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No. 1483: We have experienced the terrible and dangerous Norwegian child welfare!

No. 1483:
We have experienced the terrible and dangerous Norwegian child welfare!

The BV case is a hundred times worse than all the NAV scandals combined.
Of course, it is bad to lose a few bucks. Or, last of all, don't get the money you are entitled to.
But it is far worse and more serious to lose his or her children by a pierced BV.

Actually here - in this case there is a minister in from KRF, Kjell Inge Ropstad.
The man doesn't understand a thing. And show off every time that there is a lot of good with BV.
It is not much good with Norske BV, it is dangerous, evil and incompetent!

The child welfare we were involved in was BV in Karmøy Municipality, and I think people other than these do not exist in Norway, not even at Ullersmo!
Don't have words to say how bad BV in Norway is.
Norwegian child welfare is in crisis, and the Lobben case shows that Norway does not even listen to the human rights court.
Quite incredible and arrogant of the Drammen district court and sovereignly overestimate the Norwegian defeat in Strasbourgh.
The first and next must be that other countries must start boycotting Norway.

It was Helga Urrang who came up with the famous suggestion that we could make a "deal" with them. Just before the trial to keep the two largest, but give us the least child as the temporary foster home wants the smallest child.
This is Norwegian Child Welfare Service which reminds us of what we have read about what happened during i.a. communist rule further east. It's so bad that words don't stretch. For good measure, we did not agree with this and we fortunately won the trial in the county board.

We have faced conflict and everything else with BV.
Know exactly how they work and think.
In other countries, adoptions from parents occur with major personal problems.
In Norway, this happens to a lesser extent, but parents with children who are well-educated, kind and compassionate "take over" the Norske BV, and go for adoption.
In our case, they wanted to take all of our 3 children, but they always ran home to us. When the 2 biggest, when the smallest man did not quite understand what was going on.
Two days before the matter was going to the County Council, we got a proposal.
They wanted to compromise with us.
In the beginning our kids were deprived of us because Our oldest child had come up with a lie story. That was reinforced by the school and BV to the degrees. The truth was the opposite!
That's why they took all the kids from us when we were at work.
Then they would make a compromise. It was that now they would only "have" our smallest child, the two largest we could get back. This was BV "horse trading!"

Fortunately we won in the County Council. But this taught us many things with BV.
They wanted our kids when all the families that our kids were placed in "fight" to have them when they were so well-behaved, responsive, helpful and were just plain pattern-children.

This is how Norske BV works, stealing "well-behaved" children.
Therefore when it says in Aftenposten that:
«Norwegian Child Welfare is criticized for being at the top when it comes to taking care of children. But several countries are about the same as us. "

Then that's probably the case, as other countries take only those children who need help. These are neglected to a large extent in Norway.
But well-functioning children are the "struggle" to adopt to others than their biological father and mother! No wonder Norway is equal to other countries!

I wrote this a few years ago:

The first trial I / we were in as "prosecuted" we won complete victory, not least because that we had a very good lawyer, Gullbrand Kjos.

The reason for this trial was the following.
One late winter day in 2004, I was called to work by my wife.
She was completely out of touch, our kids were taken care of by child welfare while we were at work.

Of course, it was just false rumors that the Child Welfare Department were spending, these servants of darkness.

If there had been any team in this, then only everything would have been resolved with a simple conversation.
That was all that was needed.

But here they made an emergency decision, put it to life to try to break the Christensen family. They didn't succeed at all, I knew who was behind it. It was not of the good, or of God. Of course, it was Satan who was behind these ladies who went against us. It was probably a five piece with a priestess in the lead, Marta Elisabeth Åtland Førsvoll. She was rotten right through!

Eventually, they tried to negotiate with lying, threatening and all that is possible. Child welfare is so, if you admit something. which you never have to do, they use it against you. If you admit nothing, they will fantasize freely about both. If you speak against them, they say, "I hear what you say!" and do just as they please and have decided. The child welfare service in Norway is over-ripe for winding down as it works today!

To avoid trial, but we knew this was Satan's behind.
When we had been the world's best and most loving parents!

Fortunately, we had a very good lawyer, the now deceased Gullbrann Kjos from Haugesund.
And that the judge and fellow judge were a man who quickly realized that this was madness!

These include if they got the minimum, then we should have the two biggest ones. And other lies and Satan's formulations. The trial came in early summer 2004 and we won on all counts. It has not been in Norway's history a trial well where the child welfare until the degrees have been revealed and not gained at any point ?!

Final Comment:

Has much more to say about BV. But when the slogan is in many respects they do not want or have the ability to take care of the children and families who really need it. Who struggles with intoxication and other things.

But well-functioning families with kind and well-behaved kids are throwing themselves over. This is how BV is here in Norway. Now they have so many cases against them in Strasbourg, France that it resembles war states and Norway is the verses, which stand out. This came as no surprise to anyone like us.
We know that Norske BV is really ravenous when they do not yet realize that they have been abusing - not helping - against well-functioning families!

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