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No. 1477: Unibuss is sure to lose this fight against me as they deal with discrimination and persecution of Christianity!

No. 1477:
Unibuss is sure to lose this fight against me as they deal with discrimination and persecution of Christianity!

The only thing that Unibuss can impose on us according to what my lawyer Josefine Wærstad says is the sound level.
Which program we choose to hear, as it is allowed for everyone to play the radio installed in Unibuss buses. In other words, they do not have their own rules for this, thus you are harassing and discriminating against me.
Give me a service claim for this is also the "happy frenzy" as they then settle on Norwegian laws and internal rules of the company that they do not have according to what others have said to me such as the Equality and Discrimination Ombud and the Labor Inspectorate etc. They take care "Freedoms" to really pursue Christian persecution!
Then it will be in Norway as in China, You may be a believer but not out in the public space. Then nothing that has to do with the gospel, Jesus or the Bible will communicate or be heard! That is why this case is so very important here!
Illustrative image, where one cannot command me not to listen to Christian broadcasts, it is discriminatory and persecuting Christianity!

The only thing they can command me and everyone else is not to have loud noises.

Which programs we play have no employer or other right to impose on us.
This is the law! I've never played loud music or anything!

Talked to my Lawyer Josefine Wærstad who is writing an email where she will say clearly that the only thing that Unibuss can impose on its drivers is not what radio programs they want to listen to.
There they come no way.

The only thing they can impose on their drivers and employees is the volume - and it should be the same for everyone!

In other words, this is where Unibuss actually lost before they "got" started the fight.

Am glad for the Lawyer's help I got, it looks like it pays off.

Here on discrimination:

Direct and indirect discrimination

Discrimination can be direct and indirect. People who, despite their qualifications, do not get a job because of age, sexual orientation, complexion or gender, face direct discrimination. This type of discrimination will usually be illegal, although there is room for narrow exceptions. In practice, it is often difficult to prove that there has been direct discrimination.

An apparently neutral act that puts, for example, the elderly, the disabled or women in a worse situation than other workers, is considered indirect discrimination. An example is when part-time employees receive lower hourly pay than full-time employees for the same job at the same employer. Since the majority of part-time employees are women, this affects far more women than men, and must therefore be regarded as indirect discrimination against women. It is usually easier to prove that there is indirect than direct discrimination.

Final Comment:

Will finish with what's right here. There are no internal rules or the working environment law, no places that require not to play the channels that I have done.
I've only played on regular channels, such as P1 and P4, and some others.

Otherwise, I listen to the usual sound level on these Christian channels as well.

107.7 which is now near radio and FM network. A legal Norwegian channel with a concession.
As well as Ptro, P7, Joh. 3. 16 and Vision Norway where I hear if there is anything about Israel in particular.
All of these are legal with a license, and I never listen to a CD or anything else on my job.

That I turned up a song or something that I would especially bring with me, it may have happened?
But on the whole, I hear excellent and do not need special high light!
This is obviously harassment, discrimination and bullying because my Christian faith, nothing else!

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