants me all well.
This does not result, so he goes to the police with a fictitious review, wins out and will scare me to silence. Such is Satan, he works through his tools and thinks he has the full control, but he is revealed!

1 Pet. 5. Be sober, watch! Your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion and seeks who he can swallow;

The basic text says that we should be sober or realistic. We must count on Satan to go about consuming or eating what he can, if he gives him the opportunity.

Even today when we see the word of God come true and the people on the whole feel more and more insecure. So we as believers know that we have a source both in and in God, which makes us to prevail in all things and in every part of our lives.
Satan cannot really touch us, but he can go so far with things and circumstances that God allows. But never touch us, except if we let him go. Therefore, Satan will create fear, discouragement, lust, uncleanness, and sin in our lives which in turn gives him an opening.

The word used here speaks of a "roar" as a lion, but Satan has no teeth and no real power and influence over and in our lives except if we open up to him. But if we stand firm in the faith, we will prevail and remain after having overcome everything.

Efes. 6. 13 Take therefore the full armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand the evil day, and stand to overcome all things.

Satan has "roared," but not as a lion. All the "teeth" he lost at Calvary when he suffered defeat. Now it's just the "roar" that's left.

The most important acknowledgment for a Christian is to know that by the victory of Jesus on the cross, Satan's power is broken!

Notice these three important scriptures! John 12: 31-32 The devil is "thrown" / overthrown / deposed as a world ruler The devil "is thrown out" as an accusation against the throne of God. Due to the problem).

Jesus triumphed on the cross when the devil was deprived of his authority and his weapons (cf. the power problem). Hebrews 2:14-15 • At His Death, Jesus "Ended" the Devil (Catarga: Annihilated, Destroyed, Powerless, and Ineffective)
At his death, Jesus deprived the devil of the trump card, the prosperity and power of death, thereby freeing people from the consequences of death, cf. Jn 11,25.

What is the spiritual struggle about today?
Who gives you power, right and influence in your life?

God or Satan, the choice is your own. As a new creation in Christ Jesus, it is possible to prevail in all parts. And stay after having overcome everything and everyone!

Final Comment:

It is strange that we as believers have not learned Satan's tactics and strategy. The Apostle Paul writes about this, here.

2 Cor. 2. 10. But whoever you forgive, forgive him and I; for what I have forgiven - if I have had anything to forgive - I have done it for your sake, for Christ's sake, that we should not be fooled by Satan; 11. For we are not ignorant of his thoughts.

Arne Jordly's translation: 2. Cor. 2. 10 All you forgive someone, I also forgive. And when I have forgiven, if there is something to forgive, I have done it rather than Christ. 11 I do this for Satan not to outwit us, for we are not ignorant of what he has in mind.

Here, Satan will outwit us by overreacting or not responding to a brother who lives in sin.
That's how Satan intends to play a situation against us. So we either overreact, or not respond at all.

Satan comes to us either as a roaring lion or on silky "slippers" where he operates as an angel of light.

Satan really wants us to be put out of play as believers. The tactic is not unknown, either as a roaring lion, to create fear and paralysis.
Or on silky "slippers", where he operates as an Angel of Light and overcomes us in the way of "alliance" with us.

Here is a lot to say, but fear and paralysis are one thing. That we accept Satan's deeds is just as bad. We are not "not ignorant of what he has in mind."

First, scare, so if it doesn't work then he tries to "cooperate".
Or it is first "cooperation", so scary.

Let me just take one example. Among the first Christians, we know that Satan's strategy and tactics were first like a roaring lion. Where he created fear, they killed the believers and pursued mass persecution. It seemed counterproductive.
Then it became "co-operation" where the Catholic Church became sovereign and it was not allowed to conduct Christian activity without the Catholic Church. What was "best"?
We are "not ignorant of what he has in mind." It is constantly seducing, misleading, and getting us out of conception and position.

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