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No. 1438: In this conflict between us and the Planning and Building Administration here in Oslo, this agency has in fact made every possible mistake, abuse, abuse of power and authority that it is possible to do, is the Norwegian record?

No. 1438:
In this conflict between us and the Planning and Building Administration here in Oslo, this agency has in fact made every possible mistake, abuse, abuse of power and authority that it is possible to do, is the Norwegian record?

Picture of Nils-Henrik Henningstad who tried to trick me into thinking that there was nothing special about our property, that it was "common" practice to tear walls.
When I went in to look at those issues, it turned out that it was comparing our case with the issues that night and day. Here we see how PBE has always tried to seduce us, not to guide us in a good and fair manner. This is one of many cases with authority tyranny I will call it. Here, there are attempts, when I revealed it and paired this with what I have done with everything else in this matter. Here they actually have no arguments left to use against us than the one that we need dispensation. But when a thousand other things speak to our favor and favor, then dispensation should and should be given.

We have experienced systemic cheating, manipulation and abuse of authority, and which I unfortunately believe is widespread throughout public Norway. Are we the last communist that a Swedish minister claimed a few years ago?
There is a lot in what he pronounced, and he got a very disgust when he stated what he was doing. But it was true, and it is true if there is no change for the better!

In many ways one can say that the Planning and Building Administration here in Oslo has made two big and almost completely incomprehensible mistakes, with subsequent abuse of power and authority in our eyes.

1.) We who have built according to PBE recommendation, however oral. Will they on the deaths and lives be submersible. Then it turns out afterwards that what we have built is actually not a single negative encumbrance with. Not an actual, just positive, to everyone's advantage.

2.) Secondly, those who have obviously built illegally and who should have been stopped and demanded that they have changed what is built. Almost all of them have either received an exemption, or what is built they overlook and leave it as it stands.

For me, this is an agency that appears unfit and unfit for the task.

It is as I write in another article about PBE here in Oslo municipality.
"Can't understand how it is possible to mess up so much of a public agency and in retrospect do not admit anything or show better judgment to others afterwards when one even makes those mistakes and needs the grace of others.
It again shows that they make a difference between people, and that they seem to be untidy, rotten, non-jealous, schizophrenic, unpredictable and acutely obscene! "

What is PBE really doing? They do not do their job, as they exaggerate our minimal small errors that actually only have positive and beneficial benefits (I shall explain later in the article).
But what is really criminal offenses and which creates negative conditions for both car and bus traffic here in Stormyrveien, and other traffic conditions. As well as the aesthetic and legal. Blue. so the neighbor has a little further down the street been given permission and exemption during the same period to build as us dispensation 57 times than us in exploiting the plot. And the worst walls in Stormyrveien that are at least 2. Which are both approx. 20 cm from the road, they are allowed to stand.
I also mean those garages that one has to drive straight out of their own property and one does not have the opportunity to turn inside on their own property, 1 Million times more traffic is dangerous than for example. Our stairs as one had a good overview while one was walking down. As we were told to change with PBE 11.04.2019, we testify that what is really bad. It does not care about PBE, but of all the crap they have, they attack only those who have housing and property against the Stormyrveien. They then make two real roars to attack us for minimal overruns. While the overshoots that are large and obstructive, they are devoid of interest and commitment to bring the relationships into an arrangement. This testifies to a work that does not attain goals.

It says in Jeremiah that two people have done evil things.

Jeremiah 2. 13 For my people have done evil things:

Now the similarity between Israel's children and PBE here in Oslo is nothing more than that they both have done two evil things. The evil that PBE here in Oslo has done is to attack me, my family and property without the gentleness of so-called offenses that we have received guidance from them to build.
And that what is real illegal and which should have been changed and ordered to demolish and build up again.
Gets totally overlooked and not grasped at all!

Picture of our closest neighbor just across the road, both of which have signed on Roar Telje's campaign against us where he will have removed everything we have built. Bid, staircase and wall even though he signed that we should set up a store closer than 1 meter from his land border. The man appears to us as erratic and moody. Not easy to associate with such people.
Note that this is set up obviously on its own and illegal. And that it is to ease the problem they have as they cannot turn inside on their own site as they have required us to. Here there are neighbors with evil and hateful eyes facing us, but even they have far greater problems and illegality then also the one neighbor and Telje even wall which is 20 cm from the road. Telje has made a garage with a car parking space that is half on his property. And half in the road. What he has done is not just illegal. But it is to take care of that afterwards he demands of us the impossible that we should not even be able to go down the Stormyrveien which our property is against. Here is life and then learn to the degrees without being intact, to listen to such people I would say is dangerous. The fact that PBE has unfortunately done so and not brought order to conditions that are obviously illegal is evidence that they have become heavily obsolete.

Picture of Neighbors' illegal signs. This they have both neighbors right opposite us as they have to straighten out a one-way street as the bus runs several times an hour. The fact that PBE ignores this and attacks us with the hardest of witnesses testifies to a totally inadequate understanding of right and wrong. They are simply dangerous and colored by their judgment. Where to take that has something that works perfectly, while neighbors have something built that is not legitimate and workable, are allowed to stand up. Understand the one who can.

Picture of Roar Telje get the right parking space. That these neighbors are allowed to hold on, but that we should tear. Witnesses how bad the PBE here in Oslo is doing. That they should be professional, there is not much trial on this at least!
One also sees the back edge of the wall on the garage which is also only 20 cm from the road. These are conditions that are 1 Million more illegal than ours as PBE totally ignores. There, Telje cars often park far in the road, testifying that this is a man with a standard for himself, where everything is allowed. While others should not be allowed the smallest thing, not even getting in from their own property down the road closest to it. He is obviously hateful, not good!

Here's how it gets when Telje parks, a bit on his own property, the rest out in the road. This is of course both dangerous and illegal.

We really have nothing to do with other properties and conditions, but when one is attacked and "pissed" on by other neighbors, then one must be allowed to tell!

When other neighbors have built both before and after us both higher walls, larger walls, larger stalls, the plot utilized much more than us. And what we j
Completion certificate Byggesak AS by our responsible applicant Paal Løvaas mentions this here in our application to PBE. That was rejected for reasons that I cannot understand and which is perceived as abuse of power and authority when it was rejected.

Comment on "good faith" action:

It is important in the end to point out again that the project owner in the project in question has acted in "good faith". Initiatives have consulted with PBE, and listed what they experienced as very common conditions in the immediate area. By a search on the "Stormyrveien" in case view you will, as far as we can see, no uplift cases. Initiatives have no interest in "entering" neighbors, but when one has ended up in the situation one has done, it is difficult not to try to explain all aspects of why one has done what one has done - and why one thought this was correct. Images from the surrounding area are by no means intended to be proof that the measure is not an obligation to apply (which has now been understood), but it appears to be relatively clear that the initiative owner acted in good faith when seeing all intersections / fillings and walls in the immediate area. In this context, the owner of the initiative feels somewhat discriminated against in relation to several other landowners in the immediate area. There is a hilly terrain in the area, and one has something difficult to understand that the municipality has taken this over itself in sc. approved Small house plan covering more than approx. 29,000 properties. 29,000 different properties.

Neither do you need to move around in the immediate area to see that there are many walls there. It is sufficient to look at the image the agency itself has taken on inspection. In this connection, PBE must have passed dozens of walls on its inspection. The initiative owner finds it strange that both the case officer who signaled that the establishment of a wall over the old wall is referred to the situation map the municipality has sold. In this connection, it may seem that several walls have been established against a road that has not been sought, without the initiative owner wishing that we should take a closer look at this.
(end of quote).

So we have built with a pretty wall at Max height 185 cm. The fence on top of it at 1 meter, it fits perfectly to our house, the property and access. Then there is such an insight that it is not exaggerated, at the same time that we are somewhat protected.

Seeing that PBE has now settled on a line where several have a wall of ½ meter and some huge Tuva hedges that make it want no access to the degrees. That PBE almost compels than to have a completely different property than it has. In other words, they take both the freedom and the aesthetic desire that one has as a homeowner. It becomes a deprived and PBE exaggerates its power towards ordinary people.

Here in Stormyrveien there are several of the neighbors who have a garage so that they have to back straight into a dangerous and busy road as they write it themselves. In other words, they have made this easier for themselves by setting up illegal signs and barriers, including stands private parking. One neighbor feared another neighbor that she would now send mail to the municipality to get Stormy the road closed for parking. Of course, when one has been heard to the degrees of PBE before, one thinks that is so. No, this is what is written here, as it is written in the text that black is white, and white is black. What is right is wrong, and vice versa. In other words, PBE has not done or does its job. They attack us with guns, and others who do illegal things ignore them. Can't see that PBE deserves respect or reputation for the quiet and bad job they do here in Oslo.

Final Comment:

Must also mention in the end here a relationship that makes this matter between me and really the public Norway a bedriten case. That's when we appealed this decision to the County Governor and received a rejection. Then it turned out that the one who gave us rejection, Marius Vamnes had given Kjell Inge Røkke a dispensation for conditions compared to ours as astronomical.
In other words, it is free to those with money, power and influence. For us "normal" it is about doing that we should be taken, staffed and it should be horror and warning for others not to do the same.
What we have been exposed to is the City of Oslo, the Civil Ombudsman, the County Governor and the Norwegian Courts. There is so much discrimination, rude and unfounded that this must be like a Norwegian record in poor treatment of law-abiding citizens.

Røkke has tons of extra stones all over her own property. Also made an artificial pier of the same stone, all without searching. The "transgressions" were just as great if not greater than our entire property together. Okay for me, he did everything on his own property. What we have done is like a drop in the ocean, and should be punished as hard as possible.
Equality for the law? It is so bad the treatment we have received from the public agency, not least PBE here in Oslo. That it must be the Norwegian record in bad and plain treatment.
PBE and the entire public agency are to the degrees not only on thin ice, they are not on ice at all. Most deeply, it is criminal that they have done so much discrimination, and that they lie constantly and try to distort the truth.
Let me finally give an example of a criminal act in my eyes. When we pointed out that everyone who had applied for dispensation in small conditions here in Oslo had received an exemption. Then I presented this to PBE here in Oslo. They replied by Nils-Henrik Henningstad that there were several who had to demolish, so we were not unique.
Then I went in and looked at those cases, and they could not be compared to our case whatsoever.
Here were fire and other agencies inside the picture. They said the wall was obstructing, among other things. emergency vehicles.
With us it is the opposite, among other things. The staircase we have is a big plus for emergency vehicles when Krokstien and inside our yard are cramped and not easy for emergency cargo gear to come to.
I wrote this back without getting an answer. This is how they keep, eg. when we suggested that they come to visit in 2015. Then they were on a hidden visit, but they would not come to have inspection with us. How to keep PBE without wanting to realize that they should and should have approved everything we have built for a long time, long ago.

No case has taken away so many illusions about public Norway as objective and with fair judgments / treatment in circumstances where one is treated according to Norwegian law in a good and fair manner.

This case is probably the most serious thing I have experienced about the abuse of authority.
It is the sum of everything the government has done, which makes this a very serious matter, it is ours and my personal opinion!

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