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No. 1488: After a telephone conversation with Marius Vamnes, senior advisor at the County Governor, we agreed that we should send a brief mail!

No. 1488:
After a telephone conversation with Marius Vamnes, senior advisor at the County Governor, we agreed that we should send a brief mail!

Neighbors and others have properties that look like a stack of building blocks. With us, one does not see where we have built before entering and up on our property.
That we don't get an exemption, while others get it. Is nothing else a total scandal!

Here is the email that was sent:

To Marius Vamnes Oslo 11 / 12-19
Senior Advisor at the County Governor

After a telephone conversation with you 9/12 we agreed that I could write an email with questions and various considerations.

We believe that what we have experienced is abuse of power and authority against us.
Therefore, we consider all decisions made against us to be invalid and unsustainable.

The vast majority of things that speak to our favor are overlooked, overlooked and not emphasized.
What speaks to our disfavour is magnified up to the unrecognizable and emphasized out of all professions and interpreted in our disfavour.
Therefore, can not see that at any point we should and must align with the order given by PBE, and which we have appealed to the County Governor.
Would also say right away, that here there are so many loose balls in the air, that all orders given we appeal to the County Governor. Unable to keep the complete overview as PBE appears so uncluttered and unprofessional it is possible to do so, with fogging and always with new orders if we object.

They promised us to apply for a meeting with them in April, the only meeting we have had with them. Then they come with a spoonful of order to search that makes it all impossible. Even though we have searched before, applying again is an impossibility as so many new things are added to be able to apply. That it just shows PBE's desire to do things so hard for us, that there are obviously only evil intentions behind acting in such a way. Align us with such people, it will never happen!

But still want to come up with some questions.

You meant I was scolding you, we 100% disagree with that.
Although there could be countless reasons for it.

I have never used mischief against you in that phone call or anyone else, even after the cruel and unfair treatment we have received from you. Also at PBE here in Oslo, the Civil Ombudsmen and the courts, it is just a continuation of the NAV scandal and all other public scandals that are now being rolled up that we have been exposed to. It's really more of the same thing.

Only reason for not giving us the exemption that we are entitled to is the prestige and arrogance of the public.

We will never align ourselves with a single decision without getting clear and good answers to our questions that we have not yet received.

1.) When in our case nothing negative is presented. It's just positive. Then the law states that when there are in total more benefits than disadvantages, then exemption should be granted. In other words, that we do not get the exemption we are entitled to, then PBE breaks the law. This is more than documented in other mailers, which is why we no longer embed it.

2.) When others have utilized the site up to 57 times more than us. Which is built in the same period as us. One comes down on that property, and they appear to be like big lego blocks. With us, the estate does not look until one comes up to our property. Here makes such a big difference to neighbors, shouldn't we get an exemption?

3.) Our wall is located approx. ½ meter longer than it did before we built the wall. In other words, now our wall is more legal than it used to be. Shouldn't one then regard this as something positive?

4.) We see today a public Norway that has been convicted in the human rights court in Strasbourg more than any other country. NAV scandals and social security scandals, etc. It has turned out that the public, state and municipal agencies. As well as the courts and others, have made so many and gross mistakes. Our case is really a continuation of this, do you see this or are there no similarities?

5.) If you go through what we have written before and our arguments, we either have not received an answer or been overrun. Don't you see that this has happened or have we been treated well? We feel that we have been treated so badly that it is really considered punishable for errors of service, neglect, injustice, discrimination, and reprisals when we have spoken. Comrades in which the public agencies have been only concerned with defending each other and many other things which together show that in our case it is really breaking the law not to give us the minimal exemption required in our case.

Hearing from you, can not see that our case is closed as we have not received the questions, counter-representation and what is the basis for the decisions and other decisions taken against us.
As mentioned, we look at these matters quite differently from what the public has done.
But if we get good answers here, it will help us along the way.
If not, then we have obviously been exposed to abuse of power and authority!
As we have been treated by the public, be it you. Or PBE here in Oslo, the courts and the Civil Ombudsman no one should have been treated!
That being said, we are not bowing to PBE here in Oslo who acts so evil, simple and unfair to us that it lacks unparalleled words and words!

The case against us as it is made by the PBE, and confirmed by you, Civil Ombudsman the man and the courts are incomplete and inaccurate, and that the purpose of what you have gathered together has done. Is really turning everything upside down, but you have failed and failed as it is PBE that has obviously broken the law.

Not least § 19–2 The dispensation decision
The municipality may grant permanent or temporary exemption from provisions laid down in or pursuant to this Act. Conditions may be set for the exemption.
Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which it is dispensed, or the considerations in the provision of the Act, are materially breached. In addition, the benefits of granting an exemption must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment.
When exempting from the law and regulations to the law, special emphasis should be placed on the consequences of the exemption for health, environment, safety and accessibility.
(quote at the end.)

In our case, there are in fact only benefits for us, for others, brewing car, ambulance, fire truck, environment, walking, running, those who park, safety and everything else that can be mentioned.
They still refuse to grant us an exemption. It is so clumsy, wrongful and wrong it is possible to remain. But the neighbor just above us who has a wall to the trouble with only 20 cm from the road is "legal!"

We actually have a property and some buildings as if they are not unique.
Then they are made so that they are in fact nothing negative and stuck with. Eg. the stall is made this way - which everyone says - it is not seen until one comes up to our property. It's just positive with it.
That it should be demolished and everything else is only for one thing, that PBE has an uninterpreted plan and the building law. Whether they do this on purpose? We believe that when they do not even want to meet us or come to the inspection.
Just sit down in the center of Oslo as some regular netroll. Give us orders that have been insane and unjust.
Now they demand us for money, money and invoice.
This is nothing more than pure evil, such people should never have worked in a public agency or had any dealings with people.

In other words, PBE and the entire public administration are breaking the law against us! Everything is done so that we have to tear down a wall, staircase and storage room that is not a nuisance or a hindrance to a single person.
We regard those who hold on to this as far more offenders than we have ever been in this case.
That we - but others - get an exemption to such an extent where their property looks like a big building block. But with us you do not see what we have done of "extra" with regard to storage before coming up on our property.
Talk about being offenders as PBE is, unfortunately, the camaraderie from the public has been so bad that it is basically a plot against us.
But we see that the public is now shaking, the fact is that the camaraderie is against us. Where the public administration tries to say that we are going to tear down, we never want to do that under any circumstances. Then the case against us is nothing more than turning the reality on its head. We called down to the municipality, built as they said. In retrospect, it turns out that everything we have built fits perfectly into the terrain. Not and dispensation in our case is in violation of Norwegian law as the Act says «Exemption cannot be granted if the considerations behind the provision from which the dispensation is made or the considerations in the purpose of the Act are materially breached. In addition, the benefits of granting a waiver must be clearly greater than the disadvantages of an overall assessment. "

With us there are only advantages, no disadvantages.
The way to grant an exemption is more than fulfilled!

Jan Kåre and Berit Christensen
Crockstone 2 c
0672 Oslo
Tel: 99598070

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