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No. 1482: Even my wife Berit Nyland Christensen objected to the evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and unwelcoming treatment of the planning and building authorities!

No. 1482:
Even my wife Berit Nyland Christensen objected to the evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and unwelcoming treatment of the planning and building authorities!

How we have been met by the municipal and county administration in this matter. Then it's like reading about the old GDR with Stasi. There, if an opponent is punished, the more severe the punishment. This is how PBE has been against us.

The way we meet the public is under par. They have, as we see it, acted as incorrect and unfair as possible.
It is actually a form of speculation where one lives in a form of fantasy. Where everyone else is "scoundrels" but that they themselves are the biggest they were not themselves. Jesus said it so aptly in the Sermon on the Mount.

Matt. 7. 1. Do not judge, lest you be judged! for with the same judgment with which ye judge, ye shall be judged; 2 and with the same measure that ye judge, ye shall be measured again. 3 Why do you see the splinter in your brother's eye, but the beam in your own eye you do not become? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, Let me pull the splinter out of your eye? and behold, there is a beam in thine own eye! 5 You are hypocritical! first pull the beam out of your own eye, then you can see the splinter out of your brother's eye!

Even my wife has now sent letters to PBE for their evil, speculative, controlling, unfair and inaccessible treatment of us.

Am glad to have such a wife, here are her two mail to PBE.

Case numbers 201610333, 201609223, 201510929 and 201908605
Construction case PBE here in Oslo 19 / 11-2019


Just want to make a few remarks.

1.) See that for several documents, my husband's name and mine stand as signatures. But then only my husband's name is responsible for their websites. Like everything else you have been dealing with in this case, this is fabricated and the forgery you get with it.

2.) All documents and cases I have the same responsibility as my husband, whether it is me or he who writes the emails and documents. One has to write, and of course it is a collaboration.

3.) You have, in this and several other matters, separated us in a way that is really against all custom, decency, and which is a false explanation for those who read their pages online and lie.

4.) Want to state as strongly as I can, that of all the decisions and orders you have made, they are so deficient that it is very difficult to relate to them seriously as you almost never answer our questions and objections. If you do, it is because you believe you are servants to it. But when we answer and put you back in place. Then, as always, we will receive an order that is even more difficult than ever. This is a form of punishment that is so bad that words do not stretch.

5.) We now see that the entire judicial system and the public administration are shredded by so many cases. Isn't it time you take something inside you and act humbly in the future? Far wiser and shows a treatment of us has been until now?

6.) What you impose on us, it is disproportionate out of all proportions. It's okay that we look at certain things differently, but to be as square and difficult as you have been before us in this matter. That way no one should be allowed to hold on! Order us to demolish and return everything to the way our property was before we built. It is completely beyond thinking something like this. We have documented more than enough other places, so I will not repeat this now.

7.) If we send or log in from my husband's or my account or mail, then the signature is what is valid.

8.) It is completely incomprehensible to me that you can allow yourself such a low goal and we who are the unprofessional must point out such a matter of course.

9.) I send this document with only my signature, so that you will go into each document to correct your name and my husband's name. It should stand together, not just my or his name when we both have signed.

10.) What is sad about you is when we have pointed out time after time that you have acted incorrectly against us. Then we are punished with even harder orders. We saw this, not least when we had to search again. This was a great spectacle on their part. We would then submit a far more comprehensive application for the first time that was actually so comprehensive that you will find no one who has applied for a bid has applied with so many factors. Then we should apply again. Then the factors were impossible to comply with. You, in our eyes, actually like rats to count!

11.) Now is the time to put a roast on this whole thing. You give us the minimal exemption we need, and everything is approved without anything.

12.) That you have chosen this way of being is just sad, but hope that it is possible after all, that the matter can and will have a friendly and good arrangement that everything is now approved? We are not looking for any revenge, but justice. That others almost write at 1 p.m. add and get dispensed time after time. While we should not be taken into account in any way. There is nothing but profoundly unfair and discriminatory treatment that should not occur!

13.) Finally, we will say that our attitude will always be to do the right thing, even if you have chosen to be the opposite. But now should be the time to realize that it is still possible to come to an arrangement that is right.
After all, masonry stairs and storage rooms still stand and are just for the benefit and benefit of everyone! There is no hint of what we have built, only operational benefits. Then there should be an exemption.
The advantages are far more disadvantageous, there are no disadvantages!

§ 19–2 The dispensation decision
• whether the benefits of granting an exemption will be clearly greater than the disadvantages of a comprehensive assessment
With us there are actually 100% and 0% disadvantages, beat it !!!!!!!!!!!

Berit Nyland Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo

Hook path 2 C - Construction of storage room, stairs and masonry
Case number 201908605 - Construction Case

Got a letter from you 1.10. 2019

You want us to reduce the wall and the shed.
But we will return to the way it was before then.
But then our property will be ½ meter further out than our wall is today.
It is then more "legal" to have the wall as today. It will be nicer and cleaner then, think it is not right to listen to you who do not want to comment on this.
This is a disclaimer of dimensions that makes PBE credibility equal to zero.

Answer this why you will not answer why we now have a more legal wall than we had before and we will demolish this wall. There is so beyond all reason and justice it is possible to achieve what you are doing and of course we will never align ourselves with your rigid and false instructions.

We have a house on an "old" plot where there are today 4 houses in an old housing estate.
You must also take this into account. It is completely wrong that others are allowed to receive an exemption up to 57 times more than us. In the same residential area and builds contemporary as us. They also apply on multiple occasions and receive exemptions each time.

We should now have professional applicants etc. who will not even take on the assignment.

Others sit at home on the "kitchen counter" and write an application and receive an exemption.
We are tasked with an impossible task.
What you are doing is nothing more than an evil and totally unnecessary to do so!

Only remedy is that we get the exemption we need which is minimal. Everything else is profoundly unfair and unnecessary!

Berit Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo

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