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No. 929: Those re-married as Christians, have a strange relationship with his own sin!

No. 929:
Those re-married as Christians, have a strange relationship with his own sin!

I have pointed out that remarriage for Christians is what the Bible says adultery, adultery, sin, etc. It is simply not acceptable, biblical and right.
Then they furious, acidic or trying to ignore me and biblical message.
But okay, so thrown in, they require to be able to freely judge everyone, and even to be taken in with silk gloves.

Photo by Karl Johan Hallaråker who is a theologian and home mission leader. It squirms in me over such types that speaks clearly against homosexuals, but accept remarriage over a low shoes. He, inclusive collaborates with Hanvold and Vision Norway. And among others with the date on which Bildøy Norway today arranges. Everything that Norway in Day arranges directly in from darkness.


This is from an article I've written about this topic:
I have to laugh at the Christian hypocrisy. "We should love the gays, but they must not enter into any relationship, for it is the Bible that it is sin."

When it comes to divorce and remarriage among Christians sounds "Christians are the most people and there is the forgiveness, do not be so judgmental .." Yes yes :)
(End of quote).

Why should there be such a difference?

Those gays and lesbians they suffer. They are being held without past, stigmatized and not accepted. Okay, so it must be because they do not live in accordance with God's word. But what about those who are gjengifede? They also live contrary to God's word. They are accepted, get free hold on and have pretty much no obstacles. Those who warn against these gjengifede, they get really the same "judgment" as the homosexuals. Why should those who are gjengiftede get go free? And defended and accepted?

Is there a "middle ground" for the gjengiftede but not for anyone else living in adultery?

It looks like that's how most Protestant churches will practice it ?! But this is in accordance with God's word? And this is a passable road?

I think that this leads judgment, death and darkness over the church. Gradually, more and more!

Final Comment:

Almost do not know how I will continue writing. But as I see it, it is impossible that it can continue it must be open to marrying enjoy as believers. How attacking this problem? Without doubt there are those who are preachers, pastors and others with an honorary who have to go in itself! Without it we will never get ahead as the Church of God and into the life that God has for us!

But one should believe the word of God, they have gjengifede unfortunately nurtured until Antichrist comes. Scripture says that one should take care teacher in droves. Why? Because they want it as not pain, or as Paul says; "Itch it in your ear!".

It is the true believers who must suffer, and come by. But there is Jesus, and where the Lord blesses.

Joh. Revelations. 18. 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues!

I grew up hearing that the Catholic Church is the great harlot. But as a paradox, then there is the Catholic church that is soon the only church and having a preaching that goes on moral and ethical thing. Where they see marriage as a sacrament and remarriage is not allowed.

Taking eventually the Catholic Church's view of marriage as a sacrament. Note that even if you become separated, so it is only death that terminates a marriage. And then give rise to remarriage - while in the Lord.

Marriage can be a sacrament

If both spouses are baptized, binds them together marriage the same way that Christ is bound together with the Church. Therefore considered such a marriage among the sacraments.

When marriage is a sacrament, the specimen and requirement for a life duration elevated to an absolute requirement. For "if we are faithless, ... remains (Christ) faithful, for he can not deny himself" (2 Tim 2, 13).

It allows us to think about us before we marry. - While it is also possible to think so much about that life goes more or less to play in the meantime, and for more!

There are spouses responsibility for their lives to demonstrate what Christ's love for and fidelity to the Church implies. It is an important form of gospel-preaching especially belong to lay faithful vocation. It can happen in many ways. Ideally happens if you manage to get your family life to work well, and openness towards others.

Also a sacramental marriage can work, allowing separation is the best solution. The bishop may grant "ecclesiastical separation." It has in Norway no civil action, but is an expression of the Church officially give their moral acceptance to whoever finds it necessary to break away from their spouse.

In certain cases, a marriage not sacramentally dissolved although both spouses are alive.

A consummated sacramental marriage can only be dissolved by death, ie with the result that the Church can recognize a new marriage as "valid". But if ecclesiastical tribunals states that a marriage never actually been signed, for example. because one of the spouses basically never agreed to enter into a real marriage, a new marriage be possible. Although a previous marriage that way "void" void of course not the moral parental responsibility for children from the "invalid" marriage.

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