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No. 1129: Girlfriend vanished after visiting family member Torp!

No. 1129:
Girlfriend vanished after visiting family member Torp!

"The heavenly blog» have known this story for several months. However, we have respected Jan-Erik Hansen's wish that it not be published, as he had hoped that this could be resolved privately. Now he has decided to let us publish it, which we do with pleasure. But everything stands for writer's expense, when sources and other I have no opportunity to check out to the fullest.

Photo Mina Hadjian as on the fly in Radio sannspådde about Torp following: Called January Aage Torp "a star psychopath."
Furthermore, "You are really a small and uncertain and miserable man. Kona is perhaps untrue, or you might far inside homo Council itself. In one way or another you are at least properly dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. "(This is from 2006, and everything happened as she said on the radio when Torp claims he is the innocent party and are allowed to marry itself again as a believer.)

"You are really a small and uncertain and miserable man. Kona is perhaps untrue, or you might far inside homo Council itself. In one way or another you are at least properly dissatisfied and bitter in life, or simply psychotic. " Think so aptly, one can say that, thanks to Mina Hadjian.

The 9 April 2011 drove Jan-Erik Hansen his girlfriend to a private address in Oslo where she was visiting a man she had given the name of. Hansen then with their own eyes that she walked in the door to the rise where the man lived.
Then she disappeared without a trace. He has even today, almost five years later, not received any sign of life from her.

Since she was going straight from this man by bus to the airport and then by plane to London did not wait Hansen on her. However he expected that she would call him that evening. She did not. Time passed without his hearing from her or that she answered his call, and eventually he was concerned that it had happened to her something. Hansen therefore contacted the man that she had been visiting, but he denied it any knowledge of the woman, which a lie. There is absolutely no doubt that it was him she visited the day she disappeared.
Hansen also tried to contact other members of the husband's family in the hope that they would help him. Instead, he was reported to police on Manglerud by Penal Code § 390A for intimidating, annoying and inconsiderate behavior toward family Torp. (Sound familiar? Editor.) Hansen was convinced that they would believe his story, something they apparently also made to begin with, but after a while he was threatened by police on Manglerud to put the whole matter death otherwise he would be punished.
Shocked by what he had experienced began instead Hansen to investigate the case itself, and found after some time that this man is also a member of the family of Pastor Jan-Aage Torp. He decided to start in Oslo Church.

"The heavenly blog" has interviewed Jan-Erik Hansen in connection with this:

DHB: Began thou in Oslo Church to "get" Pastor Jan-Aage Torp?
Jan-Erik: Absolutely not. I had at that time only good thoughts about Pastor Jan-Aage Torp. On the contrary, I was both pleased and proud to be involved in his church. I was absolutely sure this would help me to solve the case, and besides, I personally Christian and had in this respect been looking for a Christian environment in Oslo that could fit me, so this so I only positively.

DHB: What happened?
Jan-Erik: I decided to wait a while before I told them about my case, because I would get to know them first. I quickly got a good impression of them, both him and his wife Aina who also is pastor of Oslokirken and we quickly began to associate private, both at their home and with me at Majorstua. It was both coffee visits, football matches on TV and pizza evenings in pleasant company. Moreover baked Aina a yummy chocolate cake for me on my birthday, and then celebrated all the congregation me in church. There I put very much appreciated.

DHB: When you told them about your case?
Jan-Erik: I waited until I had Jan-Aage Torp privately at my house in December 2014. He promised then to help me solve the case, and also stated that he wanted this to be between him and me, something I thought was okay. One would think that it was in everyone's interest that the matter was resolved in the most discreet manner. How would it therefore not go.
DHB: Did he tell you not to resolve the matter anyway?
Jan-Erik: No, and it disappointed me a lot. We prayed that the matter would be resolved and you should then be able to expect of a Christian pastor that he put something in his prayers, but such means evidently not so much for him.

DHB: Surprised you?
Jan-Erik: No, not really. Along with all the good that I had experienced in Oslokirken there were also some things that simply was not that good. Stories about the exorcism, membership of Satanist association Lysbærerne, hell weeks for youth, family feuds and that they had accepted the gift of 1.5 million from an obviously extremely gullible man should be well known.
What I objected to the most was still Thurs the 2nd thing. One was that he mentioned the conflict with Jan-Kaare Christensen as I at that time had never heard of. I noted in particular that he pulled out his family Torp good relationship with police at Manglerud in that regard. My suspicion that they had not remained neutral in my case was confirmed. If you do not use the term corruption as would in any case not cronyism be taking things too far.
Anything else I reacted strongly was that Jan-Aage Torp boasted to the congregation that he knew of several unsolved murder cases in Norway, and that his loyalty to the people who confided in him was raised over Norwegian law. It shocked me violently that a Christian pastor showed so little respect for law and human life. In my eyes, "Thou shalt not kill" one of the most important commandments God has given us, both in direct and figuratively. Taking another person's life is how I see it one of the worst crimes you can do.

DHB: Are you suggesting that the man girlfriend visited killed her?
Jan-Erik: She disappeared without a trace the day. I never received a sign of life from her since, so I know nothing about thus neither what she was there or what has happened to her. Therefore, I can not exclude anything, nor murder. The family Torp's obvious disregard for human life is certainly not helping to reduce the likelihood that it is what has happened.

DHB: But is not it possible that she visited this man without that it happened something wrong? Maybe she chose just to break contact with you suddenly ..?
Jan-Erik: Obviously it's basically possible, but there is much to suggest that it is not the case. We had a good relationship, and she was also a very proper and conscientious lady. If she had wanted to make it end with me, she had surely at least sent me a text message and told this so I would not have to go around and worry me.
Moreover, should it not be a problem for this man to meet me and prove his innocence. Had he shown me the phone logs, email accounts and the like who had shown that he has never had contact with her as I had believed him, but despite numerous requests, he never wanted to see me. On the contrary, resulted in my last attempt to speak to him I got a visit at my family Torp's good police friends at Manglerud that gave me total exclusion orders to the man, otherwise I will be sentenced to six years in prison.
DHB: Could it be that she was visiting him without it happened something criminal there, but he still did not want to admit this visit to you? It could for example be that they had a relationship ..?

Jan-Erik: Yes, it is quite right that some people occasionally lie or hide the truth. It is something you do when the truth becomes uncomfortable, but there are after all degrees of unpleasantness. If you know that you are suspected of a murder they did not commit admits one course a relatively insignificant discomfort rather than helping to strengthen the suspicion against himself. What about it now appears that she still had contact with him so it is proved that he knows her and thus have lied? When I come immediately to report him for murder with a maximum sentence of 21 years in prison.

DHB: How will this arrive?
Jan-Erik: If only police had done their job or carrier had wanted to show me phone records his then it would be easy to see if he has ever been in telephone contact with her.

DHB: Will you tell me what was her cell phone number?
Jan-Erik: Yes, it was 41069299. It was only after she disappeared I was aware that this was a secret number. If anyone knows this phone number or who it really is registered on so I urge you to contact me as soon as possible! The Heavenly Blog has contact to me, and anything that helps me to resolve the matter will be rewarded.

DHB: You have chosen to let us publish this matter, contrary to what we have seen before, but you will still not make public either the name or photo of your girlfriend and the man who she visited the day she disappeared. Why not?
Jan-Erik: It is a last hope that we can resolve the matter without their identity being disclosed. 9 April this year, five years since she disappeared. If the case had yet to be resolved I'm going to open up all locks. Then name and image on both her and him made public, and the same applies to those I have been in contact with with police on Manglerud who have not done their job as well as some other people that I do not want to get into now.
I also want to contact her husband's employer and inform them, and if some newspapers want to press the matter I ask myself benevolent f.o.m that date.

DHB: We wish you good luck and going to ask that the matter will be solved!
Jan-Erik: Thank you, and thank you to publish my case on their blog! It means a lot to me.
DHB: It's just a pleasure for us! What do you think about the way our cause? Deserves Jan-Kaare Christensen to be judged for what he has written?

Jan-Erik: No, he should be acquitted altogether. It would be a miscarriage of justice if someone is sentenced for having called Jan-Aage Torp for psychopath. The man is pr. definition a true psychopath. Superficially nice as long as it is in favor of him, deceitful and manipulative, unscrupulous and without the ability to demonstrate remorse, grandiose thoughts about themselves, difficult to link long-term relationships to other people and very easy to resort to victimhood when something goes him against. Just google a diagnosis list for what characterizes psychopaths, so you will find a description of the person Jan-Aage Torp there!
The only thing I dislike is that Aina has been called for whore. She is not deleted. She is on the contrary a kind, good and proper lady that I still love. She has never done me wrong, and I remember that we had together only with pleasure. I wish her good luck in life!

DHB: What is your relationship with Aina and Jan-Aage Torp today?
Jan-Erik: I have naturally joined in Oslokirken. In fact I have now moved from Oslo, but I stopped there long before that. Jan-Aage was a man I looked up to and I was proud to have as my friend, but he was a big disappointment and I'll never wanted him as a friend again.
Since they are married is not it natural that I have contact with Aina either. As with Jan-Aage she removed me from their friends list on Facebook. I do not know if she did it voluntarily or if it was the psychopath who asked her to do it. Anyway, I bear no grudge against her. I will always think of her as a friend, and she is welcome to reconnect with me if she sometime in the future would find it desirable.
In conclusion I would like to thank for chat, coffee and delicious homemade cake, and wish you lots of luck in the Court of Appeal! Should you ever need my services there so I set happily up!

DHB: Thank you for that, Jan-Erik!

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