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No. 1486: Pastor and missionary Jan Kaare Hanvold, is the man who failed both the Lord and his mission call for the benefit of the world, the flesh and the ladies!

No. 1486:
Pastor and missionary Jan Kaare Hanvold, is the man who failed both the Lord and his mission call for the benefit of the world, the flesh and the ladies!

Picture of former Bible School principal Marit Rasmussen flanked by Aril Edvardsen. It was Rasmussen who reaffirmed Jan Kaare Hanvold's apostle / missionary call to Eastern Europe that he has obviously failed to remarry several times and was doing other things than being obedient to the mission God gave him through Rasmussen, sad. But this is also written for us to learn, to always follow the call and deed the Lord has for us.

Room. 15. 4 For all that is written before, it is written unto us for doctrine, that we may have hope in the patience and comfort of the scriptures.

I am happy because I have never studied Vision Norway and Jan Hanvold's finances and finances!

It is Jan Hanvold's lack of Bible fidelity and fidelity to his marriage pledge that I have been focusing on. Everything else is out on the periphery for me!

It is wonderful to hear the testimony of Jan Kaare Hanvold regarding his mission call.
Now I've only heard this on Radio, and to reproduce it correctly I can't.
But should try.
Hanvold and his then wife traveled to Saron's Valley and attended Bible School there.
For an hour with Marit Rasmussen, Mrs. Rasmussen received an invitation from God that there was one in the class who had a special mission call to Eastern Europe.
Now I do not remember this word, but Jan Kaare Hanvold was pointed out. He says it himself that from that day he never became the same again.
He traveled to Eastern Europe and there he experienced the most incredible things.
He went through customs and the customs officers found nothing. This was a wonder in the life and service of Jan Kaare Hanvold!

There is no doubt that Hanvold had a mission call to Eastern Europe. But what went wrong in Hanvold's life?
Today it is terrible and bad to hear and look at that man.

In many ways, one can say that Jan Kaare Hanvold received an apostle call, then to Eastern Europe. That was confirmed by former Bible School principal Marit Rasmussen.
But Hanvold has failed in several areas, primarily by remarrying several times. This is directly opposed to scripture, which states that a preacher and apostle should be one woman's husband, no longer as Hanvold is.

And he does not have a shepherd and teacher call, but an apostolic call.
Here he has also failed by taking on assignments and services that he is not obviously called or equipped for and for!

Final Comment:

It rings in my ears that Jan Kaare Hanvold reminds me of King Ussia, who also interprets himself to the right. It was his own and others' downfall.

Why did Ussia fall?

1) Ussia began to exalt itself. He forgot that true progress has more to do with who we are than what we do. He forgot that it was God who had helped him to the power and honor he had now achieved.

2) He had not taken the time to build character in his life. His character was in no way compared to what he had accomplished. It is important to build a strong character in God before you step out in a service to God. If not, sooner or later a character shortage will become visible to everyone.

3) Pride came into his life. Pride always comes before a fall. Ussia could not withstand success.

But what is pride?

- Pride is "mother of all sin" (Lester Sumrall)
Pride is a spiritual cancer. It eats up the possibilities that love and the fruit of the spirit can flow.
Pride is selfish. It always has the ego at its center. ("I am right...")
Pride is arrogance. It is to exalt oneself. One expects privileges, one wants to be noticed and become popular.
- Pride is anger. One cannot tolerate correction, but responds with anger.
In verse 19 we see that Ussia responds with anger - typically pride ...
We all need someone to correct us / admonish us. Ask yourself: How do I receive admonition and correction from other people? The way you receive correction will determine how you end your run!
Ussia became a leper, and he remained a leper for the rest of his life. He was first called king, but ended up being known as a leper. No one talked about what he did in the beginning. What matters is how you complete the race!
This man had ascended the throne at the age of sixteen, destined to become one of the greatest kings of Judah. He received advice from the prophet Zechariah. He received visions from the Lord. He was mighty blessed by God.
The Bible says that Uzziah sought the Lord - and God allowed him to prosper and become strong: "God helped him ..." (2 Chronicles 26: 7). ".... His name reached far and wide, for he was wonderfully helped, and he gained great power." (verse 15).
Besides Solomon, Uzziah had the best reputation of all the kings of Judah. He was anointed by God. He initiated revival in the land, demolished idols, and walked according to the word of God. As this brave king drove his chariot through the streets, he was shown honor and respect. He received gifts and tributes from all over the world.

But, the scripture says : ".... when he was mighty, he was overthrown in his heart, unto his own doom. He disobeyed the Lord his God, and entered into the sanctuary of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incense." (verse 16).

Pride overcame this man of provision. He wanted to become a priest as well as a king! In disobedience, Uzziah entered the temple and began to fan incense in front of the altar. He received a punishment for this - and when he pointed a furious finger in response, his hand immediately began to wither. It suddenly became leprous. Ussia had to be cast out of God's temple!

Oh, what a shame! One of the greatest, richest kings in Judah's history now had to be isolated. He was taken to a small house where he spent the rest of his days as a leper: "Then King Ussia was a leper until his death. He lived in a house for himself as a leper, for he was excluded from the house of the Lord ... . ”(2 Chronicles 26:21).

Ussia died in isolation - cut off from any blessing from God!

When this once mighty man died, crowds should have gathered around him. His passing should have been an honor in God's name. Instead, he died like an almost unknown man, with his body devoured by leprosy. Ussia boomed at its destination!

King Ussia became a leper

King Ussia became a leper and these people are already lepers and want to spread their leprosy over wherever they come, therefore the scripture says that we should not even rush in with them.

1Cor 5:11 But what I wrote unto you was that ye should not have intercourse with any man called a brother, and be a whore, or a virgin, or an idolater, or a slander, or a drinker, or a robber, that ye eat not even with him.

We shall in no way take part in their evil deed, if we do, we will become an accomplice. That many others support leprosy people who are spiritually wolves in sheep's clothing, I think that's bad!
Yes, directly nauseating and nonsensical.

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