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No. 1130: A short documentation of Jan Aage Torp and his "disciples" verbal attacks on me for the last three years as police completely proven disregard for making me a criminal and get me punished!

No. 1130:
A short documentation of Jan Aage Torp and his "disciples" verbal attacks on me for the last three years as police completely proven disregard for making me a criminal and get me punished!

Photo by Joseph Goebbels that I am being compared. Even after all this I document and that I am being compared to Joseph Goebbels so probably will not Manglerud police to do something to my advantage. I should be punished anyway! It is their goal and agenda!

It was due my verbal words I was convicted, but what I have written against January Aage Torp is 95% written by his fictional review. All judgment and the process of Torp and police are ala North Korea or Saudi Arabia! Here reviewer he me, but that's what I've done in hindsight that get me convicted.
And what he and his disciples have written and spoken against me, it omits the police consistently, then the whole case against me pill rotten!

Has received a number of questions that I believe this is Norway's history greatest, not the worst miscarriage of justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, to explain it that way. I have said something that weighs on a Scala 1 while Torp said roads 5. while his disciples weigh at least 50. When the distance between us tremendously, but what do the police? They put a red big streak over all Torp and his disciples have written and spoken. When are they left with only what I have written and spoken.

It is then that Brynjar Meling writes in his appeal enter the following: When the court makes the exercise over and lands on judging Christensen, and disregard the police have dismissed Christensen five reviews of Torp, interpreters in reality his statements in isolation, and not so it shall Kjus judgment, looking statements in light of the context in which they have emerged. " Does it compromise the interests of predictability. See here Eggen Norwegian Law Review 1998 p 263:
"For utters becomes jurisprudence as little predictability whether one" relaxes "the criminal liability Terms or interpreting utterances freely so that they are aligned with these terms. One of the main objectives behind legality in Norwegian law, and in any case-law the requirement of ECHR is to ensure fo rutberegnelighet in jurisprudence.
The Supreme Court has not decided reviews of blogs against freedom of expression. We must therefore see if there are other relevant experience, relating to the statements may be regarded as criminal intimidation, racism or otherwise constitute an offense. When the Supreme Court majority in Kjuus Judgment Rt. 1997 s 1821 finds that the statements are not protected by freedom of expression, this ia based on the following:
"I can not see that the right to form a political party can be inferred that groups that do this, and dons their positions form of a manifesto, should be free to agitate for any vision, whatever interventions it had to involve over others people."
Christensen advocate a view that - though it is rare now - has stood for centuries, and that is not expressed that "he dons his stances form of a religion".
Clearly, ii same decision, not only must take into account how the Almin-inal belongs will perceive the statements, see. But that
"Must also see the statements in light of the context in which they have emerged."
It appears here that the statements of Christensen is normative and emerged in a blog debate between people who share religious beliefs, and then with references to "external the" perception of a fel-les faith because tier answers to specific questions. It also pointed out that the statements came as part of a public debate. A debate that whoever statements frames also participated in, and reciprocated. Such a debate is protected by freedom of speech under the Constitution L-100 which weighs very heavily. Allowing utterances only from one party and not, for example, penalize Torp statements about Christen-sen is an "Anders Behring Brevik sympathizer" implies in itself an unreasonable restrictive of free speech which only affects one-sided.
(End of quote).

When does it become to try in a concise manner with what I have written and said about Jan Aage Torp, it is the following:
I think and believe that Jan Aage Torp is a false apostle, adulterer, heresies, riding last and psychopath. And that he lives in sin and is a rebel!
Short, this is what I have written and spoken about Jan Aage Torp.

So that is what January Aage Torp has written and spoken about me.
This stands in judgment:

The defendant has further explained that Torp has been at least as bad in their characteristics by him and his family, and ascribe Torp statements made under other names, possibly pseudonyms, and statements on a blog defendant calls "the false smyrnabloggen". The false smyrnabloggen should be created in the defendant's name, but the defendant denied he was behind it. Torp has denied that he has written about the defendant under a pseudonym, or on the false smyrnabloggen. Torp has acknowledged that he has black defendants, and called him "Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer" twice, that the blog is "idiocy", on one occasion referred to him as a "demon" called him "bright liar", the blogs of defendants is "shameful" that the defendant is a "rumor spreaders", the defendant has "lack of insight in English and Norwegian," that he is "naughty", "wicked and stupid" and that the blog is "a variant of social pornography."

The court believes after an overall assessment that it is not reasonable to award Torp pecuniary damage. The Court points out that Torp have contributed to escalate and prolong the conflict by his statements about the defendant and that he spent partly rough characteristics of the defendant himself. Court refers here also that he on several occasions has called him a Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer. Furthermore Torp aware that he is a familiar figure in the Christian community, and he has more followers who spins further on his statements and forward for sometimes coarse and insulting statements against the accused and his family.

Torp's behavior has probably helped to escalate and prolong the conflict, but this came as a response to the defendant eventually extensive writings about Torp and his spouse. The court has the assessment assumed that Torp as a public and prominent person in Christian-Norway have to endure more than a normal person would need. It must, however, a limit also for what public figures must tolerate, as the court thinks is violated in this case.

This, Jan Aage Torp written about me in many different forums and websites.

"Anders Behring Breivik sympathizer."

"Should they wanted a" dream opponent ", as Jan Kåre Christensen" perfected ".

Furthermore writes Torp like I'm dirt, stalker, totally unintelligent, a Nolde "hat blogger", idiot, demon, fancy lies, vile blogs, outcast who lack the mind of Christ, common judgment and social intelligence. The rumors JKC and the truth is his understanding of English and Norwegian rather limited too!
I get knocked on the low level JKC acting on .... "

About the Heavenly blog, "which is confused, cruel, vicious and stupid - through and through. It should be shut down, in short. He also writes this about the Heavenly blog: "Jan Kåre Christensen developing Heavenly blog!"
One should probably be able to call it a variant of social-pornography "+ Much, much more!

Here is what January Aage Torp's disciples and poodles and lackeys as they like to call themselves have spoken and written about me in the last three years. As police totally ignore. Just a brief excerpt, I can not take more than 1% as there are over 10,000 hate speech against me.
It is largely Kjell Andersen, Bjørn Storm Johansen, Ansgar Braut Torodd Fuglesteg and some others. What they have sent the emails and other threats, I'll take with. Here one only narrow somewhat. See here for some of hatmeldigner and expressions end. It's about me, Jan Kåre Christensen these people write about when I ia spake against January Aage Torp and that he is re-married and is a psychopath on my own blog. The Heavenly blog:

P Teacher, false prophet, small time crook and slanders than Jan Kåre Christensen has been through these stories. It is a pitiful "apostle" we all can see undressed, naked but without the ability to take into account the fact that he long since taken with your pants down. Jan Kåre is simply no true Christian, but a failed seducer who now stands stripped of all influence.
You also cursed this child murderer supporter Apostle (Anders Behring Breivik is what it refers to). Thus, you are as cursed by a thief and swindler.

Here reviewing the my beloved wife that they do not know: His cowed wife.

The technique uses Christensen is that borrowed from Joseph Goebbels idea that functioned as propaganda minister.

We have revealed you as the liar, thief, child killer sympathizer, cheats and self-proclaimed 'apostle' you are, Jan Kåre Christensen.

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people. Jan Kåre Christensen has driven his blog where he has harassed the same number of people in their quest for admiration and status as a great man.

And yes, I see great similarities between these two individuals. Far more commonalities than things that distinguish them ad.

Man not celebrate a victory over a wounded narcissist. One type of people without moral and ethical values. A type of man one does not should come near.

Your spouse Berit Nyland Christensen picked up her husband from Denmark. Is she too, see yourself, a pimp? It must then be see yourself.


I think this can only be supplied to the long list of evidence that you are not completely level and that you're an amoral swindler.

JAN KÅRE CHRISTENSEN. You are a bitter pig and duvet promises that must be stopped. Your blog can best be defined as a "blog from hell" and there is little of heaven on your blog. Rather stinker the death and abyss and you seem more or less possessed of powers that makes you denigrate the men and women God has raised up in Norway. In my eyes appears to you as an arrogant Pharisee who accuses both God and man. A true Christian is not. DOT

I want to give an advice to this lady who defend Smyrna man. She sounds completely brainwashed out, manipulated and controlled by him, and I urge her to rely a little more on his own judgment. She dare not even answer a few simple questions, but withdraws after instruction from the Apostle.

(Someone trying to defend mg, gets to the point sabla down, it hurts and read. Other cases if the state name etc. Then they openly posted online by phone etc.)

Some words of Robert, Torodd, Enevald and you others who have tried to rebuke JKC. You've done an excellent job. JKC is now completely undressed and stands out as the miserable, lonely, hateful and vicious person he is. Thanks to you, it emerged that "pastor" is a crook who steals, lie and cheat - all in the name of Jesus.

Ultimately, he is not nothing but a pitiful man with megalomania and a mental illness that no medication or treatment can cure. A man who identifies himself with Anders Behring Breivik who have more sympathy for this heinous child killer than with his victims.

Jan Kåre Christensen, why do you have more sympathy for a child killer than his victims? I think you look very much this child killer in what you write here in your blog. The same type of reality perception, the same monomania, the same delusion of grandeur, the same insane tall thoughts about oneself and the same type of lack of empathy for children and others.

Jan Kåre Christensen. I see no reason to repeat your hateful, monstrous opinions on Utøya and the government building. Those who know some of those who were innocent afflicted, who accidentally walked past, knows the evil spirit from your mouth.

Christensen's blog is definitely a sad personal and when you read his comments here it is quite obvious that we are talking about a deeply darkened mind and an extremely bitter and troubled soul. I almost hurt him myself. He is so blinded by what he believes is a service in the kingdom of God, that he has been completely callous, cynical, cold and closed to the Holy Spirit.

Few if any are so sex-fixated that this 'apostle'.

You trample on the dead and survivors of Utøya and government quarter.

You are a vindictive, swashbuckling, swaggering little man who hides behind a keyboard and spreads out your bitterness and your hatred toward everyone and everything.

What you write is the purest blasphemy, Jan Kåre Christensen, when you write that God is behind the blog.

Christensen's blog is definitely a sad personal and when you read his comments here it is quite obvious that we are talking about a deeply darkened mind and an extremely bitter and troubled soul. I almost hurt him myself. He is so blinded by what he believes is a service in the kingdom of God, that he has been completely callous, cynical, cold and closed to the Holy Spirit.

Puny little man.

It is also seriously how to violate the dead and survivors from Utøya and government quarter. It was not just AUF'ere who were killed, but innocent people who passed the government quarter.

You're crazy, evil, demon-possessed, nauseating, nasty, bright liar, psychopath etc etc.

When we in this blog revealed Jan Kåre Christensen hypocrisy he became aggressive and vulgar back. It comes from low self-esteem, carnality and immaturity. Therefore my clear invitation, stay far away from this man and his business. It is hypocrisy he doing with.

Delete your blog !!!

Jan Kåre Christensen a hypocrite and a dangerous man for the spiritual life with his chill attitude to God's word and his lack of judgment when it comes to whom he chooses to be his life partner! Now he is looking for new and younger wife.

If you look closely at the picture here ( you will see the drooling lust-filled eyes. The dark shadow you look around his eyes peering lust filled with another man's wife.

Christensen is a vicious, nasty, nauseating and demo affected fancy lies. Pimp he is also. He is obsessed with women and want a new wife.
Nice, huh, Christensen?
Delete your blog !!!

Christensen is really a wolf in sheep's clothing, see a not so is enough even been deceived and belongs no longer Christ. Notice that weigh down and gloomy with him especially around the eyes are windows to the soul. He's probably not filled with the Spirit of God but something completely different! Seeing that he sits and drools after other women over the pc.
Still as fun, Christensen? It could be that if your children also get to read this. Delete your blog !!!

Well said Buster. Christensen gets with this taste of their own medicine. His demons must be furious over everything written on this page. A true servant of God had taken signals and chosen to regret his demonic statement. But not this bitter, greedy self-centered jerk who has been stripped of all the world.

You look at the whole Christensen that he is influenced and consumed by unclean spirits of demons. Even facial expressions his reflect that he is under strong demonic and sinful influence. It's clear that he's tired of her old spouse and wants a new and younger wife.
He belongs to and serves one, Satan! It is evident when looking at the sunken eyes. Hen is looking for lamb, a new wife.

It has no intention to say more to Christensen. He is both blind and deaf. Hope someone stops his cruel blog. He goes, as everyone understands, doomed unless he repents.
Jan Kåre Christensen is a man with an abnormally enlarged ego, big man thoughts bordering insanity.

Bitter and embedded turning his back.

I understand that it is uncomfortable for you, that people learn the truth about you, Jan Kåre Christensen: you which aims to defend the pure faith, is nothing other than a simple thief.
That's the truth. But do you think it is ok that we post pictures of the three children and wife? Or is it an invasion of privacy?

My, are becoming more and more amazed at what this "apostle" conveys. To resort to revelations and angels in the Book of Mormon to find arguments must be a new low point. It is good that this false prophet being undressed and revealed. What next apostle Christensen are up to? Drawing inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita or the Koran.

I see that Christensen believes that he has been subjected to Norway's greatest and worst miscarriage of justice.
 Let us for a moment imagining that he was innocent. What he knows he is, all the time he and Meling acknowledged parts of the facts. And that the whole Norway sees that he is 100% guilty!
 However, if this was a miscarriage of justice as he believes therefore that it is the biggest and worst in history. That is worse than eg Per Kristian Liland who was sentenced to 21 years in prison for a double murder he did not commit. Or Fritz Moen who served 18 years in prison for a murder he was later acquitted !!!!
Jan Kåre Christensen shows here a complete lack of human insight, complete devoid of empathy. He is very self-centered, pompous, arrogant and travel through narsisistisk person!

He's a con man who has defrauded to taking money from innocent people in the form of bogus collections, yes.
BUT it is a fact that JKC use it Goebbelske principle that tells you a lie enough times believed eventually the lies. And JKC hammering los with its liar every week. Something he will do in the next 10-15 years.
I see the point to spotlight and defends the use of the picture here. It is appropriate!

I've never seen more evil one who calls himself a Christian than standing on Christensen's blog. Here harasses his Christians the gravest using the ugliest words and phrases he finds.

Final Comment:

The worst and ugliest comments I have not taken, and this is actually just under 1% of all comments that have been written about me and against my family.
In other words, what the counterpart has committed to me is a thousand times more
(In number of messages) and worse. We are, in other words to Norges history not the worst, but greatest miscarriage of justice when the counterparty here has surpassed me a thousand times if it is so that I straddle and speeches is criminal!

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